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     lucy- you reminded me about p90x! I should totally get doing some of those workouts again. Glad you are moving along on your wedding plans...so exciting! Sounds like you are at a pretty good point. Are you enjoying it?




    Yes, P90X workouts are still great even if you don't do them every day! I am hoping to start doing some of the upper body ones again for ST. And I am really enjoying the stage of wedding planning I'm in right now! The first bits, picking the venue and all the big vendors and making the guest list, were stressful, but now I'm onto the creative details, and it's fun to come up with ideas!


    A 9 mile run felt easy? You rock!


      klmc- Nice job on the "easy" 9 milers after 2 tempos this week! Rockstar!


      Lucy- I have the old kindle fire, but obvi the new one and the ipad have so much more to offer! Woohoo, 2 miles at midnight, that is pretty awesome!



      RR. So I went out for 50 min and went 4.5 miles. I walked the first .5 and then jogged really slowly. I'm feeling my calf is about 70%. I'm also starting to have second thoughts about the 30K trail run in 3 weeks... it's SUPER hilly and hard course. I'm just afraid it can cause more injury when my "A" race is the marathon in April (the one I've paid $150 for registration and booked hotel, etc), so I don't know what to do!

      Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

      Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

      Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



      Half: 1:48

      Full: 4:34



        Hey ladies!


        RR: Taking today off from everything, and getting  a massage in 30 minutes.


        NRR: Still riding high from my race yesterday (I'll post the report tomorrow) but I celebrated a bit too much last night with DBF and now I'm feel gross and hungover.


          Hey Divas!


          RR: Ended up doing my 8 miler on Sunday (today) and it was really good.  The weather was gorgeous and sunny, and the miles flew by and I was roughly 30s per mile under my training pace (based on SmartCoach). I think I need to re-evaluate my training paces. My 1600 paces felt a little too easy as well.


          NRR: It's been a good weekend overall. I'm feeling kind of irrational/crazy/hormonal, so I'm wondering if I'm gonna start getting my cycle back soon. I'm nursing less, so it could also just be my hormones shifting from that, too. I'd be excited to see AF start up again, since I was ammenorheic for 2 years before I got pregnant, I'd like to know if I'm back to normal.


          Seattle - that is humbling, but thanks! I just try to put 100% effort into whatever I'm doing at the moment, but I do feel like I "have it all" right now. What Higdon marathon plan are you using? I'm doing a full in November and starting to shop around for plans so I can figure out my summer mileage Smile


          Blu - glad you are enjoying your weekend! sounds like fun to watch the bridge move!


          Lucy - it's great to get a bunch of wedding stuff (especially big picture items) out of the way. I've thought about running at night when I can't sleep. The gear you carried sounds perfect.


          GSD - great job on all of your running! I think we have the same treadmill, but you have a new model with the touch screen.

          MA - great job on your 6 miler!


          NC- I hope it really is just a strain. Honestly I'd bag the trail race and stay healthy for the marathon since you've already invested so much in it.


          KlMcD - sounds like tv is the way to go for TM runs! I watched an episode of the Mindy Project on Friday during mine. Hope you get the running shoes you want!


          OWR - cant' wait to read the race report! I had faith you would exceed your expectations!! great job!


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            Catching up on some personals...  I am sleepy from a busy weekend with DBF!  We really liked the house that his parents have the offer in on, so hopefully they get it - they are supposed to hear back from the seller's bank in the next week or two!


            Sassy - I really need to work on putting 100% into whatever I am doing at the moment... sometimes I get distracted thinking of other things and just sort of do everything half-heartedly.  I am using Hal Higdon's Intermediate plan - 5 days a week is more than I've run before and it's more mileage than the marathons I ran a few years ago, but I've been running really consistently this past year so I think it will be good!  Glad you had a great run today - I bet re-evaluating your training plan for the faster will be fun Smile


            outwest - a day off and a massage sounds absolutely lovely, especially on those tired/hungover/blah days.  Was the race yesterday the trail race that you were running, or is that in the future still?  Glad it went so well and you had a good time celebrating with DBF!


            klmc - that's so fun that we are training twins!  What marathon are you doing?  Have you done one recently?  I am pretty excited to get back into it after a couple years of doing shorter stuff.  Woohoo for having a nice relaxing day to yourself!  I have to work tomorrow, but it should be busy so not too bad!


            Lucy - as long as you're safe about it, sometimes night running can be so exhilarating and relaxing at the same time!  I find it really peaceful.  I am not looking forward to working tomorrow either, everyone I know has the day off!  I love those weekend days where you just get a lot accomplished - I need to have one of those at some point.  It's fun to be busy but sometimes I just need to catch up!  So exciting on the wedding planning!  Hopefully CRF will have similar opinions and tastes to you so it's an easy thing to plan.  DBF and I have hit a few snags with house hunting and realizing that certain different things are important to each of us, but we've been able to work through them ok so far!  Just funny the things you wouldn't even realize would be an issue Smile


            norcal - oh man, that last weekend of football was so rough that I didn't even watch any of the games this weekend.  I am definitely with you in the bitter club there!  Hiking with DH and L sounds like such a lovely way to spend a day!  I hope the weather here gets nice enough that we can go up soon - it's been sunny in the mountains but so much icy snow that you'd need crampons, and I don't have any yet.  We have been rock climbing on an outdoor wall near DBF's house - it's been cold, but fun!  I haven't done too much, so mostly just learning the basics of roping up, belaying, etc.  Hope your calf feels better soon, and good luck with your phone interview  on Tues!


            MA - enjoy the long weekend with your family!  That's great that they are being so supportive and helpful and buying things for baby.  I can't believe you are 31 weeks already, it has flown by!  You have been rocking the running - I hope that I can half as active as you girls if I ever wind up pregnant!


            GSD - wow, you are rocking the running, especially with a little one to take care of!  She sounds so adorable, but I'd imagine it suddenly becomes a lot more work when they can get around and get into things on their own!


            Blu - I hope you had a nice TM run and got lots of hw done this weekend!  saw that you went to lunch w/Steffi last week, I wish I lived closer to you girls!  DBF and I really liked the house and think it has a lot of potential (and a great location for both of us), so keeping our fingers crossed their offer is accepted by the bank and everything goes smoothly!  Smile



              Blu - I hope you had a nice TM run and got lots of hw done this weekend!  saw that you went to lunch w/Steffi last week, I wish I lived closer to you girls!  DBF and I really liked the house and think it has a lot of potential (and a great location for both of us), so keeping our fingers crossed their offer is accepted by the bank and everything goes smoothly!  Smile


              Seattle-Not sure if and when you'll read this, but we wish we lived close enough to see you more often too! I try to S every month or so. But I hope you get the house too so S and I have a place to stay for a Seattle FE this year! Ha!