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      sorry! still basking in the warm weather we've had here the last few days....


      NRR: work. M is moving in this weekend, so we've been going nuts with just arranging and rearranging stuff around the house to prep for his stuff. We've lined up his brother on the worthington end to help, and his friend Eric to help on the Sioux Falls end. Otherwise, normal work day I hope. Productive, I hope.


      RR: did 4.67 last night with M. it was 3 of running and then 1.67 of mostly walking with some running. It was beautiful out. so we ran down to our falls park and ran along the river for part of it. this morning, did 3 miles of a warm up, then speed intervals then recovery. felt pretty good. My legs are trying to get used to the nike flex shoes I got. Meh so far. I like my former nike frees so much more. so I might revert to the old shoes. I just don't want to go off and buy another pair since I just got the flex. grrrrr.


      back later!


        Happy Tuesday!!!


        RR: Next week... It's going to be slow getting going again after pretty much no running or really doing any type of exercise for the past 4 months, but it will be glorious.


        NRR: I had the full body cancer scan yesterday. It looks like the cancer didn't spread beyond maybe some in my salivary glands on my left side. The radiation treatment I went through last week should take care of all thyroid cancer, even the cancer that spread there, so I should be done with cancer treatments!!!! Now I just have to work on getting my thyroid levels up in my body, which I'm taking pills for now, and my life can start being more "normal" again!!!! Thank God!!!!


        Lizo: Good luck with the moving! It takes some time to get organized and join homes together, but it will be fun. Good job on the running.


        Have a great day ladies.


          po: great news Po! Praying that you keep recovering and that the cancer stays away from other locations! hugs!!


            Morning ladies


            RR: a crappy tempo run. 4 miles. Could only manage 8 min/mile a lot slower than normal. but I have attributed that to lack of glycogen since i run right away in the morning. I need to remember to eat a piece of fruit or something before I run


            NRR: final presentation today in one of my classes. Other than that, just working in my lab and hopefully getting some packing and cleaning done. Hope to officially move into DBF's place on Friday


            lizo-so exciting that M is moving in this weekend!


            PO-that's great news that the cancer didn't spread too much! Hope you keep getting more energy back




              RR: Nothing today. In addition to my run yesterday, we went on a little walk around the neighborhood after work. I wore P, so it was quite exhausting and a leg workout in just the short distance we walked.


              NRR: Ugggh, going into summer with people sick and/or on vacation, we're losing time that we are allowed to be off the phones, which is super annoying! I hate the phones! I can't get anything done or at least not enough when I can't be off the phones. Well at least I only have to work three more days this week. I got a little more sleep last night but of course I'm still tired. DH is going out with a friend this evening so I have to navigate daycare pick up, dinner and bedtime on my own. That will be the first time I've had to do that with two kids. It was hard enough doing bedtime by myself with just A. I've already told DH he'll need to bring home some ice cream to make up for it.


              lizo: I know the frustration of buying a new pair of shoes too soon after the last one! Hope the new ones end up working. Good luck preparing for M's move in.


              PO: I'm so glad the cancer hasn't spread much and treatment should take care of it. I'm in the same boat of slow going to get back into running. Its nice to get back to it though, even if its still a struggle for me to run 2 miles.

              MA runner girl



                RR: Rest day yesterday after 5 days or walking or running in a row! Today I will hopefully get in a run this afternoon.


                NRR: C finally took a pacifier!! He's been super fussy lately and then spending a ton of time on my boob, but every time I tried giving it to him he spit it out. Finally DH got him to take it and now life is sooo much calmer. I almost had a complete breakdown at my parents house on Sunday out of frustration. Now we can actually put several hours between feedings and start some kind of schedule at least. We have been pretty busy. Sunday we had dinner with my family at my parents house. Yesterday my mom and I went out with C and got pedis (he ate the whole time and was content!) and then ice cream and back to hang out with my dad. They are leaving for Mexico tomorrow, I'm going to miss them! Today C and I are going to my office to have lunch with coworkers.


                PO - Soo glad the cancer wasn't widespread. Good luck getting back your strength. Hugs!


                Gotta feed C so we are ready to go! Have a great day girls!

                PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                  Good Morning Girls! I've been MIA for the last nine days due to yucky work travel. I'm back finally. More anxious, stressed, and realized that our wedding is in less than a month! So many things to do and so little time..... Too many things going on but I'll post a brief update:


                  TriR: spinning last night plus ST with trainer. Tonight running 4 if the weather cooperates if not I'll spin again.


                  NTriR: Well I went to NC for work for 8 days, I will write more about work in FB in case there are any creeps reading.


                  Wedding Related: Almost here!! I need to make sure my mom comes this week. She needs her dress, we need to get my last dress fitting and make sure the veil matches, and buy a few extra items. I need a dress for Rehearsal Dinner, Post Wedding Brunch, and honeymoon. I have a shower this weekend, then an off weekend, then another shower, then wedding, then honeymoon, etc.  We finally bought the tix for honeymoon. We are flying into Munich, Germany, spending 5 days there doing Salzburg in Austria, Innsbruck in Austria, Newshanstein Castle, and touring Munich. Then we take train to Zurich and spend 5 days in Zurich including one night in the mountains. We spend one afternoon plus night in Madrid and we fly home. We need to figure out what we want to do in Zurich and finish all the bookings.


                  I felt so behind with wedding planning b/c I was totally gone for 8 days. So I'm back. Please update me on what's been going on in the running Diva world.


                  Back in a sec for personals.


                    PO, That's fantastic news!!!!!!!!!! We will celebrate with a few cocktails next month!!!!!


                    Ma, Was this the trip you were supposed to have gone with C and DH? Glad he took the pacifier! Is this the first time work will meet C? He's adorable!!!


                    Lizo, Yooo hoo to M finally moving in and no longer commuting and doing all the driving back and forth! Are you stressed out with wedding planning?


                    Lucy, So sorry about your car. I read the forum from last week and that really stinks. Was this in your apartment complex?


                    Monk, Good luck tonight with both children and no DH around to help.


                    Jewel, How are you feeling?


                    NC, I can't wait to read your RR!!! Did you PR?


                    Taylor, I dreamt that you and DBF were engaged!!!


                    Sassy, Hope you're having a better day!


                      Morning ladies!


                      RR. Nothing today! But my legs feel pretty good considering I ran a marathon 2 days ago. Walking seems to really help, so I've been doing that every day.


                      Race Report:

                      Everyone said how hard and hilly Big Sur was, but honestly, I thought it wouldn’t be as bad as they said. I train on hills, a LOT, so I felt that I would be prepared. But I’m not sure HOW anyone could be prepared for this! It wasn’t that the hills were long, steep or all that hard, but they were CONSTANT, especially in the second half. The never ending change in grade, plus the very steeply slanted road made for a tough time.

                      We ended up starting in the slowest wave, by accident, so that was a little funky because we spent a lot of time weaving around slower runners. The first several miles were easy, not too many hills and fresh legs. After waking up at 3am, taking an hour bus ride and standing around in the cold for another hour and a half, we were super happy to finally be RUNNING!

                      Big, big climb from miles 10-12, with a fierce headwind, but then after mile 13, it was constant rolling hills the rest of the way. Legs were very tired and sore the last 10 miles. I kept thinking it was too early in the race to be that sore and tired! But we took walk breaks as needed and it was fine. It didn’t take long to realize that any time goals I had set for myself weren’t going to happen, so I stopped worrying about pace completely. It was my friend’s first full and she did well, considering how hard it was! Chip time was 4:34, and I thought we’d be well under 4:30, so I was way off! But we did stop a lot for pictures, bathroom breaks and several walking breaks. We were super happy to be finished and totally spent the rest of the day eating and relaxing.

                      But the race was super awesome! So well organized, lots of entertainment along the course, which was great because there’s basically no crowd support since you’re out on a rural highway. But the live music and volunteers were awesome. They really put together an amazing event and I’d totally recommend it to anyone, as long as you’re running for the experience, not for a certain finishing time.

                      This is the only race I’ve ever stopped on the course to take pictures and enjoy the view. But it was worth it, because it’s so beautiful!



                      NRR. Back at it! We had such a great trip and weekend, it's hard to be back to working etc, but was so happy to be home with L and DH. I slept like a baby last night! Working on business stuff at home this morning, then working tonight. First Tuesday in AGES that I haven't ran with friends after work!

                      I got good news yesterday.... I GOT A NEW JOB! It's the one I interviewed for last week! I'll be working part time as an office manager for an acupuncturist! Super excited as it's a great position, good pay and good schedule. I go in Thursday for orientation and then start next week. My chiro office asked me if I could work an extra week, and I was so happy to say NO!

                      Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                      Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                      Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                      Half: 1:48

                      Full: 4:34



                        Morning Ladies!


                        RR: Nothing yesterday. most likely nothing today.


                        NRR: Ugh. I can't wait for allergy season to be over. I also have a bad cold. and with my head stuff, it makes everything so much worse. Sneezing hurts so much. My head pounds from the sinus pressure and I feel yucky. Sad


                        Lizo: Good luck with the move! Moving is so exciting!


                        PO: I'm thinking about you!


                        Taylor: Sorry your run was crappy! We all have those days once in a while!


                        Monk: wearing P and walking is certainly a full body workout!


                        MA: Glad C likes the pacifier. K loves hers and cries when you take it away from her!


                        Meli: Can't believe your wedding is so soon! Smile


                        NC: Congrats on your marathon, girl! You rocked it!


                          I just saw that the weather forecast for my marathon on Sunday is sunny with a high of 82...  AHHH.  I have only run in more than 60s like twice this year!


                            Good morning!


                            Lizo: Sooooo when will you post a picture of the finished shower!?!? I want to see! We're supposed to have warm weather here the rest of the week...and hopefully for the rest of spring, now!


                            POrun: Happy to hear the cancer didn't really spread. Hopefully you will start feeling much better now!! It must be a relief!


                            Taylor: Sorry you were feeling so tired on your run. Sometimes I'll make a very small, but strong cup of coffee and eat half a banana with a bit of peanut butter before I run in the morning. I think it give me just enough fuel.


                            Monk: Good luck with bed time tonight! Hope DH comes through with the ice cream!


                            MArunner: Ooooh a pedicure, was it better than the one I did? LOL. I think I have a weekend in mind when I could make it to Mass. I will text you!


                            Meli: Welcome back! I can't believe you are sooooooooooo close to your wedding. Your honeymoon sounds fabulous!!!!


                            NC: I think 4:34 for a hilly marathon where you took walk and bathroom breaks is AMAZING!!!! You should be really proud! And congrats on the new job!!!


                            RLTW: Aw man I'm sorry you're sick, that sucks!!!!!!


                            As for me...


                            RR: Definitely running tonight after work. Distance to be determined.


                            NRR: Not much to report. Still super pumped about the new apartment. The landlord even said we could paint if we want to, so I'm looking forward to decorating! Today is just work, blah. I'm applying to any other jobs I'm qualified for now that I know we're staying in the area. Weather is nice today, so I am going to force myself out for a run later. My sister might be coming over this evening. That was a random amalgamation of thoughts.


                              MA and Lucy: We need a meet baby C weekend!!!!! Smile


                                Hey ladies! Super late checkin but I wanted to say HI!

                                RR: I did 4 miles easy this morning. I also registered for a 10k on June 1. It looks like a hilly course but we will see what I can pull off.


                                NRR: Busy busy busy!




                                Lizo - how many days a week are you running lately? your mileage seems high, do you have a race on the calendar? Wahoo for M moving in!


                                PO - So happy for you, hope that you are cancer free from now on!


                                Taylor - I started eating breakfast before my runs and it is seriously helping. A piece of toast, half a banana, or even some raisins help quite a bit. Monk - good luck taking care of everything tonight - it's hard work with just one!


                                MA - yay for a pacifier! G never really took to one. I highly recommend a regular routine - I liked The Baby Whisperer (Eat Activity Sleep). We started G on this around 3-4 weeks. It was so good for all of us!


                                Meli - feeling better about life, thanks for asking! I can't believe this wedding is so close! Your honeymoon sounds amazing


                                NC - your pictures had me drooling yesterday - so beautiful! I was tlaking to Big D about Big Sur - we were joking about making it a destination race but honestly I'm kind of serious.


                                Seattle - yipes that's warm! Good luck and hydrate a ton the days leading up to it!


                                RLTW - we've been having allergy issues in our house as well Sad it stinks!


                                Lucy - congrats on the new apartment! Wait I totally missed the school/stay in the area decision ... what school did CRF decide to go to?


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!