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    CAR - I loved that article you posted on FB last night.  Opinions go both ways, but I appreciated reading it!  Too funny  about M walking around nursing her animals!


    shelby - That is a weird cycle.  Do you think it could be because of your running/nourishing?  When I went off the pill before J it took me to cut back on running as well as gaining some weight before my cycles were normal.  I notice that the lower my weight the more nonexistent my cycle becomes....even on BCP.


    mrszm - Glad you were able to get out with your friend last night.  The roads by me were fine for the drive home.  Back roads weren't good so I stuck to the freeway, DH said he did the same thing because of the drifting.  When are you and I going to meet for dinner? Smile


    cx2 - I opened RA this morning and realized I never replied to you last night.  Will do tonight, promise.  Hope you had a good day today!

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      RG - very early on M got fascinated by the toilet brush and putting things in the toilet, so there was no way we could shower with her in there! I don't often shower while she's awake but if I do I put something on the TV for her. UGH - it's one thing to come to work with a runny nose, but norovirus! That's why it's so bad this year!!

      zorbs - so cute on the playing w/ diapers on your head. Anytime you doubt yourself as a mom, anyone who'll play with a diaper on their head is a great mom! seriously. Hope you and Beth have a good chat. Nope she doesn't like clothes... at least she doesn't strip in public.

      r-eh - booo to wind! We get nasty wind here. I usually just run into it for the first half so I can have it push me home. I think some knee/joint pain is normal with growing kids, but better to get it checked to be sure!

      ernie - M has taken tooth brushes from the garbage also, and the one in the laundry room that we use to scrub stains - YUCK! MMM on your FR!!

      Bermy - That's amazing that DS was so good during core! Bummer on the nap strike though. I really work to get M and O napping at the same time, when they don't I am much in need of a break and a glass of wine by the time DH gets home! M asked about trying O's milk very early on, I let her taste some on my finger but didn't let her try it from the source.

      mer - Hope you get your run in. Bummer on the lousy treadmill! Awesome job juggling everything last night! Dinner and a shower make you a super mom for sure!

      Jen - pushing blocks over is nauty? I think block towers scream to be pushed down! And I don't think any kid 'asks' to be bit. I hope they figure it out. That's great that you bought Kelly's cookbook - i love how great she's doing with her business.

      shel - I hope you can get your milk supply back up again. Is your supply really down, or do you just feel more empty? I nursed M until just before 18 mos and at the end when I was just nursing 1-2 x's per day I couldn't really feel the milk in there but she still got some.

      mzm - poor baby Sad Mine is teething too, I rub her gums whenever I can too. Hopefully you get your kcups soon, a mom should not have to drink bad coffee!

      cx2 - I hope your sister feels better soon!! I got sick the day after our wedding, but made it through the actual wedding.

      jm - hope you feel better!!!

      arm - bummer at the sick kids! Hopefully this is the last of it. I like 'winter' type vegis in the winter, squash, roasted anything - brocolli, carrots, etc.

      spike - I wouldn't give M a device either, she always is pushing buttons on my phone and then gets upset. Don't you love how the chariot is enclosed though! It's nice to be able to stuff it full of stuff. O is really good at night, she's usually only up once around 3-4am, I'm super lucky with her.

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        mer - It could be the running, I am not really sure.  It has been very strange.


        CA - I just don't feel as full which I guess is normal.  I am nursing 2-3 times per day but he doesn't stay on very long.  My left side basically isn't making anything.

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