Womens Running




    RLTW: YAY! so glad it go rescheduled!


      huh... we haven't done tokens in a while...


        rltw - so glad your pre-op was able to be rescheduled, sounds like that will make for a much more relaxing couple of days for you


        klm - it's GlassHalfFull from RW, new screen name courtesy of screen name generator/Dr. Horrible.  The bar you're going to sounds like fun!


        Work day is dragging by, must find a little more motivation...


          Hi girls Safe travels and happy Friday and last work day for a lot of us until 2013!! Jewel we leave Wednesday the 26th at 9am for DC! Poor guy. Heartbreaking! PO were getting a nice cold front. Safe travels to you!! Dr T hope your parents have a safe drive. TriR rest lazy day. NtriR t this morning. Apple store after work to dx my iPad hopefully I can get it fixed for cheap!! Have a great day!!!

            Hey Ladies!!


            RR: Did 2 miles this AM!


            NRR: Had a good morning watching G since his day care was closed, then came in to work for hte holiday lunch and run some experiments. Just waiting for that to finish up so I can go home!!  My mom is on her way for the weekend.  My stepdad couldnt' make it because he is in pain from his multiple sclerosis. I feel bad Sad BUUUUT, I'm just really looking forward to 4 days off and a few easy days in the lab next week!




            MA - I'm gonna try and make it out to BBB tonight to get those decorators! i'm obsessed with making pretty cookies  this year. 


            RLTW - so glad you're all scheduled up for next week!


            Lizo - thoughts are going out to your family for safe surgery and good news from the doctors. 


            DrT - I'm doing an easy day today for the saaaaaaaaaaame reason.  Hope your parents make it there safely!  


            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!