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Early Tuesday Divas! (Read 18 times)


    DH has a business trip to NYC for a month. So, we are going to our house in ME and to visit M's grandparents in MA. Its a shorter distance for DH and M to have time together than us staying in VA.


    I know I can handle a full month alone with M, but I rather be able to have M and DH have time together whenever they can. She isn't going to be young forever so I want DH to get as much time as possible. Plus, she can get spoiled by her grandparents.  The pups will come with us. Can't leave them out!


    I am a little scared bc of my mother's problems. And it 6 weeks left before the half so I am in crunch time for training.



    If you and M wind up coming into the city please let me know! Would love too see you both again!

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