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Thinking of the Weekend Thursday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)


Mighty Mouse

    We are almost there. Post. Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Yesterday was a 30 minute run and 40 minute cardio dvd.

      Today will be a cardio DVD with running interspersed. Big grin   Going out later.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        Worked out with my WT DVD this morning.  Supposed to be in the 80's today!  I will believe it when I experience it.  Of course Saturday they are forecasting snow flurries....Ah Spring, gotta  love it.


        I have decided to stop watching the news.  At least for awhile, gets me down.  Someone needs to start an only good news news program.





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          Good Morning!  Chiro really helped yesterday.  I feel so much better today.  I was a bum and slept in.....Wink


          Chicked---When Randy and I were running on Tuesday there were two guys walking ahead of us.  Two women passed them and then they started running again.  We both looked at each other and laughed.


          Please pray for the people of West, Texas.


            Hi ladies-


            No run for me today - I am racing on Saturday (same race as Amy and Camille) and I usually do better with two days off before a longer race. Plus, my right glute was bothering me yesterday, so I decided to give it some extra time.


            Tessa and Lisa - I hope you guys have a great visit! Good luck this weekend, can't wait to read the RRs.


            Karen - the letter you posted made me laugh. Especially the part about doing a 10 mile tempo run because f@#ing you up didn't raise our heart rate enough.


            Amy - I know you're having dinner with your DS tomorrow night; why don't I text/call you when we hit town and we'll work something out? If nothing else, we can meet in the lobby of the hotel for a visit.


            Camille - I emailed you about tomorrow evening. Looking forward to  meeting you!


            Judy - enjoy the evening out.


            Ginny - I agree with you about the news. I'm checking periodically just to see if they have any updates, but I just can't keep reading about the victims over and over.


            Crazysue - glad the back is feeling better. I love my chiro!


            I had book group last night, and two of the ladies are fellow runners, and five in all have husbands who run. We were talking about Boston, and one of them commented on how often we've been standing at the finish line of races, cheering each other in (usually, it's my fast friends cheering me in). It really is very chilling. But on the uplifting side, they were saying that all over the forums their husbands post on, everyone is making plans to run Boston next year. Off to do some domestic XT. Have a great day-



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              Getting ready for the weekend, all right! Lisa texted that she's on her way to the SD airport. I'm on my way out the door to put gas in the car and head down to LAX. Oh, the joy of the 405 freeway (also known as the Four or Five Hour freeway because that's how long it seems to take to get anywhere). And proudly wearing a marathon shirt!


              Run to live; live to run

                Morning. No run yet. Undecided.


                Ginny I'm with you. All the bad stuff right now almost hate to see the news.


                Karen I'd repost the letter on FB if I wouldn't have people unfriend me.  Even a per warning that it has f bombs wouldn't deter them. So I won't but loved it.


                Sue the Texas stuff was bad.


                Cindy no problem resting up!


                Tar Heel Mom

                "When I'm 63!"

                  Last run till Saturday, 6.1 with 1 mi intervals. DH is trying to talk me out of going as we are moving next Thursday and I have done ZERO packing.


                  I will call you today Cindy.


                  Marjorie, I reposted the letter in spite of the language. If a few F-bombs make people unfriend me, then they didn't know me very well to begin with anyway.


                  Does anyone know where I can get the blue and yellow ribbon people are wearing for Boston?

                  Anonymous Guest

                    Morning all. So lately I have been starving like all the time. I think I'm up a couple pounds, which is not where I want to be two weeks from my goal marathon, but I can't stop eating. I'm trying to wait patiently for my friend to go to lunch with, but keep bugging her with "too soon?" emails. I have 10 easy on the schedule for tonight. Feeling good after yesterday's rest day. Actually I have a 10 mile tempo run on the schedule, but since I'm racing Sunday, I'm just running easy.


                    Marjorie, I thought twice about posting it myself, mainly because I have fb friends like my parents and my niece and nephew. But I figure they've heard it all before (if they even clicked on it). But I do understand. I'm just glad some people were able to read it and laugh.


                    Cindy, I hear you on the fear. I know it's far more likely someone would die in a car accident than spectating for me at a marathon, but there is a part of me that doesn't want my loved ones to be at the finish any more. I mean, a lot of times they're not (that's what happens when you race a lot, I guess), but it's hard to stop the "what ifs".


                    Amy, you have plenty of time to pack. Go see your boy, and go race. And enjoy it.


                    Tessa, have a great time with Lisa!


                    crazysue, so glad you're feeling better.


                    Praying for those in West, Texas.


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                    Bad Ass

                      Hi, ladies.  Working from home today, so I was able to run 7.15 recovery miles this morning.  Very nice run although the ball of fire came out.  The news keep getting more depressing by the day!


                      judy, enjoy the cardio/runnign workout!


                      Ginny, yeah, the news have been depressing!  Hope you experience 80F.  I'll give you mine if I could.


                      sue, glad the chiro helped.


                      Cindy, good luck this weekend!


                      Tessa, woohoo!  Road race trip!  Enjoy!


                      Marjorie, hiya!


                      THM, enjoy the weekend!


                      Anonymous, maybe you're not eating enough protein and therefore feel hungrier?  Hope you find what it is.


                      I am freaking out for Saturday!



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!



                        Ginny, you can have our expected high of 83 for Saturday. Enjoy.


                        I'm sitting on the patio, Lisa has a chair on the lawn in the sun, and we're both working away.  (Yeah, foruming is hard work!) Brownies in the oven. Fairly soon we are going to drive up a mountain and take a short walk.


                        Awful thing about the Texas explosions.


                        Amy, if it's blue and yellow ribbon, try Joann's or Michael's. Or maybe your LRS?


                        Good luck to those racing on Saturday!


                          Today was a Walk-only day for me.

                          I'm trying to increase from 3 days a week to 5 days so I'm just doing a little time in my shoes on those new days.

                          I'm just now thinking perhaps I should bike on those new days 4 and 5.

                          Decisions, decisions....



                          Judy - I like the way you use those DVDs.  Good idea for me I think.  Have fun tonight


                          Ginny - another DVD, I like that.  I hope you feel better not-checking the news.  I stopped many years ago and prefer it myself.


                          Crazysue - I'm glad you slept in. Sleep is so important. Glad you feel better


                          Cindy - good luck in your race. Hope the glute relaxes for you


                          Arimethea - Four-or-Five - hope traffic cooperates for you!


                          Marjorie - did you take the day off? I love rest days!


                          TarHeel - good luck on race day and finding that ribbon.


                          Karen - have a good 10 today, and hope you satisfy your appetite.


                          Damaris - Seems like you're set to do great this weekend. Enjoy the race



                          Tar Heel Mom

                          "When I'm 63!"

                            We got a notice from the race directors that they are handing out blue and yellow stickers that say "Boston" to put on our bibs. I like.

                              Very happy to see today's thread title since I'm definitely thinking of the weekend.  I'll be working from home tomorrow then on vacation for a week starting Saturday.  Yippee!  Unusually for me and DH, this trip is not about running but rather taking Dad and Aunt to the Costa Blanca region in south-eastern Spain.  We'll try to sneak in some runs in the mornings although it might be a little on the warm side for us.  Anyways, I'm getting a jump on my weekend check-in since I probably won't be online much when we're away.


                              Judy, you're very diligent about your workout as always.


                              Ginny, I know what you're saying about needing a break from the news.  For good news, have you checked out The Upbeat on Yahoo?  http://news.yahoo.com/theupbeat/  It's not totally devoid of Boston news but it focuses on the positive.


                              CrazySue, very sorry to hear about the plant explosion in West, TX.  Hoping for the best for everyone there.


                              Camille, Amy and Cindy -- have fun at your race this weekend!


                              Tess and Lisa -- I know you guys are going to have a blast too.  Yum, brownies.


                              Marjorie, did you get out for a run?  Nothing wrong with a rest day.


                              Karen, I'm always hungry too.  Without putting in nearly enough miles to justify it, I should add.


                              Damaris, I think I saw that you're doing a 50k this weekend?  Whoo hoo!


                              Fran, you're wise to build time on your feet slowly.  Walking is great exercise.


                              Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.


                                Just a quick note.. Spent morning helping mom-grocery store, med pickup and nail care.  Then I spent the  afternoon getting back brakes replaced-ouch. Not cheap.

                                I stopped by a greenway when I was done and went for 2 since I couldn't decide what I should do today. : )  Yesterday's run was such a slog I wanted to see if my legs would move faster, but I was afraid to do much so close to race.. I mainly walked with a couple sprints thrown in.


                                Cindy, got the email...sounds like a plan!  Is Amy going to make it.


                                Amy, I bought ribbon, then got home and opened Facebook.  I'm very glad they are providing the sticker.


                                Tessa and Lisa, sounds like a tough day!  Have a wonderful race. Lisa, sending good vibes about your back.


                                Gatsby, have a wonderful trip!  Sounds great!


                                Karen, this may win an award  for the worst diet advice ever. : ) Every now and then, I have one of those days when I can't get enough food. Apples, salads, etc  just don't do it.  I've learned to just go buy a candy bar-a Snickers or Butter Finger. Otherwise, I just keep eating.  For some reason, they'll fill me up and it's less calories in the long run.  Fortunately, it only happens every 2 or 3 months. This may be unique to me. : )  Good luck!


                                Hi to everyone else!   Have to still do laundry, etc.