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    Sent out a couple more resumes. I don't want to just go for anything, I want it to be a good fit. But, the longer I'm in my current situation, the lower my standards will probably get. This job is starting to affect my mood outside of the office, I'm just tired and grumpy all the time. And sometimes I'm afraid I'm heading towards depression. Hopefully the trip home this weekend with a couple extra days to spend with the family will be the much-needed break from this place that I need.


    Sorry to be such a downer. Honestly, I'm probably not going to be posting a lot the next few days - don't feel much like chatting, just want to go shut myself in a room and be by myself and do nothing. Not a good sign.


    Julie, I hope you have a wonderful time in DC. Since I sent you the info this morning, I learned that the peak cherry blossoms may now be delayed a few days because of cold weather. Should still be pretty nice down there though.


    Lisa and camille, glad you two got to meet! Great pics.


    Damaris, glad Trixie is doing better. What a relief.


    Cindy, funny on meeting up with Richard and that he and your DH knew each other from years back. Small world indeed.


    Linda, well, you're just going to get up and get out there and do them tomorrow, that's how! I swear, I think that before every hard workout. My legs are so tired, I don't know if I can do this on a good day......and then I just do. And so will you.


    Hi to everyone. I know I missed a few, but my mind is pretty much done for the day. Boss has taken on a new project, which means everything he's supposed to be working on is now not getting done. And it falls on me. He goes out and tells people about all this wonderful stuff "we" are going to do, then gets distracted by the latest shiny object and I deal with the fallout and crap. I am so done.


    Still trying to balance training plan with sorta taper, so tonight's workout, which was 2 x 3 miles, will be 1 x 3 miles, total of 7-8 instead of 11.


    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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      Tessa - that reminds me. Yesterday we had lunch a fine establishment. Had never known before that Jim's was a 2 syllable word. Just like DD literally needed a 2nd person to come and help the first when she ordered pop.


      Karen-that isn't good and isn't you. Rise above. You are better than that by I know how hard it is to be positive when you are "the lucky one that things come easy to and everything always works out your way". You're not crazy. They are. Good fight. Put up the good fight.





        Linda, 50 mile week? Good for you!


        Lisa, thanks for all those pictures. Wow, where DID the trail go? If you want to do a small part of PCT, we can arrange that...


        Karen, sorry you are feeling so down. Tell the boss to stuff it. It is staying light later in the evenings, can you get out for a short run? And is Jake fully free of the cone of shame now?  If you do want to get away at some point, I know you're short on vacation time but you could take a half a day and be out here on Southwest in a few hours and spend the weekend...


        My mum just talked to DD and she (DD) is very much looking forward to the DC trip. I didn't bother to tell her my sister's suggestion -- that DD leave her car in SD and use the van over the summer. That would definitely not go over well.


        Cuss spit. I just checked Shadow of the Giants. Normally it is the first Saturday of June. This year it is the second Saturday. The same day as Hatfield-McCoy. Dammit!! That isn't going to work out.


        Lisa - you went to Ji-ims? Hmm. Sounds like when one of the kids is whining and produces the 3 letter 5 syllable word: "Mo-oo-oo-o-om!" They don't drink pop in the South? Is it soda, soda pop, or coke?


        I too went to ji-im today, but it's spelt "gym". And I think I broke the treadmill. I was chugging along and it made a horrible series of grinding clanking noises then flashed up an error message and stopped dead. Fortunately I was not wearing headphones so I had enough warning to grab the console. I was ticked. I didn't even get the mileage readout, had to guess. Poo!


        But I should have shoes arriving tonight or tomorrow for a test period, and DS is leaving for Chicago on choir tour on Thursday morning. Life is not all bad.


          karen...this isnt like u.  ihate to even bring this up,but could u be over training?  that coupled with ur jerk boss could be just too much.  i dont mean to make u feel worse.  u take care.



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            Karen-slow down and eat something good.  Okay, probably not the best advice in the world but you need to be gentle with yourself. Cut self some slack. Watch a couple of movies back to back.  Maybe just go for a walk and give yourself a mental health day. The problem with PR's and doing amazing things is that they are hard to top. You have laurels, sit back on them for a few and let the rest of us have some glory.  (okay that isn't meant to make you feel guilty in the least but if it works to help you cut yourself some slack then use it)



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              Hang in there, Karen and sending ((hugs)) to you.  I am in a similar position, though have been feeling better lately due to the longer days.  I hope you are able to find something better that makes you happy Smile


                Karen - hang in there - I hope you feel better.



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                  Evening, ladies.  I know most of you are in bed already but I just wanted to pop in for a minute to send some hugs and empathy to Karen.  I feel the same way about my job and have for a while now.   I moved to a different firm in 2011, but it ended up being more of the same after the new job novelty wore off.  I'm sending out resumes too but it's a tough job market for lawyers.   And I agree, it's hard to keep it from affecting life outside of work.  So I guess I'd just say take care of yourself, send out resumes and be patient, do what makes you happy, and spend time with people who bring you joy.   And the idiots at work can go eff themselves.  Hope to see you in St. Louis!