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Nope, Spring will never come Friday (over 40) (Read 21 times)


Run to live; live to run


    Hi Amy!!!




      Amy! Susan! Good to "see" both of you!


      Marjorie, yes they definitely should talk about these things. Who is marrying them? If it's a member of the clergy aren't they having some pre-marriage counseling? I would advise they have a few sessions with a neutral third party anyway. 72 is not that old. They should come to an agreement on some things beforehand, especially finances (does she have children?) and relatives. Which are the two biggest causes of marital breakdowns, BTW, and I'm sure you know that but your dad may not.


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        Hi again! I ran 8 miles this afternoon. I am not normally an afternoon runner, but it wasn't terrible.


        Congrats on the weight loss, annieS!! Strength training is definitely my weakness.


        Run to live; live to run

          Yes Tessa. I 100% agree. For them it is figuring your holidays etc. she has 4 kids. 3 boys 1 girl. I think 8 grands?  Not sure. They had a meeting at my dads church about his wedding Today.



            Hello Ladies,

            Is there room for another to join here?






              Hi ladies-


              No run for me; it was an SDO. I did go to Bodyflow class. I'll get up and run in the morning, but don't have to be up quite as early as I thought - DS1's soccer game was cancelled due to wet fields. Speaking of DS1, he had his big Egyptfest presentation today. I went up to the school to help him with his Osiris costume and watch all the kids. They did such a good job! I don't know that I could have done such a good presentation, with so many details, at that age.


              Marjorie - so sorry for the drama with your dad. I do hope he and his fiancee discuss some of these issues.


              AnnieSusan - yay on the weight loss! I'm going to have to change up something - probably give up the nightly ice cream.


              Amy - it rained pretty hard here this morning too. I was glad I didn't have a run scheduled.


              Ginny - bummer on the snow flurries. I don't know if you saw my reply to you the other day, but yes, I am running H-M. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


              Judy - have a great weekend.


              Camille - I was looking at the forecast for next weekend, and they're predicting 35 degrees at race time. Yikes!


              Lisa - hope the IT band and hamstring feel better. Rolling helped a lot when I tweaked my hamstring a few weeks ago.


              Carol - I hope the ice goes away quickly. Winter really seems to be holding on.


              Damaris - no internet would drive me nuts, especially since I work from home. Good luck with the 5K.


              Crazysue - I hope your back feels better.


              Linda - better to take the time off and let the legs recover. Shins are nothing to mess with.


              Tessa - you're so right about finances and relatives as sources of marital strife. I'm very lucky - I like my in-laws and they like me - but it's bee a real source of problems for DH's brother and his wife.


              Fran - please join us! We always have room for more.


              Off to bed - tomorrow is a whirlwind of sports activities and family visits.



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                Welcome Fran!  Just poking my head in quickly to say hi.  Will catch up with everyone over the weekend.  Nothing to report except that I'm eating chocolate. Big grin

                  Fran-welcome!  I'll slide over to make room for you. Smile


                  I Angry rollie.


                  I think I'll try running tomorrow.  Snow flurries expected early then turning to a rain/snow shower mix in time for DD's first softball game. Lovely. Softball in Michigan 39, feels like 30.  at noon. groan.




                    Thank you everyone for the kind welcome.


                    Today was my Long Run day.

                    35 minutes  ...yes, I'm a beginner...Big grin


                    I'll try to read up on some past notes and get to know ya'll a bit.

                    Thanks for making room for me!





                      Welcome! We love getting new runners!


                      We do change to a new thread everyday except on weekends when it's lumped together.


                        I ran (6) 800's, today.  They weren't terrible.  My legs felt OK at the time, but they hurt a bit now.


                        I have a goal 5K in about a month, but I am racing a "test" 5K next week..  I am trying out a new way to taper for next weeks' race.  In case it is a flop I won't do it next month.  I read about it in the racing forum.  Evidently I am suppose to cut my mileage drastically and run nothing but 400's.  (5) 400's on day 7, (4) on day 3, etc. until race day.


                        I'll be back later.

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