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Happy Valentine's Day Supermoms (Read 33 times)


    cx2 - Glad you got the orthotics issue sorted. I think papa is a much harder sound to make than dada...I don't think I've heard S use the letter P yet...just dada, mama, lala, gaga, nana and zeezeezee.


    mer - So nice to get a good weather run in. It's been hovering around 0C here for the past couple of days, which feels totally spring like in comparison to what we've had. Both you and your DH came up with very nice vday gifts!


    arm - Congrats on the tennis win! Hope the v-day kiddie party is all right. There was one here at the community centre but I skipped it in favour of brunch with DH since it's not like S knows the difference yet.


    Shelby - Yay for seeing DH this weekend and for getting your BOB windshield soon. Your classes sound quite interesting.


    Mrszm - Ugh to the holy terror niece and nephew. I think you said they are still pretty young?Maybe there's hope that they'll shape up a bit once they start school. Kind of funny that ds slept through the ass explosion and you had to wake him!


    Zorbs - Cool flash mob experience. I love those scramble crossings.


    CA - Ha, it's funny that M is excited to see the dolphins even though she thinks they might eat her!


    Spike - I thought alka seltzer was only for upset stomachs? Do they make a cold/flu formulation as well? Yep, I think you are right about S either teething or getting sick. She's been a mess all day today too. She has red cheeks and perked up a bit when I gave her some tylenol, so I'm leaning towards teething.


    Jen - Wow, you have a very productive morning. So annoying that you had to get your tire fixed again though. Very sweet v-day gift from your DH, although I also feel like that about flowers...especially since I never remember to change the water so probably kill them twice as fast as most people.

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      Ernie- poor babies, I wish they were born with teeth- teething is miserable!


      Mer- Double dipping doesn't even to begin to describe R's eating- 30x dipping maybe? Sometimes he just dips his fingers and skips the food altogether LOL

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        Bermy - HI!! Congrats on 4 years, amazing! My studying was stalled for the past 2 months but I started back up again today. Next & Last (hopefully) exam is beginning of April.


        cx2 - I think P is definitely harder to say than dada (which is the easiest from my brief experience IMO). I get a lot of dadas, mamas, nanas, babas, lalas...and other random sounds!


        Ernie - poor baby. Hopefully the teeth will poke through soon. A still doesn't have any teeth so I have no idea how teething will go for her.


        Waves to everyone else!!


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          RG - What training plan are you doing? Will it include rest days? So fun with the talking toddler! I love seeing their brains just click and learn!

          zorbs - hope you get a good nap and some coffee today!

          bermy - Hope the 800's were great today! YIKES on the vaccines. I don't think I have any record of what I have, no idea if my provincial system tracks, I know my kids stuff is now. MY SIL got landed immigrant of US status and hired a lawyer just because it was too complicated to deal w/ herself.

          ernie - I had a lot of those speedwork sessions w/ M as a baby, and lots of speed bump sessions driving to drive as crazy as possible to get her to sleep. Hope you had a greeeaaat brunch Wink

          cx2- sounds like she's doing great with her talking! M didn't really have any words until she was over a year. Once it took off thought, it really took off!

          mer - nice V day gift from DH! Too bad you have to work.

          arm - hope the vday parties went well! I always figure vday is a great day for DH's to spoil us so I feel zero guilt if he gifts and I don't.

          shel - awesome job on the windy run yesterday! Sounds like a fun activity for DS daycare!

          mzm - That's awesome that you're going to be bowling w/ your dad!

          spike - M is obsessed with yogurt, she says she wants it everytime she is hungry. She eats a lot of it ( I figure there are way worse things to be obsessed with), but I also try to steer her in other directions.

          spike - yes getting excited for some HOT weather! We are gone for 2 weeks, my parents have a house rented for the month of March, and we are staying w/ them. The girls will love the time with gma and gpa, and I'll love the babysitters! I'd love the ravioli recipe!

          jen - bummer on J being sick, but at least you're getting stuff done! I feel the same about flowers, but I try to appreciate the gesture, and it isn't like we don't have grocery $.

          nola - waves!

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