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    Midwest storms are named because the Weather Channel was looking for ratings. The National Weather Service and NOAA are not impressed and are not going along with it. This is actually not just a semantics point, there could be legal repercussions because many property insurance policies impose higher deductibles and more stringent limits for damage from "named storms". The insurers had in mind the named hurricanes originating in the Atlantic, such as Katrina, but if the naming of the midwest storms becomes commonly accepted then that could lead to problems with insurance coverage for damage in the Midwest.


    Please help me down off my soapbox? Thanks.


    Lisa, yay for DD asking you for input for her friends, and good luck to Kaite with the presentation even fi she is the backup -- that is an important role too.  Sniff on the Freep selling their building. And 25 miles of jogging? Does not compute.


    Laura, yuck, that weather sounds awful. Hope your TM makes it a bit longer. One of the women on WW marathons just bought a new one, she found it on NordicTrack.com and then asked Sears if they could match the price -- they could and for $10 they will haul away the old one.


    Judy, if your feet are both leaving the ground at the same time, it is running. Period. Good for you for doing the DVD.


    Julie, yay for being so close to your goal! And sorry for your loss of your friend.


    Carol, welcome back, have fun at the hair appointment.


    Damaris, sorry the race wasn't the best, but thanks for running it for Karnel!


    Marjorie, hang in there. Dad is not thinking very sensibly, is he?


    Camille, alcohol injections for a neuroma? Yowch, that makes me think of using alcohol in a wounnd and that hurts so much...hope the injections aren't as painful.


    Nah, a van is a suburban limo. A hillbilly limo is an F-350 with four doors.


    Cindy, good luck with the school delay and actually getting some work done. Funny how the same weather in one part of the country causes great consternation and in another is business as usual.


    Hi, Amy, Susan, and Linda!


    No run this morning, tired from yesterday. Doing a race report. Quick update: 8:04, two minutes slower than last year, but it was very windy so I'm fine with it. Planning an easy run at lunch. Later!


      Hi ladies-


      Back from 6.3 miles. I was feeling pretty good so I decided to put the hammer down and see what I could do, and I managed to average a 9:22 pace. I was pretty pleased, since it wasn't a tempo run or anything.


      Off to stretch the shins - they're feeling a bit twitchy today.



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        Tessa so true on the silliness of twc naming storms  Just stupid, if you ask me.  Dad seems a bit manic to me.  He is even more self centered than usual and also doing some weird things.  One was telling me he is tired of watching what he spends at the grocery store so Saturday he just  bought everything he wanted and didn't bother to look at the price.  One thing he cannot do and from the person that has complained for months how expensive everything is getting.  He had been good at finding deals to stock up on when stuff was on sale.  Plus he is on our Sams club membership so can get stuff there sometimes.  He has 2 large full refrigerators and huge pantry so plenty of room to stock up.  I get the being tired of having to be a mindful shopper but he went way off the grid this time.


        Cindy nice run!



          I haven't checked in all weekend, sorry.  I did run 5 miles on the TM yesterday, but it was awful again and I went home and practically slept all day,  been feeling awfully tired lately.  I really think it is just the stress at work, I am just mentally beat!  You wouldn't think working at a library would be stressful, but between working with the public and our directors............


          Just found out today that I am going to be a grandmother again...my oldest son and his wife are having twins!!!  They have 3 children , plus my son has a daughter from a previous relationship and DIL has a son from a previous relationship, so altogether they will have 7!  Yikes!  My son's oldest is 17 and does not live with them, but still......it is exciting though!  I will have to be knitting for two, I better get started.


          Lisa...so sad about the DFP building, sniff, sniff.....Good for Kaite, she really does seem like a very mature 13 year old and you have such a good relationship with her, that is all good!


          A gentleman patron saw me running last week, so now he is calling me "track star"..of course, this is one of our weirder patrons...oh well, harmless I guess.





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            hi ladies,

            I have been AWOL for awhile since I was on vacation in Austin, Texas.  My husband and I don' t know anybody there but we had heard of nice things about Austin, had FF miles, so we decided to check it out.  It seemed like a great city.  Seemed more like a city in Califonia than in Texas. They have a nice river that runs through the city and great dirt trails alongside the river that you can walk/run on.  The stadium at Univ. of Texas was huge.  The State Capital was interesting to tour.  We did a tour in which part of it they took you to Texas Hill Country.  I expected real hills but the highest point outside the city is less than 1000ft!  That is like one of our shortest cycling hills near us and we are considered a flat area.

            We had a nice visit and had nice warm weather.  I had to borrow my husbands gym shorts to wear since we walked everywhere and all I brought were jeans.  I tell you I looked like a real fashion maven. Lol


            Yesterday I went on a long bike ride with my women's cycling group.  haven't done that in months.  We went 34 miles with 1700 ft in climbing.


            I had a dexa scan and mammogram this morning. And when they weighed and measured my height I was down 2 pounds with no loss of height.  Yeah!


            nothing else new,




              Lisa - My niece and nephew live in Austin and just love it there!  Nice to go somewhere just to explore!  I'm sure you looked very fashionable in your DH's shorts Wink


              Tessa - What race did you do this week-end???


              Ginny - Wow, twins...congratulations!!!  You better get knitting!


              Marjorie - So sorry about all the stress with your Dad....what a worry...


              I read the book The Secret Race re:  Lance Armstrong...I really was shocked at the whole "cycling scene" and to what lengths they went to use EPO and the blood transfusions.  I really wonder long term damage they might have done to their health.  Anyhow, just sad that in order to compete to be a winner they had to do all of that.


              Hair cut and colored, yoga done....ahhhh...actually ready to go to work tomorrow Smile



                Hi Home for a bit then taking DD back to campus so I'll work on tomorrow's lecture and go for a walk... should run... but I hate running after dinner (and eating dinner twice). 

                Lisa, jogging and 20 miles do not belong in the same sentence.

                Hi everyone... ok time to head out... Sad (I want the banging head against wall icon LOL)



                  3 miles on the treadmill this morning due to an ice crust on everything, but the temps are rising so maybe tomorrow will be an outdoor run. Fingers crossed.


                  I agree about the naming of winter storms. Not needed. Interesting to hear your take on it from an insurance standpoint, Tessa.


                  Ginny, congrats on the news that you will be a grandmother again!


                  Susan, good to see you here.


                  lisa KQ, Austin sounds like a place I would like to visit.


                  lisa Mmr, sorry about the building. Seems a shame.


                  Hi Everyone else!


                  annie Susan

                  LC Runs

                    Long work day for me, I am tired.  BF stayed home from work today due to the weather (has an hour commute), so dinner was ready when I got home.  Smile


                    Hi Carol, Damaris, Camille, Marjorie, Cindy, Amy, Sue, Linda...

                    LC Runs

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                      Shout outs to Tessa, Ginny, Lisa, Susan, Annie S!!


                      Ginny - congrats - they are going to have a full house for sure!!