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    Jen- R's godmother is a lifesaver! We also have a couple of teenage babysitters that we use occasionally and they do a good job and are eager for the money. We are lucky and have lots of people that watch R and won't take money, but at the same time its nice to have someone you can pay so you don't feel like a burden. R's godmother wants him all the time though, she wishes I would use her instead of daycare, but I know she would spoil him rotten. R is her surrogate grandson (gave her the special designation of godmother because MIL is jealous of their relationship) because her only son is gay, and he and his husband are not going to adopt any kids because he has a brain injury. Anyways, back to the babysitters- RP hooked me up with the teenagers- they are daughters of coworkers and are very sweet, responsible girls.   Yeah, 10ks suck. This is usually the only one that I run- my first race ever was a different 10k and it took me 1 hr 20 min, so I've come a long way to break an hour!

    2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




      jen:  It is pretty rural so there aren't many neighborhoods period.  I am going to attempt the trail and see if it is even passable with stroller.  If not, DH might have a short break before he jumps so I will have him watch DS while I get the rest in.  And I am here till Sunday.  Sorry about the doctor's appointment?  So did they do anything??


      zorbs:  So glad your stuff arrived.  they are gorgeous.


      bermy:  Definitely ER.  I made pizza dough all the time without a dough hook.  Although the kitchen aid mixer is one of my favorite kitchen items.  Do you have one?


      ernie:  I know, I keep waiting for him to drop the nap but it hasn't happen.  My boy loves to sleep!  And exciting that you could be pgr!!


      spike:  Have you been doing temp runs at all?  I would say both are important but if you had to choose just one, I would go with tempo.

      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


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        Shelbyjo- I've been doing tempos once a week (when I'm not sick- ha!). I did 4.4 miles last night with 3 @ tempo.

        2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




          Well, my boot camp class was cancelled because the instructor is sick. Can't say I was too disappointed since I'm not feeling great. Also, I discovered that S got two teeth overnight, so that certainly explains why she was such a mess.




          Bermy - I make pizza dough/bread dough by hand all the time. The kneading is a bit of an arm workout, but it's easy to do. Yes, all those hills are definitely going to make you fitter! Poor DH having to wait in the car for you. Seems kind of strange that he would be banned - doesn't that kind of send a message that bfing is something to hide?


          Mrszm - Sounds like you guys are (slowly) on the mend. Keep downing that Gatorade  I love your answer to whether you are excited that your bro and SIL are moving down the street from you.


          Jen - When I was pg with S, I went to my family dr and he didn't do any blood work at all! When I saw my mw a few weeks later, she said she was going to requisition the labs from him and I was like "what labs? all he did was take my blood pressure". Too bad you can't get an earlier u/s...what if you told them you weren't sure on your dates and wanted a dating u/s?


          Spike - Good work on your tempo! If you can do another one of those, I think you'll feel pretty well prepared for your race. I also agree that 10ks suck! I can never figure out the pacing...almost as fast as a 5k, but not quite, and twice as long! Ugh, sorry you feel queasy so much, that would not be fun. My stomach is almost never upset, so three days of queasiness has me thinking sick or pg.

          5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      

          running eh

            Be back later for more personals, but...


            spike - I vote for a tempo.  I find them to be such confidence builders.  About a week before my 10k I ran 7k at tempo and I couldn't believe how fast I went  - it made a HUGE difference when it came to the race.  Maybe aim for a longer tempo?  Disclaimer - this is just my 2 cents and I have only my experience to back me up....


              Back for some personals, R is nap-striking again, but I'm not getting him up for another half hour. This is not cool kid! He's 19 months old, deffinitely NOT old enough to drop his nap yet.


              Jen: weird that they don't do us til 20 weeks. I had one at my first appt, and another at 12 weeks.


              mrszm: glad you are all on the mend!


              Bermy: wow, 20 with the stroller, you rock Mama! I will have to type up my plan for you, and I'd be happy to share!


              Spike: I'd stick with the tempos for now since that's what you have been doing. After the race, I'd mix it up a bit with some mile repeats at goal pace. I think RW had an article not too long ago on how to train for/ run a faster 10k. I'll google it.

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                Re QOTD- Thanks for the advice. I think I will try to find time to do one more tempo- maybe 4m at tempo or 2x2m @ tempo before the 27th so my legs have time to recover for the race on the 30th. My LR is going to be on Friday- 8 miles.

                2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                  I'm late to the party today


                  RR - 8 miles this morning, felt great!  my stomach got really upset when I was almost done though, and it still feels upset 5 hours later.  Not sure what is up with that.  My mom and I went out for breakfast afterwards and it felt better when I ate and then got worse again.  I hope it goes away soon, I'm supposed to play tennis tonight!


                  BR - taught him how to sign "more" yesterday since he still won't say the word.  He just says "ah ah ah" when he wants more.


                  FR - need to grocery shop and will probably do it while DD is at dance.  There won't be time to cook afterwards so we'll probably just have rotisserie chicken over salads tonight.


                  NRR - DH left for a long weekend in Las Vegas for my brother's bachelor party.  I'm going to pay attention to how much money he spends and then I get to spend the same amount when I go there next month!  Smile


                  Bermy (from yesterday) - we are a 6 hour drive from each other I think!  I want to convince DH to take the Natchez Trace there when we go for the CMM next month, but I'm not sure he will be up for a 40mph road for that long.  The drive between here and Memphis is sooo boring though!


                  I hope to get to more personals after I get this little guy down for a nap!


                    NRR2: cheated on launderette. I went to post office (which took me a while as my gps took me to the staff entrance, so I am trying to walk DS through the cargo bay thinking it was a ghetto post office). I was sending Uphill a thank you card for her schwag she sent me to cope with non-tropical blissful temps. Anyway, a British girl in the post office stopped me and gave me her number if I needed anything – she taught Irish dancing and we had a good ole chat. She recommended a laundry service so I did drop off and they wash and fold, pick up fri. Yay! I used the time I saved to browse the LRS!


                    FR2: dough did not rise, but I cooked it anyway – had no rolling pin either, had to use a glass. It turned out like flatbread and was super yummy. Everyone loved it. I might start a clean pizza night it was that yummy,but knead (pun!) to work on my technique.


                    Zorbs – too funny on your injuries from self-pleasure. Yes, busted my friend. Do you eat pei wei and if so, what do you recommend? We are planning a pei wei night on Saturday I think.


                    CA – did you make it in one piece, a sane and happy mama? Hope TSA were good to you and you were ok. Respect for you travelling with 2 on your own. Your day of beach, target, pool sounds positively lovely. You still have another 6mo of mat leave right? Lucky you!!


                    Eh – I overdress too when it’s super cold just so the shock of the first wave of air doesn’t put me off. I need to be snug before I step into the breeze! I have only run in 20s though. I should imagine it’s super cold where you are. Your FR sounds lovely. I like that combo!


                    Jen – sorry docs apt was a waste of time. Hoe you didn’t get a call at 7.30 – how are you supposed to plan for your day on such short notice?


                    Cx2 – yay for windy miles! Enjoy those errands hands-free.


                    Ernie – enjoy boot camp. I picked up a leaflet for the stroller bootcamp at the lrs today. Little will anyone know what a whizz I am with the stroller!! I am excited for your queasiness and the possibilities! Thanks for advice on stitches.


                    Shelby – well done on your epic run on the trails. Hardcore mama. I have sore thumbs/wrists after my stroller LR and sore abs. man they hurt. Stroller running is such an upper body workout too! Lovely pace on the 400s with the stroller and the wind. That’s what will make you uber fast! What’s your fm goal time? C goal – to finish, B goal – sub 4, A goal – no idea! Part of me wants to just take this one easy as the course is pretty hilly and hot and then choose a flat and fast to PR next after following a more rigorous programme. No I do not have a mixer. Thinking about it but I like to do everything by hand.


                    Rg – hope you enjoyed your tempo run. I am right there with you on nap strike. Today was a good day for napping, but last week it was 3/5 days of no naps. OMG I would love you to type up your plan for me. I would be so honoured.


                    Becky – well done for getting your rushed work out. Classic case of someone else’s poor planning becomes your problem. Sigh. I used to hate that about work. I eventually got to the point where I factored in the amount of other people’s crap I had to deal with and could predict, and therefore timetable it into my day. I looked at rugs at home depot on spike’s recommendation and I found some with autumn colours in – I like a range of dark reds through oranges and think the mix will be lovely. The bfing meeting was more technical and very breast terminology related. I think the laws are tighter in the US for LLL than bermy.


                    Mrszm – sorry you are so sick. You poor lady. Big hugs still. X Nice on having your mom for help. Yay for DD2 not being allergic to anything. Ha ha on DS walking round with bowl. Aw on Gatorade. I would come and cook you soup if I could. Uh oh on the bro and SIL with house. My first thought was “mrszm is going to be expected to babysit their babies”. DH is working at a data centre about 15mins away. He has a lab upstairs and works remotely so sometimes he will be at home, some at the data centre and some at the office in Nashville (which opens 15th April).


                    Spike - I looked at rugs in home depot and I found some with autumn colours in – I like a range of dark reds through oranges and think the mix will be lovely. I like your contemporary ones and there were some with stripes which I liked too. I will take DH back there at the weekend. I generally do the ‘scout out’ and then we decide together. Takes less of his time that way! DS loved touching all the furry ones. Great on getting help. You sound like you have loads of stuff. OOoohh o am going to get a craft table for the sewing machine (which I haven’t bought yet, but plan to). Any thoughts? I was just going to buy a desk but DH said I should try and get sewing table (whatever that means). Great job on your tempo!


                    Arm – where did you find your mother’s day out? And where do I start looking for a good babysitter? And a good hairdresser? I wished you lived on my sib-division and had all this figured out! Hope your tummy is feeling better.  I asked DH about the Natchez Trace but he hadn’t heard of it. I will google it.


                    I write an epic essay when I do personals in the evening! Thanks for being there for me ladies – today I felt homesick for bermy as I miss my friends and my routine. I love it here though and you ladies are my only friends right now in a strange new place.

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                      Bermy - just popping in so you know someone is reading Smile. Sorry the bread didn't rise. I think I'm going to blog a post on how to make bread, my dad has really taught me how to do it by feel without a recipe. It's a good skill. My mom has a sewing table that has the section where the sewing machine sits at a lower level. Try a specialty sewing store and talk to them on options. If you have a dedicated craft room I think it's worth it.

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