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    zorbs - Good luck with your race this weekend!


    rg - I hope your LR goes/went well.  I wish our ON was closer than it is.  I like walking through just to see if I can find anything good.  They have a sale this weekend too.


    eh! - Yuck to your shift.  DH and I were just talking last night about keeping J involved in stuff as he grows up.  Seriously!?  You've never had Panera?! Jen introduced me to it and I was hooked!


    ernie - Yay for STTN.  I might have missed it, but are you trying?  I have to say, I wish I wouldn't have been so stupid for a week and would have tested when I started feeling so horrible.


    shelby - Sorry about the rough night.  Enjoy your night with DH!  You deserve some time alone.  We talk about dropping J off with the IL's and going home and sitting in silence and reading!  Ha!


    cx2 - I hope your lunch goes well.


    becky - I got a personal pan pizza for lunch earlier this week and it was delicious! Smile  I hope your TM run goes well.


    mrszm - Soup sounds really good.  When we ask J what sound a dog makes, he sticks out his tongue and pants!  Ha!  For cat he scrunches his face and makes this horrible noise...sounds just like he cat!  Telling our parents is still on the conversation table.  Not that we won't tell them, it is just a matter of when.  We will see.  DH is in no rush.


    bermy - Glad the running is going so well.  We really like doing story time at the Library and then classes at the Y.  You start to see the same people over and over.

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      ernie:  Ha, I wish.  Unfortunately we are in the middle of nowhere so there aren't too many places to shop.  Might go try and buy a cheapo pair of gloves later so at least my hands are warm.

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        RR - meeting rp for 5k w/ strollers this am.  I ran 6k last night when DH got home, it's super icy on the paths by my house, there were parts where I felt like a cartoon, skidding along, luckily it's in a park with no cars, so it's just my ass and the ground that are at risk.  My back is feeling much better today, I think my psoas/hipflexors just sinched themselves up and pulled on my pelvis, I'll stretch and roll more today.


        TR - kept asking to go out somewhere yesterday.... yeah sorry kid vacation is over, we gotta clean the house today.  Funny story - when we landed, by the time we got to the customs area there were  no lineups - it took me a while to get us all up and down all the escalators and elevators (yup there is one place in our airport where you HAVE to use an escalator, there isn't an elevator....thankfully a lady helped me).  Well we got to customs and I said something like 'well luckily it took us so long to get here that there are no lines', and M started to cry and say 'I wanna stand in a lineup'... the customs lady was quite amused. Smile


        BR - eating solids like a champ!  We're doing baby led weaning, she's had fish, potato, brocolli, pancake, and baked oatmeal.  I found a great baked oatmeal recipe that was baked in muffin tins - brilliant!  so now I've got a bunch of frozen baggies of baked oatmeal.


        FR - need to grocery shop.  Trying to decide if I should take everyone to the store after running (in the same parking lot where I'm meeting RP) or go solo tonight when DH is home.  If I go solo tonight then we need dinner for tonight, or will have to eat leftovers.


        Will do personals later, most likely during naps.

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          spike - yay I got the package! Your sewing looks so professional. Mine, not so much. I noticed one patch had something sewn onto it. I am going to replace whole patch but I can do it from the top, sneaky ninja sewing style. Did you iron the back? It looks so flat and perfect. I know I did not send it to you like that! Thank you sew much (pun...)

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            zorbs- I once shut my little brother and sister in a room by tying a jumprope between two doorknobs in the same hallway. I got in BIG trouble. Sorry that didn't work. Have you tried melatonin yet? LOL at Doggy rocks. Good luck at ATB on Sunday- I'm really sketchy about weekend posting, so I'd better say it now!


            runnergirl- I've been trying to teach R colors, but when we read "Blue Hat, Green hat" he's more interested in identifying the pieces of clothes and yelling "OOPS!" when he sees the turkey. Good luck on your 19 miler, and to think I'm feeling pretty BA about my 8 mile LR this weekend LOL.


            Eh!- I don't know if I'm going to put R in sports. DH and I have ZERO interest in sports. DH did a couple years of baseball when he was a young child, and I did gymnastics from age 3-10 (I sucked at it and hated it). If R wants to do a sport, we might put him in, but I just really don't care. I'd rather take him out for runs, bike rides, family hikes, have DH take him to the gym or whatever.


            Ernie- glad your tummy is feeling better and S STTN!


            shelbyjo- I wish I could work out right in the middle of the day this time of year- the mornings are really cold and the afternoons are crazy windy.


            cx2- have a good time at your goodbye lunch


            Mer- I think my insurance covers pumps too, so next time around I'll probably get a new one since the one I used with R was secondhand from my sister. Glad the screening went good and you got nice hugs from J.


            Becky- I do clumsy crap like that all the time too. My legs are always bruised up and I have no idea what from.


            mzm- I hope you feel 100% better soon. I hate it when DH volunteers me for stuff without checking with me first.


            eh!- I HATE being late too, being a mom has helped me ease up on that though.


            Bermy- that FR sounds really good. Does the recipe call for blanching the rapini? That might help with any bitterness. Good job on your speedwork yesterday, you are crazy fast with that stroller. I won't even tell you my splits from that stroller run in the wind, I may as well have been walking LOL.

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              Mer- I've never had panera either because I live in the boonies, and now I probably never will because I went gluten free. I've also never eaten a twinkie or smoked a cigarette :P


              CA- I was supposed to go to the store last night but skipped it because I didn't feel like going back out into the wind. How is RP doing with her return to running? I take R to the grocery store pretty often and he's usually well behaved.


              Bermy- HA! I never iron, no I just spritzed it with a bit of water and tossed it in the dryer for a minute- the lazy woman's iron Smile  I'm glad you like how it turned out- I wondered what that little patch was? I thought maybe you had stitched it on to cover a hole or stain or something. I was very impressed with the quality of your handstitching- really small precise stitches and sturdily done- that's why I didn't do any quilting, I didn't need to because your handstitching is great.  A secret to getting the back really flat is to smooth it out on a hard, flat surface (making sure its not stretched at all), then tape it down with masking tape before you lay the top on. Then pin the top to the backing all over- even in the middle. If you go to a quilt shop they make curved safety pins that work really great for that. You can also do it on your carpet if its a pile carpet with no loops, otherwise your pins will get stuck in the carpet. Did you pick out a sewing machine yet?  This is the machine I have: http://www.bernina.com/en-US/Products-us/BERNINA-products-us/BERNINA-Sewing-and-Embroidery-Machines-us/BERNINA-Classic-Series-us/BERNINA-en  I've had it since I was 12 years old and have never had it serviced and its going strong. The Bernette line by Bernina is really good too and more affordable. I also have a Bernina overlocker/serger and its been a good machine. My stepmom used to work at a Bernina dealer so she got good deals (she has one of the models that has a computer with internet in it!).  Back to the sewing table conversation from yesterday, if you don't plan on putting away your machine every time you use it and will have a dedicated sewing space, check out these tables, I've heard great things and they have pretty ingenious storage- http://www.kangarookabinets.com/


              RR: yesterday was an SRD. Need to get in touch with RP and see what our plan is for the weekend- I think we are doing an 8 mile LR and then 3-5 mi on the other two runs.


              TR: Only slept 30 at naptime yesterday, expected him to be a bear all evening but he was actually really good. He fell asleep in the car 5 mins from home after going to the allergist office, and was cranky because I tried to pick a ginormous booger out of his nose before i pulled him out of the carseat and he was still groggy.


              FR: Vietnamese takeout last night. DH declared it "okay".  I must go to the store today. Have a work lunch where they are ordering pizza so I ran to the store and got a prepackaged salad and some hummus and dippers to take with me.


              NRR: Another weekend without DH's help- he's on nights. I have a bunch of cleaning and stuff to get done, I think my mom is going to come over in the morning and give me a hand. Took a big load of stuff to goodwill last night, hopefully DH takes another load of crap to the storage unit so I can move the last of the stuff out of the basement and give it a nice thorough cleaning.


              NRR2- I have only been shampooing every other day and I think I'm going to go to every 3-4 days, plus I'm just using a cleansing conditioner. My hair looks so much healthier and styles much more nicely with my hair not being squeaky clean- it gets really puffy and stupid looking when I shampoo daily.

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                eh - my daughter (18 months) is not yet in regular programs, thought I do want to get her in some community (rec center) programs this fall when she will be 2.  She has interaction at daycare though.  My parents put me and my brother in a variety of low-stress programs (ie not league sports) at a young age and I really enjoyed trying a lot of different things.  They have some toddler gymnastic stuff around here that I think Em would love.  We probably won't have her in programs, like, back to back all the time.  We are big on swimming though - as in making sure our kids know how to swim and can safely and confidently be around water.  Sorry this is so long.  We will do swim with Em late summer, then a fall program and then see where she is developmentally over winter, how it's going with baby boy, etc.  Sounds like you have an open mind and that you'll have a good mix of programs and time at home as well.  Who knows, maybe once he's at home for a bit he'll ask to go back or try something new.  For what it's worth, my brother really enjoyed being at home compared to always having something to go do.  Just his personality.


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                  eh!/Rocky- I would look more favorably on our local programs if they weren't so skewed to SAHMs. Anything that I think looks remotely fun/interesting for R falls during my workweek. Only the competitive stuff where you have to drive around for games and crap is after school/work hours, and even then I would barely have time to get R there.

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                    Bermy - Either blanch the rapini or boil it with the pasta and that should get rid of the bitterness. I usually do the latter, no matter what the recipe says. I once followed a recipe that called for simply sauteing it and then tossing it with the pasta and it was so bitter when cooked that way. Very impressive speed work yesterday! And nice that you are finding RPs in Nashville already.


                    Mer - No, we're not trying yet but have been talking about trying and consequently were very lazy about prevention this month. So, I think I'm probably not pg, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. You can add me to the list of people who have never had Panera!


                    CA - Glad your back is better. Things are a slippery mess today here, too. Very impressive that M managed to amuse a customs officer - they are usually so stone faced!


                    Spike - Hope your LR goes well this weekend! I also get much better results from shampooing every second day or less. Every day and my hair turns into a giant puff ball.

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                      rg/ernie - yes the ATB expo is the best one around here, it is the whole concourse level of a hockey arena!


                      rg - great job on your 19 miles!


                      ernie - the other expos around here that don't suck are ATB, and GoodLife and Scotia marathons.


                      argh..time to nap and shower.

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                        Mer: yay for getting to see the baby last night! Hope the OB appt goes well today. Mmm I love Panera, what did you get?


                        Ernie: glad you're feeling a bit better today! Yay for S sleeping so well, hope it's a trend.


                        becky: feeling better? I hate going to work and feeling sick! I tried to make a blanket fort with R the other day, and man have I lost some skill! Lol.


                        Spike: 8 miles is nothing to sneeze at either! When are you guys moving? R hates when I go after his boogers too, bit i refuse to have the "sticky kid."  Ha, I told DH that I want a sewing machine for my bday, and he looked a me like "really?!"


                        Bermy: good luck finding play groups! I'm still looking for one here that's not an hour drive. How's D liking the new house? I bet he's having fun exploring!


                        mrszm: ugh, glad you can at least have Gatorade, but i hope you're back to normal soon! I'm amazed at how much faster kids bounce back. What did you decide about the weekend?


                        R-eh: whoa, 12 hr shift?! Nope it goes fast for you! Are you per diem too now?


                        Shelby: sorry that H slept so poorly last night! Have a great time out with DH!! Hope the weather improves for your run tomorrow. Is there an indoor track or TM available for you?


                        Cx2: hope everything went well at work today! Sounds like C really is doing well with the nanny. Makes going back to work easier. I'll be thinking of you on Monday!


                        CA: loved the pic of O and M in the stroller. Which double do you have? I told DH I'm definitely getting a double when we have another baby. Too cute about M and the lineup!

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                          eh - I do have my girls in organized activities but we don't really do anything competitive.  They aren't interested and I don't want them to hate sports so I don't push them.  I do think it's good for them to learn skills young though that they can do when they're older too, even if they drop a sport now and don't pick it back up until they are older.  My parents had me in junior golf when I was young and while I was never a golfer in anything organized growing up I'm glad I can at least get out and play a round now and not make a total fool of myself.  My oldest did gymnastics and dance when she was younger and eventually quit both and now she does year round swim team.  We only do a few meets/year but I just want her to do something active and I think swimming is a great skill to learn and improve on so she goes to practice 2-3 days/week.  My 6 year old started dance when she was 3, tennis at 4 and swimming at 5 so she does those 3 activities plus art class.  it keeps her busy and I figure sometime she'll start dropping activities and just get down to 1 or 2.  I won't put them in anything like soccer unless they ask and really want to because I like my weekends too much!  I also don't really get into those mommy and me classes so I doubt I'll put L in anything until he is old enough to show an interest in something.  For now running around a playground is good enough for him.  Smile


                            NRR: took DS for a haircut at a kids' place. The women were lovely and so good at cutting hair (I have really low standards I think from bermy). He was sobbing but then cheered up when they gave him a free army rubber ducky. He looks so neat and handsome now.


                            Zorbs –I am excited for you ATB race. LOVE your inkburn skirt and arm warmers. I keep very quiet about running when I meet someone and gradually seep out the details.


                            Rg – thanks for your sweet words on my running. I wonder what they would have been without the stroller. I talked to bermy coach and she said it is very hard but very effective and to keep doing what I am doing for now. Hope your 19m goes well. Huge run. And sorry about your tummy. Been there, done that. DS loves our house. He is very independent here and can explore a lot more in the space. He was so cute helping me with chores and can close doors behind us and wants to sweep up just like me all the time!


                            Shelby – I bought some TP to carry with me in stroller for body fluid use. I was blowing my nose in my shirt way too much for it be occasional. Hope you can get some gloves and get your run in. What are the temps?


                            Eh – cor blimey that’s a long shift. How do you stay awake and alert for that? And how do you fit in running with that too? Oh no on being late for work.


                            Ernie – was thinking of you at the park yesterday when I was doing 800s and I thought, maybe I cold turn these into 7x1000s but that might just kill me. Are you ttc’ing? I might have missed that in a post somewhere. Recipe does call for boiling rapini first in the pasta water. Nashville RP is one of our fb supermoms.


                            Cx2 – I will email you. Hope the lunch is ok. And that you are ok saying goodbye. Sad.


                            Mer – missed you and didn’t want to pry as you’re such a private person. Great news on the scan – yay for running helping to build a healthy baby!! Can’t believe you’re at 12 weeks already. Time has flown by.


                            Mrszm – your family are so freakin darn cute. Glad you said no to bro and sil. Maybe your bro knows he is in hot water and needs some sane help?


                            Becky – how is your knee?


                            CA – you are right back at running as soon as you get home! Way to go mama! Too funny about M and the lines!


                            Spike- yes, blanch then cook it. Even if you don’t feel your pace is fast, do feel free to share as it takes a lot of courage and energy to get out there, get your son ready, warm up, start the clock, measure the strip etc. etc. It is such an achievement just to show up to attempt it – I didn’t see any other crazy mother runners in the park running with a stroller let alone doing 800s. yeay, that patch totally needs replacing. Don’t know what I was thinking on that one. And those kangaroo tables look great. Dh said he would share a bit of his lab space so I would have a wall. Will measure it. Haven’t bought a machine yet – will wait a bit as there are a few other things that will come first. Hope your mom can help you. Which cleaning conditioner are you using?

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                              zorbs - have fun at the expo! Are there any running deals to be had at it? There should be some at my race in April, I'm hoping...

                              RG - M often wakes up cranky from naps, but then is fine with time, or more likely food Smile I have a chariot cougar for both my double and single joggers, love them!

                              eh - good thing your supervisor was understanding! It's important to have employers that understand families and the demands that go with them!

                              ernie - YAY for STTN!!! Just wait till you have a 2nd, then they really look HUGE! I'm glad you're feeling better!

                              shel - YAY for date night!! I hope you can find some cheapo gloves for your LR. Sad to not seeing DH for 3 mos, I missed mine a tonne and we were only gone 2 weeks!

                              cx2 - Hope the lunch went well! Hopefully you'll all get to see each other regularily after you move jobs.

                              mer - I've only been to Panera once, and didn't have a clue what to get, there's so many choices! YAY for the 12 week scan, and for a free pump!!

                              becky - ouch on the goose-egg! I'm always doing that on our bed frame, I basically have a perma bruise from hitting it so often. Hope you feel better.

                              mzm - Sad on feeling sick from the soup. I hope you feel good after eating today.

                              bermy - I think you are in good shape even in supermom standards!! YAY for a RP, I love mine Smile

                              spike - RP is doing great w/ running, she's running 10k this weekend, so I'll have company for at least half of my LR! MMMM Vietnamese! I need some soon, YUM. Ugh on dh not being around this weekend, that would be hard. I often only shampoo twice a week, and think my hair looks much better also.

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                                Runnergirl- moving day is a week from tomorrow- same day as my 10k eeeek!


                                Bermy- I'm using this one right now because its what they had at WalMart and I wanted to see if I liked the concept or not without spending an arm and a leg on fancy shampoo. I'm really cheap when it comes to beauty products.


                                This is the one I ordered from amazon to use when L'oreal runs out  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004WPHRCI/ref=oh_details_o00_s01_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1


                                CA- technically speaking, DH is around this weekend, he's working nights- so its even worse- he's home during the day and we have to be quiet so he can sleep! I usually go do stuff like Costco runs, visit family, etc when he's on his weekend night shifts, but I have too much to get done around the house in the next week so my mom is coming over around 9ish and will take Reid to the park and stuff.

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