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Honorary Old

    RR: DIdn't got last night, see TR.


    TR: Was being the DEVIL last night. Meltdowns, screaming, hitting, throwing food, tantrums. Bedtime couldn't come soon enough. Being a sweetheart this morning though, so not sure what his prob was.


    FR: teriyaki chicken, stirfried veg, and brown rice last night. Probably chicken sausage or eggs and toast tonight.


    NRR: Working a couple hours then taking off most of the day to clean. Signing closing papers at 1, dog to the vet at 4:45 for her checkup and to have some weird cysts/tumors checked out.

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    Bad Ass Mother Runner

      zorbs - ugh! I hope you feel better! You are a super woman for dragging yourself out to run after that.

      reh - Let us know how you like the book - I need to order some marathon books!

      ernie - UGH on the complaining moms at boot camp, I would only complain if it was too easy, why would you pay money to not get a workout?! UGH on the teething! I hope they come through soon, and she gets happy again!

      RG - ouch on the early wake-up! My RP is going to a PT/bootcamp lady, that I always think of you / zorbs and think you should start this business where you live. The lady specializes in mommy workouts, and her DH/MIL provide childcare during the workout/boot camp, and she has moms come over and does classes. She's super busy!

      Jen - Mani and pedi sounds better than a run to me! besides you need to have your feet look good on vacation! UGH on the biting, don't feel too bad though, with all that he's been bitten, how could he not pick up on it, plus it's just a phase that lots of kids go through. Careful on the LR tomorrow w/ fasting beforehand, I don't want you passing out!

      cx2 - hope the sale goes through today!! M would always go back and forth between who she liked more, and often it was whoever she was with at the time. She'll come back to you!

      mer - LOL on dh not keeping up to his pgr wife running up a hill on his bike! That's awesome. Enjoy the jeans day!!

      shel - ugh on the zits! My skin is finally mostly clear, but it took to my later 30's to get there! I always used neutrogena products before it cleared up.

      mzm - are you worried that rp is not a good pace/compatible runner for you? Have fun celebrating easter with the family!

      bermy - BOOOO to baby cold, I hope you and he get some good naps today.

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        mrszm - I bet DD2 is excited for grandparents day...how fun.  I am glad you got out with RP last night...sorry she was slow though.  I am sure she will get back up to speed quickly.  I hope you have a fun day tomorrow.  Mmmmmm...I love mini eggs.  I have dark chocolate ones but ate too many one night that I was sick.  At least that is what I think hurt the gallbladder/stomach/whatever the issue is.


        Bermy - Oh no to no sleep...that seems to happen quite a bit at your house.  I am sure DS is uncomfortable with the cold.  Do you use a humidifier or vicks or anything?  We use both and J will at least sleep for a few hour stretches with those.  Good luck surviving the day.  Hopefully you can both get a nap in.


        CA - Sounds like O is on the mend and has her little appetite back.  Hope M has fun at music class.  I am sure she will since she hasn't been there in awhile.  I hope you get outside for a run today in the nice weather.  I forgot about the fasting part...good thing you said that.  I better bring something to eat with me since i am planning to run right after my appt.


        Spike - Sorry about R being horrible last night.  Glad he seems to be in a better mood today.  Your FR sounds awesome.  I am on a huge stirfry/chinese food kick.  Good luck with the closing today!!


          Really missing DH today.  I love that man.  Sorry to be mushy.

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          Honorary Old

            TR2- Spoke too soon. Devil child reappeared.


            zorbs- hope you feel better! That sounds awful. Sorry B is so difficult, its a sorry lot in life to deal with for 18+ years.


            eh- Do you like working 12's? DH loves 12 hr shifts because it means he works less days per month. He has an hour commute each day so his day is effed no matter how long he works so he may as well do more hours at once and save gas.


            ernie- whoever thought up teething made a mistake.


            runnergirl- that is so cute about the toddler racing + high fives.


            Jen- R is a biter too. And a pusher, and a slapper. He is so strong willed sometimes I just don't know what to do.


            cx2- So are the buyers buying the property as an investment and the renter stays, or are they moving in?  I'm signing closing papers today too.


            mer- Rock your jeans!  I tried buying R sunglasses. His head is really big and his nose is really small so they won't stay on. I tried those $20 Babybanz and they don't work either because of R's giant head. Soo he just screams "Eyes! Eyes!" and cries when the sun hits his face.


            shelbyjo- Sorry about the bad skin. Taking evening primrose oil caps the last two weeks of my cycle makes my PMS less severe.


            mzm- yowch on C's pierced gum! Have a good visit with your family. MIL sent us a shitload of Easter candy and I think its time for me to throw it away.


            ca- I haven't eaten much goat cheese so I don't know what my opinion is on it..


            bermy- feel better!

            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




              Rg - R running and high fiving you sounds so adorable! I can't wait until S is able to run. Have fun meeting up with your friend - sounds like getting forced out of her job turned out for the best. Yeah, I have been giving S oragel and tylenol. Sometimes it seems to work well, sometimes it seems to do nothing. Maybe I should try baby advil.


              Jen - Oh no on J biting! But, I guess he was bound to start doing it given all the times he has been bitten at daycare. Boo to DH not being around to help out tomorrow...it sounds like you have a seriously busy day planned. But - you just have to get through all that stuff and then you'll be in Florida!! enjoy your run outside today!


              Cx2 - I think C is probably rejecting you as "punishment" for leaving her all day. So, it really means she misses you. My niece was like that with my sister when my sister went back to work. Once she's adjusted to her new routine she will be more affectionate with you again. Yeah, boot camp is so different from running. If I hadn't been consistent with my strength training, that class would have kicked my ass!


              Mer - Way to go on beating DH up the hill! Too funny. Your healthy dinner followed by junk food sounds divine.


              Shelby - Glad H's diaper rash is clearing up. I love when they wake up with wild hair! I ALWAYS break out the week before AF arrives. Even when I was on the pill, I broke out, which is ridiculous and not supposed to happen. I don't do anything about it though, so I'm no help. My family doctor gave me a referral to a dermatologist once but I couldn't be bothered to go.


              Mrszm - Well, you'll get quite a workout chasing C around the pool deck anyway. I can't believe your stomach is still bugging you! That is the rudest virus ever. I still haven't been to our new Target here....I will have to go and check out their selection of M&Ms


              CA - Hope you can get a run outside and enjoy the weather! Awesome that O went to bed without you...that gives you so much more freedom.


              Spike - Your dinner from last night sounds yummy. Hope everything is okay with your dog. Boo to the devil child. Mine is also in devil mode, so I feel your pain.

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                zorbs - Crazy night.  I would have skipped my run had I felt like that!


                eh! - J can be a brat too.  He has a quick switch mastered depending on what you tell him.  I hope work is slow so you can get some reading done!  I teach middle school, grades 6-8.  I get the beginning of the attitudes!  I just give it right back! Smile


                ernie - Those people at boot camp sound like my students.  They want it all without having to to do the work for it.  I hope your run went well this am.


                rg - I am amazed at your splits from yesterdays run.  Great job.  Too cute about R and the high 5's.


                jen - I think its great that you skipped your run to pamper yourself!  Enjoy your run outside.


                cx2 - I think we will add crossing our toes to the list of things to cross so this home sale goes through.  I felt really rejected when I went back to work as well.  While I love my MIIL I feel like crap when J wants her over me.


                shelby - No zits with AF, but now that I am in the 2nd tri, they are starting.  I changed my washing regimen, and think I was wrong with the change  J's favorite song is Itsy.  He always asks for it!  I think it is good that you miss your DH so much!  Shows how much you love him.


                mrszm - I was just thinking the other day about whether or not you had bought shoes!  Did you sign up for that trail race?  Enjoy the day tomorrow and the fun weekend.


                bermy - I hope you are surviving and finding some time to nap!


                CAR - That is nice that you have a little more freedom.  I hope you can get out and enjoy the temps today!


                spike - Sorry about the devil showing up.  That sucks.  I hope your day goes well and everything is effortless with closing.  Bummer about the dog. Sad  J, too, gets really fussy about the sun.  I think it clicked yesterday that it is better with the glasses on.  They usually turn in to a toy!

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                  Just popping in real quick - we are no longer the owners of that dreaded rental, the deal just closed... Yaaaaaay!


                  spike - congrats on the house!!


                  beskirted & manicured

                    ernie - at the prenatal yoga class that I loathed, every other woman was whining, "she should take it easy on us, WE'RE PREGNANT!"  I thought Target was disappointing.


                    jen - I normally am tolerant of how much my life sucks, but occasionally I reach my limits.


                    mrszm - I have always hated kids, people told me it would be different with my own...they were WRONG.


                    cx2 - B never snuggles me and I am glad for it.


                    CA - really? I don't think it is that miraculous..the run needed to be done, I don't miss workouts for any reason.


                    spike - when I think of being stuck with B for the rest of my life, I just want to cry.

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                      zorbs - You sound really unhappy today.  I hope that you can find a healthy way to deal with it/figured it out.

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                        Coffee w/ my friend was great. She told me she's 11 weeks preggo (which I was kind of expecting) and wants me to take over her training clients/classes later on this summer and while she goes on maternity leave! I'm sooo excited for her. She had an early m/c and D&C on xmas eve, so I'm really happy that this one is sticking.



                        Jen- ugh, sorry about the biter!!! it was definitely provoked though, not like he went out of his way to chomp on that kid. Enjoy your last day before break- I always have "senioritis" on those days, where i can't focus on anything, nor do i give a crap about it.


                        Cx2- so glad that C is walking so well! aww, i'm sure you'll be back to being her favorite soon! R mostly wants me, but every once in a while he just wants DH all day. YAY for the sale going thru!!!!!!


                        Mer- have a great RD, hope the 12 goes well tomorrow for you! I can't wait for R to start saying more words, he doesn't say many now and I get frustrated sometimes b/c i can't always understand what he wants. Seriously kid, just say a word! Sorry about the rough day at work, and yes- wear the jeans/comfy clothes!! I'd be cranky if i was uncomfortable in my clothes, for sure!


                        r-eh- i'll have to type the recipe and post it on the recipe doc on the FB group. it's really simple and only takes 20 min to bake. it's great cold too, so good for mornings on the go! My friend does enjoy working from home, more flexibility in her schedule.


                        shelbjo- hope you have a great day, resting or running! aw, i bet you miss DH a ton. Hugs mama!!! Sorry about the breakouts- I had a few pimples earlier this month before i got my period too, and was wondering what it was all about...couple days later AF showed up, doh! Glad that H was in a better mood this morning. Marathon is May 19.


                        mrszm- have a great LR tomorrow!!! aw how cute about grandparents day at school! sounds like fun. ouch on the mouth injury, C! hope swim lessons are calm for all of you. oooh, enjoy your pedicure, I need one badly!


                        Bermy- aw, hope that D is feeling better soon, and you stay healthy!


                        CA- nice job on the run last night, hope you can get outside today. Music class sounds like fun. I looked into one here for R, but it was stupid expensive, like $250 for 8 sessions. Um, nope. That's awesome that O went to bed w/o you last night! R went to bed a handful of times w/o me when he was still nursing, and always went down well. The freedom is nice. I have my cert in pre+post natal fitness and have been in contact w/ a lady who owns a small spa to maybe start offering small group training sessions at her facility.


                        Spike- ugh, sorry about the crazy R last night. I hope that DH has picked up the slack and is helping you with all the stuff you have to get done today. Men, seriously don't have a clue most of hte time.

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                          zorbs - I really hope you can make some changes in your life to make yourself happy.  I hate to hear that you are so unhappy.  You have a lot of great things in your life...including B...and he loves you unconditionally.


                          rg - Glad coffee was great.  Are you up to picking up your friends clients?  Would that be on top of your other training/teaching load?  Sounds like a big job but if you can swing it that would be awesome.  Congrats to your friend too...how exciting for her after a terrible loss.


                          Bad Ass Mother Runner

                            spike - ugh on the devil kid. Hope the cysts/etc on the dog aren't a big deal. Our lab has one that hasn't changed in years, don't think we've even ever had it checked.

                            cx2 - yay!

                            rg - yeah kindermusik is expensive like that, gymboree is $70/month plus we can use it for any of their free playtime.

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                              Jen - a major part of why I'm unhappy is because nothing can be changed. I'm completely stuck.. Forever.

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