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    spike - congrats on the sale!! Awesome on R's daycare behavior!

    Mzm - your girls are adorable!!

    bermy - sorry for the bfn Sad , I like your attitude of running and racing and living life. I have a good feeling that you're not 1 and done, but in the meantime, you can be fast! I'd probably try to LR either Friday or Monday, if that's possible w/ DH's schedule and then race hard on Sunday. Or tack miles before after the race, but my legs are usually shot after a 5k. I am up every night peeing and thirsty, so for me that means nothing.

    shel - doh on the leaving the car lights on, glad you got it started! Yay for beign done w/ the DMV!!

    RG - At least it won't be icy! We're gonna be above freezing by the weekend also. Pomegranates always seem like too much work to eat to make it worthwhile.

    zorbs - we sing a lot of songs, no piano though, but M loooves to sing anything.

    ernie - bummer on the uncooperative baby! M was a bit shy in her first u/s but I had to have a few bc of a low placeta, so i got to confirm it. That's a great deal for your community center!

    eh - 7-8 miles or km, do you think in mi or km? I'm forever converting to mi, but know km by default.

    jen - we had a lot of crying through dinner when M was that age, esp when she was at the dayhome, she was just so over tired that she couldn't function

    cx2 - do you have malls/ indoor play places you could get out to? That's my escape during bad weather.

    mer - hope you had a great run and didn't need a pit stop!

    arm - so cute on the help with the dishwasher!! I hope your DD feels better soon!

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