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Thunderstorming Tuesday - Preggos (Read 24 times)


    We actually had a real thunderstorm in January. You would've thought it was spring!



      Up early again because I didn't put my humidifier high enough and now I'm blowing my nose 48238 times. Today is a necessary nap day.


      ER - 2.4 mile walk yesterday. It is currently 59 degrees out, so at some point today if it is not thunder storming some more I want to run outside.


      PGR - 19w today. I hope I can make it through today without fainting in the shower like I did last pregnancy when I turned 19w. Too warm shower + waiting too long to eat breakfast that time. Luckily it only happened the one time and I (and DS) turned out fine, but funny how that now stays lodged in your brain.


      PGR 2 - I was reading up on the posts last night about diapers, and I do disposables when I need to (between cloth diaper washings, sending DS over to Grandma's, etc.) and honestly the generic brands are fine. I use Meijer and Target brands the most. I was worried too about fit and leaking, but I find those variables matter most if you're going the eco route and use something like 7th Gen or Earth's Best. I've heard good things about Nature's Babycare, though I only used those when DS was a newborn. Diapers.com allows you to get a sample of different diapers and they're pretty decent all around, 2 day shipping and usually decent prices on boxes of wipes (I use Earth's Best). Though for this baby I've been reading up more on doing cloth wipes and making my own wipe solution. If I'm already washing diapers, what's some wipes yknow?
      Also, the hospital is usually pretty generous in letting you take various things home, including diapers, so you may find you overbuy in the newborn size once you factor that in. DS was in newborn size diapers for about 3 weeks before moving up a size, and I ended up donating unused diapers to the church nursery. 

      NPGR - Visiting my BIL today to bring him lunch. He's recovering from hernia surgery and having some post-op complications, namely swelling in his legs. So hopefully bringing DS over will encourage him to get up and do the necessary walking around that should help the swelling go away.

      MA runner girl



        Schmetterling - Yikes, that's scary that you fainted in the shower! I have only done that once, and I had a very high fever and the flu... that was almost 10 years ago! Enjoy your walk outside, it's supposed to be in the 50s here tomorrow too... crazy!


        RR: Nothing yesterday. I didn't want to risk going to the gym in the snow, and I worked really late. Oh well. Planning on 3 miles after work tonight, outside! It's supposed to be in the 40s, sweet!


        PGR: 32w2d. Ha, I just wrote 31... and then really had to think about where I was. Was getting up off the couch last night and got calf cramps in BOTH legs at the same time! That has never happened before. I immediately stretched them and it went away... definitely a good trick! Wondering if I need some electrolites or something after my lr on Sunday. May go get a G2 at some point today.


        NPGR: Worked until almost 8pm last night. I honestly didn't really mind, it was nice to get work done without interuptions from all my coworkers. Obviously I would have rather been doing other things, but I was watching TV and relaxing on the couch so it wasn't terrible. DH made dinner too! Tonight I'm just planning on making chili and relaxing. Definitely not working! Smile

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          From yesterday:


          Trozy: I totally know what you mean about waiting as long as possible
          to switch. I went to a concert at somewhere around 19 weeks and was
          wearing a pair of my pre-preggo jeans. I switched to maternity pants
          shortly after and wondered why I had waited so long!

          Yogi: +1 on the yoga. I think I might start doing it every day from
          now til the end. I find that with the heavy physical labor I do at
          work I hurt so much that I sometimes can’t sleep at night. The yoga
          seems to help a ton! Not sure about nursing bras, but I think Target
          has good nursing camis that aren’t too expensive. If you want a
          different bra option, my sis says that racer back bras that just have
          the clip in the front are wonderful and a much more economical option.

          TN: Yeah, I think my water bottle is only about 24 oz too. I wanted a
          32 oz one, but neither camelback nor nalgene seem to carry one that
          has a small enough spout to run with. I hate it when you are running
          and try to drink and splash Gatorade all over your face. And thanks
          for the Amazon diaper tip. I’ll have to look into that.

          Mann: I don’t know exactly what I’m doing about diapers yet, although
          I am leaning heavily towards using cloth diapers at home and
          disposable when in town. I was planning on buying enough disposable
          that I don’t have to start cloth while I’m still recovering from
          labor. Sam’s Club or another discount type store is a good option. Oh,
          and Borders is totally my favorite for chain bookstores, but there
          isn’t one here. Thankfully, this B&N is in a strip mall, so it’s more
          like going to a stand-alone location.




          Schmett: Wow! A thunderstorm. That is crazy! It's supposed to be in the 60s today, so I may walk to work. Fainting in the shower sounds not good! Make sure you eat something. I would not want to repeat that scenario. What type of cloth diapers do you use? People in Charlottesville are so hip that there are tons of gently used cloth diapers available on Craigslist. I am thinking of going that route.


          MA: I'm definitely a G2 fan. I keep the mix-in packets and add about a third of a packet to my water bottle three times a day, so I get the electrolytes throughout the day without getting the calories all at once. I also use the G2 because I bought some organic electrolyte stuff that tastes like crap! So I mix them together and then it's fine. I'm impressed that you can work out that late at night and still sleep. I totally can't.


          ER: Yesterday I was hurting so much so I asked DH to do the Preggo yoga with me again last night. It was so nice. 40 minutes of relaxing breathing and stretching. I slept so much better because of it. DH did better this time too. Actually breathed through the stretches instead of whining the whole time about how much he hurt. Planning 40 minutes of cardio this morning. Probably the dreaded Denise Austin. Smile


          PGR:33w5d. I was in a rush yesterday so I didn't mention that I've been having a lot more discomfort while sleeping in the last week. I feel like i'm getting big enough that my belly makes my back hurt in bed. I actually hurt so much yesterday morning that it was hard for me to work up the motivation to go walking. The yoga seemed to help last night as I slept much better and this morning I am not in pain. I may have to make the yoga a daily thing. It is a good way to practice my hypnobirthing breathing as well. Actually, there is a ton of crossover between the yoga video I have and the hypnobirthing method.


          PGR2Blush was just wondering, re sleeping, does anyone notice significantly more discomfort in sleeping on one side than the other. My baby is ROA right now, and I've been trying to sleep on my left side to encourage it to center itself to help get it into a better position for birth. They say left positioning seems to be better than right. However, when I sleep on my right side I am SO much more comfortable. When I switch to left my RLP is much worse, as is the pressure on my bladder. I realized last night that the reason I often get up to pee so often is that when I sleep on the left I just have to pee way worse.


          NPGR: DH has a job interview with an infant to 2 year old education program today. Seems so weird. It would be a short term position if he takes it. Something to get us from now til he starts a PhD program. Right now he has 15 hours a week of tutoring for an 8 and an 11 year old set of brothers, which he loves. He just needs more hours essentially. We'll see what happens. He's signed up for substitute teaching as well, but the calls have been super inconsistent. When we lived near Boston he would get called probably 5 days a week. Not so much here.


            Good morning!


            ER: 45 minutes on the elliptical. Foam rolled my sore hip afterward... ouch! Can tell I haven't done that in awhile or maybe thats just how tight my hip is. Only did it for about three minutes, but I can tell it helped. I really need to get a foam roller to have at home.


            PGR: 35w4d. Feeling huge and hating my wardrobe, same old same old. Feeling cranky because I weighed myself this morning. I guess I just gain weight and get big when I have babies. I might not gain as much as I did the first time (65 pounds), but I may come close. Oh well. I will join weight watchers as soon as I can and make it go away. Been having a bit more heartburn/reflux the last few days, got really uncomfortable last night. I need to make sure I'm taking my meds for that! I had a meeting at work yesterday about maternity leave, how I should prioritize my time before and what will happen during and pretty much aside from the high priority items, my work will just sit here waiting for me to come back. I suppose I'm not too surprised by this but it is a little annoying! Still waiting to get the approval on my maternity leave paperwork, I was originally told it would take a week or two, and as of today its been three. I don't know how much I should keep bugging the FMLA person as she told me last week she had a backlog but she also made it sound like mine was next. My coworkers are throwing me a baby shower tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that.


            NER:  Tonight after work we're going to go buy a new TV for our bedroom. I wonder how easy it will be to hook up? lol, DH and I are not too handy with electronics. Not much else going on at the moment.


            schmett: We got the thunderstorm too! I was up for the bathroom at 1 and saw the flashes of lightning and didn't know what it was at first. The the thunder started. I was actually surprised I didn't stay up between the thunder and the fact that I was starving at the time.


            MA: I've been having a Gatorade after my workouts lately and I find that helps with the cramps and BHs and things like that. I also usually drink G2 after runs and find that especially in hot weather that prevents headaches. I like to buy the packets that you just mix into water. That stinks that you had to work so late but at least you could do it at home.


            sasha: I've been having discomfort sleeping too. My back doesn't hurt when I'm just laying there but it does when I turn over. I've also been having soreness in my hips, mostly on my right hip, and mostly it seems from sleeping on my right side. I usually gravitate toward my right side since I have a pillow there, but my left is actually more comfortable. I would like to do body flow (which has elements of yoga) more often because that does make me more comfortable (my hips have been tight throughout pregnancy, not they're just getting worse). I try to do some of the hip stretches on days that I don't do body flow. I don't really know what else to do other than grin and bear it... I only have about another month or so.


              Thunderstorm Tuesday was definitely an appropriate title for today's post. We had a thunderstorm this morning too. DS was excited to watch the lightning as he ate breakfast this morning. Crazy weather, we're supposed to have possibly record highs today, a snowstorm tomorrow and extremely low temps on Thursday and Friday. Gotta love winter in the MidwestSmile


              schmett - How scary to have passed out in the shower while pregnant. Thank goodness you and DS were okay! I bet that was scary. Definitely don't want that to happen again. Make sure you eat before your shower and the showers not too hot!


              MArunner - Sounds like you had a very productive work day yesterday! It is nice to sometimes work during "off" hours so that you can really crank out the work without interruption.


              sasha - Yoga sounds like it really is helpful for stretching and relieving some uncomfortable pain, especially as baby grows. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind. I have a few sessions left at a yoga studio close to home. I need to get back there and use those up, just need to find the time!


              monk - Foam rollers are great! If you have a TJ Maxx near you I'd check there first, they can be fairly cheap. Otherwise I got mine at Target. It is a life saver. Have fun picking out a TV tonight.


              ER: Wish I had something to report, but unfortunately I don't. I need to at least get up and get a good walk in during my lunch. I also really need to get a good workout routine (which I'm afraid is going to mean getting up early) going.


              PGR: 13w I made the "big" announcement today to my larger work group. I told a few people last week after my u/s. It's fun, but I'm still so nervous after what happened last time. I know I'm technically in the "safe" zone, but I still worry every day and I don't know if I could emotionally handle it if something happened again this time. I guess I just need to have faith that everything will be okay.


              NPGR: The interview went well yesterday. I should know by the end of the week or early next week if they're interested in having me move on to the next round of interviewing. I have a knitting group/class tonight which I always look forward to.

              Laura G in Idaho

                schmett:  That's insane to be having a thunderstorm in January.  I'm jealous.  We got more snow!  I fainted right after getting out of the shower when I was 10 yrs old.  I was sick, taking cold medicines, didn't have enough food in my belly, and wham!


                MA:  Hope you get to run today!  Bummer that you had to work late.


                sasha:  And anyone else having trouble finding a good sleeping position, have you tried the "runner" sleep position?  It is described with pictures in the book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon.  I'll try to describe it.  Basically, you lay on your tummy, but use pillows to get your knees and chest high enough that you aren't squishing the baby.  So, lay on your side like normal, but bend your upper knee and put two fluffy pillows under your upper knee.  Don't rest the top leg on the bottom leg.  I like my bottom leg straight, but you can bend it.  The pillows don't go between your legs.  The pillows are on the bed.  Roll onto your chest, but put a skinny pillow or two under your chest and head.  The arm underneath goes behind you, so you aren't laying on it, or putting any pressure on it.  In fact, no part of your body is laying on any other part.  You sorta look like you are running in bed if you have the position correct.


                As for getting up to potty in the night... You might get another hour of uninterrupted sleep if you do some pelvic rocking (Cat and Cow) before bed.  Do 20 repetitions, then go to the bathroom, then do 20 more repetitions and try to empty your bladder again.  Doing the pelvic rocking can help get the baby off the bladder so that it can empty all the way.


                Hope that helps.  I sleep like a rock most of the time.


                Monk:  I hear you on the clothing.  Are any of your friends recent moms who may let you borrow from their closets?  Sometimes just one or two different things at the end help make you feel so much better about yourself.  If it's in the budget, hit a thrift store or a new store, and get one or two things that are new to you.  Enjoy your baby shower!


                  Did 1.75 of intervals with DH and DS in the jogging stroller. I made DH push the stroller during the running parts. I have no idea how long I actually ran all together but I'm glad I just got a workout in. Kind of wish we lasted longer, with the wind it got a little chilly.


                  MA - Enjoy getting outside, I'm trying to get in as much time before it dips back to below freezing in 2 days. Blah! So looking forward to spring. Boo on the cramps but I'm glad they went away quickly. I usually make sure my cal-mag intake is good and that usually keeps them away. Does the G2 have all the ingredients in it everyone's freaking about like the bromenated vegetable oil? One of those times ignorance is bliss!


                  Sasha - I use the bumgenius 4.0 snaps. I really like them. Easy to use, easy to clean, especially if you have a diaper sprayer, and once we got started (after 2-3 months old) they've usually worked without fail. Sometimes they leak if I don't change DS just before bed and he goes to sleep in them, but I really can't complain. I know other people use prefolds with wool covers and all that, but I have zero clue about that world of cloth diapering. Wink Good luck to your DH on his interview!


                  Monk - Oh I remember being so sick of maternity clothes around that time last time. I know there's women who are reluctant to give up wearing mat pants during the postpartum period, but I didn't care what size jeans I had, I just wanted structure and shape again asap. Good luck setting up the TV, hopefully it is easy peasy.


                  Trozy - I definitely use the excuse to eat chocolate in the morning so I don't repeat my performance. My MIL said she was faint-y pregnant with my DH and was totally fine with my SIL, so maybe it's a hormonal thing too? No idea. Congrats on making your announcement. Hope all continues smoothly for you, and enjoy your knitting class tonight. Jealous! I'm so remedial with knitting.

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    Cross posted with Trozy:  Glad you made the announcement.  Even if this baby isn't here to stay, s/he is no less real, and no less loved!


                    I realized I didn't write my own update, ha!


                    PGR:  27w4d.  After my run yesterday I had a lot of contractions/pressure/back ache.  I believe I was dehydrated.  I had these contractions for 4 hours before they began to slow down.  After 5 hours, they were mostly gone, but I was exhausted!  I wasn't thinking pre-term labor, because it wasn't intensifying, but I was sure uncomfortable.


                    NPGR:  Someone from church stopped by yesterday and asked me how the baby funeral was for me.  I wish she hadn't asked.  I know she was trying to be compassionate, but it made me lose my composure, and I really hate crying in front of people.  I always feel like such a dork!


                    ER:  Perfect Pregnancy Workout sculpting DVD yesterday.  The chair dips were HARD for me.  In fact, the entire video was harder this time than it was the first time I did it (Friday).  I was schedule to bike and swim today, but I slept in late.  I have a repairman coming this afternoon for my 2nd washer, and so I will probably not make it to the gym.


                    RR:  4 miles yesterday.  About 2.3 miles into my run, I stopped and walked 0.2 miles of it.  I was feeling really crampy/contraction-y.  I walked until the feeling went away, and then ran the rest of the way.  My running time has slowed significantly.  It was 58:19 for me to go 4 miles!  I used to walk that fast, or faster, un-pregnant.  However, part of my slowness might be blamed on the snow and ice.  I felt I had to pick up my feet a lot higher so that I wasn't shuffling in the snow.


                      Hi guys-


                      Only have a minute...

                      From yesterday: Trozy, yes feel free to contact me. Glad your interview went well!

                      MA- hope you have a more relaxing night.

                      Schmett - Happy 19w! Good job on the running today.

                      Sasha - Hope DH gets the job! Some good experience, perhaps? Hopefully Laura's suggestions help w/ the sleep. I've been lucky so far on that front (aside from waking up every couple hours to pee...)

                      Monk - I'm with you on hating my wardrobe! Just got another unsuccesful online purchase int he mail yesterday that I'll have to send back. boo.

                      Laura- nice work on the running and video. Will have to try to get a copy of that one!

                      ER - 45 min/4.5 miles on the elliptical this AM.

                      PGR - 31wks3days. Went to chiro today and saw another chiropractor who i did not feel super comfortable with. Guess I'm not that used to all the "snap crackle pop" yet. Saw lots of videos of women in labor yesterday. Was generally good, but wow...i would so not want to be filmed while in labor!  So hungry these days...feel like a bottomless pit...

                      NPGR - not much.


                        schmett - scary about the fainting - hopefully it was a one-time thing.


                        MA - Enjoy the outside run! We're in the 30s today too, but the ice was pretty thick after our weekend storm, so now it's slush on top of ice...yikes.


                        sasha - I found I had my two best nights of sleep after I did yoga last week - and I can tell it has been gradually deteriorating since then, so I'm looking forward to yoga  tomorrow! I've been trying to really focus on the breathing too, as I think that may be helpful for labor. No help on the other sleep issue (what is ROA? sorry!) but I hope you find some answers.


                        monk - Sorry your weight gain isn't cooperating, but you've been working out and staying fit, and that definitely counts for something!


                        t-rozy - glad the interview went well - keep us posted on the follow up!


                        Laura - Glad the contractions/pressure went away - great job on the run!


                        PGR: 24 weeks! I have been sitting here at work watching my belly move - it never gets old.  I think both babes have their feet in the same place right now as the past two days most of the kicks have been concentrated in one area and it has been moving and shaking constantly.


                        ER: Not sure yet - bball practice tonight, maybe a walk with the dog if I have time.


                        NPGR: DH is going to be out of town Thursday-Sunday, and I think my mom is going to come help finish the 2nd coat of paint for babies' room, then she'll probably stay overnight one of the nights.  Generally, I like to have the place to myself when DH is gone (I'm a major introvert that way) but it's a good time to spend time with my mom and that will break up the nights alone somewhat.


                          I'm in a training class for the next three days. So far it's interesting but three days is a long time. I hate posting from my phone so today will be a quick one.


                          PG: thanks for all input on diapers. I put some on my registry pampers/huggies in different sizes. I wont stock up on NB but I'll keep an eye open for sales and coupons. I guess the diaper industry doesn't like giving coupons since they know we'll buy anyways. I mentioned cloth to DH and he was open to it as long as we get a diaper service. I don't like the thought of poop in my washer but I havent done any research on the the topic.


                          ER: skipped the gun and visited my mom instead. Spin class tonight.


                          Schm: fainting in the shower sounds so scary!


                          MA: someone to me a banana a day helps prevent leg cramps. I haven't had one yet and I've beening eating a banana almost every day for years.


                          Sash: I sleep better on my left side but usually wake up to switch a couple times in the night. I generally have to pee 1-2x a night.


                          Ok sorry typing on my phone sucks. Auto correct is really annoying me right now.bye for now


                            Just to be clear, I didn't actually faint today. I'm good! DS won't nap, so it's been trying that way, but I'm hoping this next jaunt in the car will finally get him to sleep. Or he'll spend this afternoon with Grandma asleep on her.


                            Laura - Even though the exercise has been difficult, good for you for getting out there and doing it. Esp. the 4 mile run. A mile is still a mile, no matter what pace. And that's further than I've been able to run since I took up running. The longest I've gone is 3.5 miles. 
                            And thanks for the cat/cow tip. Good to know.


                            Liz - Hope the chiro is helping even though it's still a new experience.


                            TN - Every time you post how far you are I think wow she's so far! And then I realize I'm not that far behind you. Where is this time going? It's flying I tell you. Enjoy your mom's visit. What color did you paint the room?

                            Mann - How do you get to put spaces in your post on the phone? When I post from my phone even though I press enter between people it still posts in this big block paragraph. Ah well.


                              Sounds like the weather getting ready to roll through the midwest is going to make things interesting.  I am down here in FL where the temps are actually reaching record highs.  Kind of strange but trust me June to August are not a whole lot of fun.


                              Sasha - I definitely notice that I sleep so much better after yoga.  I could probably spend a good deal of time in extended warrior pose as it really stretches my hips!  Had to laugh about Denise Austin.  Did a video of her once and her smile/energy got to me.  Eventually turned it off and have yet to ever use it again.


                              Laura - I enjoyed the information on the cat/cow poses to help shift the baby for sleeping.  I basically sleep at an incline and sort of on my left but still find I get up about three or four times throughout the night to use the restroom.


                              Mann - I agree on the banana suggestion.  I read an article just the other day in a trail runner magazine that a banana provides better post-run muscle recovery then gatorade and other sports drinks.


                              Monk - I am actually hoping to carry LO a bit past my due date, which seems practical considering this is our first.  I know that sounds crazy but I think she is running a little small right now and a few extra days might help her put on some extra weight.  Of course I have a feeling this thought might change as these last few weeks pass.


                              ER: 5 mile walk with dog, my new cardio buddy, this morning.  Will definitely have to take her out again this evening but not sure how long we will go.


                              PGR: 36w,1d.  LO continues to do her thing throughout the day.  I am always curious as to what little body part I am watching or feeling.  So fascinating though.  Feel a little bad that DH misses out on the experience at times.


                              NPGR:  Hoping to work some more on nursery and eventually clean out that kitchen!  Time to donate the martini and margarita glasses we have never used to make room for the baby bottles.  I am hoping to BF so hopefully we will have a few weeks before actually needing the bottles.  Labor bag is packed so at least I have accomplished something.


                                Mann - I had interest in cloth diapering, but DH flatly refuses to have poopy diapers, water soluble or not, in our washer.  There is a diaper service in a town about 20 minutes away, but we haven't priced them out, you have to buy the diapers, they just wash them, and they will only do pickup twice a week - I think with twins the cost to have enough diapers on hand to make it through three plus days plus have extra for them to switch out will not save us much money - I think I figured we'd have to have like 60 diapers, plus pay for the service. We talked about getting a second washing machine just for dipes, but I don't know where we would put it.


                                schmett - I was thinking the same thing about time flying when I saw how far along you were - you're almost halfway already! We are painting babies' room orange, possibly with a blue stripe - we can't find a blue we like.  I love orange, and I didn't want to go with yellow, green, pink, gray, or a brown(most of our house is painted brown or green - still the builder neutral colors). Our wedding colors were orange, sage green, and brown.  I'll post a pic on fb of the work in progress.


                                Great job on the 5 miles! 4 miles walking at a time is usually my boredom limit, unless I can let the dog off-leash and watch him tear around.  He is so entertaining.