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Just Another Manic Monday - Preggos (Read 279 times)


    Thanks for the warm welcome ladies!


    schmett - as I've been lurking, I've been impressed with how you've handled the first tri yuck, so way to give yourself props for whatever gets done, you deserve it!  And I'm glad that someone else loves Dr Horrible. Smile


    mannluna - wow, being without a kitchen would drive me crazy right now, but I bet your remodel will be totally worth it when it's done!


    Ozzy - it's a combination on the golf - my DH is a avid golfer (and I've become one in the past couple years) and we live in northern Alabama, where it's been warm enough to golf in shorts and a fleece pullover the last couple of weekends.


    liz - you're making me jealous with this talk of winter sports, we often take a trip with friends to CO every year, but haven't heard if that's happening yet.  If so, I hope I can follow your lead and and still get out to play in the snow!


    TNesq - I'm so impressed that you're still playing volleyball, I was playing up until last week when I told the team/I got hit by an unusual shot/ and we decided taht volleyball can be a contact sport (one of the players on our team is pretty erratic) so I'm taking a bit earlier retirement for the season than expected and I'm kind of bummed about it Undecided


      Dr.T - I don't think I'll be playing much longer - I can tell my reaction time has slowed down a bit, and I'm a little less aggressive in digging and stuff as well, plus I've started to have issues with sciatica...I'm hoping to make it through Christmas, then I'll probably hang it up. It helps that I'm an old-school vball player who never learned to dig properly, i.e. flat on my stomach, so I don't have to worry about inadvertently doing that.