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Laura G in Idaho

    I'm new here, so I'm not sure if I get all of the abbreviations, but I'll give it a try...


    RR:  Today, I'm planning to run 30 minutes, or about a 5k.  Yesterday was a rest day.  Monday I ran 3.08 miles in 35 minutes.  So far, running feels good and helps my digestion and mood.  I've been running 3 days a week, about 2.5 to 3.5 miles each time, at a slow pace, 11:30 min miles.  Prior to pregnancy, I ran 9:30 to 10:00 min miles.  Needing to take potty breaks 15-20 minutes into my runs has proven to be an annoyance for me, but it's either break for a potty, or don't run at all.  I am thinking of adding another day of running back into my running schedule, and wanting to add back some weightlifting, speed work, and hills, but not sure how to do this.  Is it okay to increase mileage and intensity while pregnant?  I would like to work up to a 10k for a long run day, if I feel up to it, but not sure if that's considered "starting something new" which the ACOG guidelines recommend against.  And about heartrate... my monitor always says I'm in the 160s to low 170s, and I love how it feels, but ACOG says not to go above 140 or 150?  I would not be able to do anything with that low of a heartrate. 


    PGR:  I am 20 weeks, 5 days today.  Baby is moving all over.  I don't do ultrasounds unless medically necessary, and have only been to see a midwife once this pregnancy, at 12 weeks.  This is my 11th baby.  I'm 36 years old.  I began running 3.5 yrs ago, after baby #9.  Ran a little in the beginning of pregnancy #10, but morning sickness halted my efforts.  By the time I felt good enough to run again, I was worried it had been too long and I shouldn't do a "new" activity.  I did some swimming, walking, and biking that pregnancy, however.  Anyway, back to this pregnancy, I'm thinking of doing another unassisted homebirth.  I've done a few of those in the past, depending on circumstances.  Pre-pregnant, I was down to 130 lbs.  I've already gained 23 lbs this pregnancy.  In my first couple pregnancies, I only gained 15 to 17 lbs, but then I was a teenager.  My middle pregnancies, I gained the usual 30-35 lbs.  The last 3 pregnancies, I gained about 50 lbs.  I was finding that the weight wasn't melting away on its own afterwards like it did in my teens and early 20s, so that's when I started triathlon training.  My first passion is running, biking is fine, and swimming is tolerable (I don't like the process of getting into and out of the pool, otherwise, I might swim more).  Anyway, between pregnancy #9 and #10, I got back to 130 lbs, but that's about 5-10 lbs heavier than my happy weight.  Between #10 and #11, I got to 125, but only stayed there a matter of weeks before I was back to 130 lbs.  Then I got pregnant again.  So, I'm a little concerned that I have gained so much weight already, and still have half my pregnancy to go.  I don't want to have so much work to take the weight off afterwards.  I'm sleeping pretty well so far. 


    NPGR:  Life is busy with a lot of kids, a family milk cow, and chickens.  I homeschool my children.  I'm a really wonderful chauffeur for all things church and taking my 16 yr old son to work (he has a driving permit, but not a full license yet... I can't wait!).  He turns 17 in 10 days and can go get his license then, I hope. 


    Okay, what is the heading ER?


    Can't think of anything else right now.  I love seeing the encouragement and support here amongst each other.  Smile


      Schmet: You have WHOLE FOODS? SO JEALOUS.. they don't have one here but I usually try and get to it when we go to Dallas. Love their hot bar, I could eat there e very day if it wasn't so $$.


      TN: glad the ultra went well! I'm so jealous that you're having twins.. two for one! They run in my family, so maybe next time!


      Other: so pecans grow in TX, i went and got some from the park yesterday, spent like 2 hours cracking them and today made pecan pie muffins, they are so good! Only 5 ingredients too, none healthy, except maybe the nuts ahha. I can't believe people don't go collect them, they are so $$ to buy- but are a lot of work to get out, unless you're on 'rest' and have to sit around all day on holidays like someone I know.. haha. Keeps me busy anyway, maybe i'll go get more and do some more baking today. 

      I'm off to watch my hubby do tae kwon do, he used to teach it here ( for 9 years!) and is a third degree black belt, but there is no good school in SK so he's stopped doing it which is too bad. He'll like seeing everyone again. 


        PG: 19w3d still waiting to feel movement


        RR: 3 miles yesterday.  Wieghts at the gym tonight.


        NPGR: Kitchen remodel should be done by friday!!!  Its looking great.  Next week I can focus on the nursery!!!


        MA: Even if crappy 3 miles is still good


        Canada: walmart has great prices!


        Tay: hope the family drama resolves. 


        Tiny: you're PG, I think your MIF will forgive you if you take the first slice....lol


        Monk: I've never taken body flow but its offered at my gym.  did you take it pre-pg?  would I be lost if I take a class?


        You: Yay!! for last day of class :-)


        Schm: you lucked out with hand me down maternity clothes.  I was hoping to score some from a friend but her sister is also PG.  Oh well Target and old navy seem to have cute/reasonable price. 


          Just a quickie.


          Welcome Laura! I think the heart rate advice is outdated. Better to go by how you feel and slow down/ease off if your body is telling you to. Sounds like this is what you are doing. If you feel okay increasing your miles a bit, particularly in the second tri when you might have more energy, I say go for it...but I'm no expert! You on the other hand...with 10 kids! Holy cow. You obviously know how this is done. An unassisted homebirth...I have to say, I'm pretty amazed!


          ER is just "exercise related" instead of running related.


          Mannluna, i started feeling movement a few days after I was where you are now...so hopefully any day now! Yay for kitchen remodel.


            Laura: Holy cow. I can't imagine doing this ten more times. Both my grandparents had 6 kids which i thought was a lot!  Do you have any twins?!

            MA runner girl

              Laura - Welcome! Holy moly I can't imagine 11 kids! I agree that the heartrate data is outdated, I don't keep track of my HR at all. I would just take it easy, make sure you are well hydrated and not over heating. That's all the advice I've been given and it seems to be working for me. As for increasing mileage, I think it depends on what you did pre-pregnancy. I felt like crap in the first tri and cut wayyy back on miles (from 40-50 mpw to 5-10). As I started feeling better in the second tri I increased my miles again back to a peak of 17 miles 2 weeks ago. Not sure how long I'll be running this much since I'm almost in the 3rd tri, but I don't feel like I'm over reaching, even though it's more than I did earlier in the pregnancy. I wouldn't increase intensity though. All my runs are very easy, and lately I've been run/walking to keep things easier on my body (and mentally it's easier too).


              Just my 2 cents! Smile


              Mann - i hope you feel babe move soon! I felt it around 18 weeks, but I have a desk job and sit all day. I think it's easier to feel that early when you are sitting still and don't have too many distractions. Also, at first I didn't really know if what I was feeling was really movement, or just my imagination since it was so light and not what I expected at all. Now of course there is no denying that baby is moving/kicking! Smile

              PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

              Laura G in Idaho

                Liz, Canada and MA, thanks for the welcome.  No twins.  Just an early start. Wink


                I think I'll go ahead and add that extra day of running and change some things up a bit in my routine.  Boredom with the same routine every week...  Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!


                  TN - Sorry about the meat aversions, but cute pic on FB!


                  Mann - So glad the kitchen remodel has an end date in sight!


                  Canada - We have several WF in the Chicago area and we just got one the next town over, hooray! I agree, the hot bar is really nice.


                  Laura - Welcome! Eleven kids, impressive! We're also planning on homeschooling but that's a ways off yet. Any particular curriculum or do you do a little of everything or unschool? Still trying to decide which way to go on that.

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    I've been all over the curriculum spectrum with homeschool.  With dental floss, it doesn't really matter which brand, type and style you use, as long as it makes you happy while you floss your teeth.  Homeschool curriculm is the same.  Each child is different. Each family is different.  Each year is different.  So, stay close to God, and He'll lead you to whatever will work best for your family.  Continue to ask for His guidance as you continue on your homeschool journey.  Join HSLDA!