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Wishful weekend (Over 40) (Read 218 times)


    Lisa - I heard a story once about a woman who was sobbing when her husband passed away, and an aquaintance said to her: "Oh, he must have been a wonderful man, the way you cry so." Her response: "He was an alcoholic who cheated on me, but he was also kind, a good father, and he loved me."  When we allow ourselves to enjoy the good parts, we can relieve some of our burden.  I'm not saying women should stick with a guy like this, but she focused on what made him good and not what made him human. They had shared a lot (a life!) even with the drinking and the cheating.

    I also read about a woman who decides every morning as she gets out of bed whether or not she wants to live that day committed to her marriage. Imagine how free she must feel throughout her day not having to constantly think about it. Sort of like a workout; decide to do it and stick with the decision.


    Anyway, I got eight in today but that seems miniscule(!) compared to all the marathoners here! Congrats on all those long runs.


    Hope that nasty flu doesn't make the rounds any more than it has and all the little ones are on the mend.


    Tessa - Your run sounds emotional; I hope the family of the crash victim finds answers and solace in the days to come.


    Linda - What a great week with 50 miles! That's about 1/6 the life of a running shoe. You'll be replacing them every six weeks or so; lucky you!


    Ginny - It's nice avoiding the soreness isn't it?


    GB- Your "Boys can be stupid" line is something both my DH and I have been known to say; it just really sums it up sometimes.


    Hi Laura, Marjorie, Lisa-Marie, Carol (bike outside?) and all those who are over 40 and still running! Oops, and Damaris, who I'm guessing isn't even close to 40!




      Busy day today, never did get a work out in....DD was supposed to have brought exercise bike, but of course didn't...Roll eyes....went to a baby shower for a friend's daughter (now we are the grandma's - how did that happen).....


      Carolyn - I liked your stories of the women and marriage...


      Camille - Great job on the Full!!!


      LisaMMR - I really admire your optimism....and I would have to say perserverance..great qualities!  I'm sure your DH realizes those good qualities but as said earlier "boys are stupid sometimes"!  (had some good laughs at the baby shower today with a friend re: mutual DH complaints)


      Hope everyone had a great week-end!


      Off to finish up week-end things...




        Hi ladies-


        I got in 7.4 miles yesterday with my Saturday running buddy. Like Marjorie, it is unseasonably warm here, and it was humid/foggy when we ran - my hair was soaked! Today I did 3.4 easy miles with the boys, one after the other. We are doing a 5K as a family in March - DS1, DS2 and I will run it, and DH, DS3, and my visiting parents will walk it - so I'm trying to get the boys used to the distance.


        LisaMMR - so sorry about the struggles with DH. But I think it's good that you realize that there's nothing you can do to "convince" him - he has to believe it on his own. I once read a saying that went something like this - "One of the biggest problems with marriage is that a woman marries a man expecting that she can change him, and a man marries a woman expecting that she'll never change."


        Camille - yay to you! Can't wait to read the RR.


        Tessa - sounds like you had a very interesting run. So sad about the girl's father.


        Karen - did you get outside on the bike?


        Carol - sounds like you're really liking the Newtons.


        Marjorie - that's great that you had no stops! I'm also very impressed that you ran it so much faster than ever before.


        Linda - wow, 50 miles! I'd like to think I'll get there, but I'm just not that high-mileage a runner.


        Ginny - glad you're not sore today. I thought I might be as well, I struggled a bit yesterday.


        Lisa-Marie - congrats on your first 10K! I need to go back and read the RR.


        Laura - nice that you didn't have to contend with snow/ice today. After my trip to NY for Christmas, I realize that I would be a very different winter runner if I lived there.


        Julie - glad you got to run outside!


        Crazysue - yum, I like your refueling options from yesterday!


        Gatsbybird - sounds like you had a very busy weekend.


        Carolyn - how's the back/neck doing?


        Off to indulge in a bit of red wine and dark chocolate before bed. I hope to be better about posting next week.



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          Was warm here yesterday but temps dropping and rain most of day today.


          Currently a lovely 37 with rain.  Going down to 25 tonight. Yup. Going to be a FUN morning commute alright.


          I may work from home.