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(Over 40) More Monday's???? (Read 247 times)



    Lisa, love the weather forecast!


    Congratulations Ginny on the race and on the photo. Nice!


    Carol, first half of H-M has one big hill, second half is flatter.


    Judy, rarely do I think I have spent too little. More often I’m muttering “why did I spend so much on that person?”


    Lisa-Marie, go for it!


    Linda, Yassos are tough. I haven’t managed that many either. I think part of the problem is I run them hard and don’t make the recoveries slow enough.


    Carolyn, sneaky way to add on more mileage…go for it.


    Hi Susan, AnnieSusan, Camille, Marjorie, and others to come!


    Well, we did not make it to Disneyland. DH didn’t want to go. Rain was forecast. I looked at our finances and paying over $100 for entry and parking plus gas to get down there and back was just too much at this time of year. So we did not make it. DS will have me at both the choir concerts this week. He wasn’t overly disappointed, he was happy to be at DL without parental supervision (this was a first for him).


    Busy weekend, so busy that I even skipped the Saturday morning long run because I had to shuttle DS to school and didn’t trust DH to get up on time.  I got in 8 on Saturday morning, 5.8 on Saturday evening, 7 on Sunday afternoon. Usual Monday sloth, but headed for the gym at lunch. I’m off tomorrow because DD is coming home so plan a few more miles than usual with running neighbour.


    Run to live; live to run

      I got up and did 14 this am. Felt pretty good. My voice is almost all the way back so that is a good thing!


        Feeling slightly melodramatic but this feeling has just been with me all morning so I did email Bill sharing that things still don't make any sense. But that heaven was a bit more prepared for the little children who arrived because Karnel was there.  I heard him telling me how Karnel had said "I have to be there when Lisa finishes that 50 mile race" and then driving to northern Michigan to do just that.  I could imagine Karnel telling God that she had to be there for the children who might not have anyone to greet them since they were so young with not many having gone ahead of them and she knowing the her own were in good hands.  Sent it quickly enough so as not to retract it.  Heard back from Bill saying thanking me for that thought because of right now he still has no word other than the flu. That I might be right and she did have to be there for those children. 


        In my message I had told him that I hoped this might offer some peace in the thought that there might be some sense.  Like I said, I'm being melodramatic but it makes sense to me and that's better than what we had before.



        Anonymous Guest

          Ginny, congrats on the race yesterday and for doing even better than you thought you would! And that is a great picture - I'd save that paper for awhile. I'm glad you didn't talk yourself out of it!! Also, naps are good. Especially naps after hard efforts. You deserved it.


          Lisa-Marie, congrats on your second race. Sounds like it ended up being a fun morning. As for why I'm taking swimming lessons, well, many reasons. I'd like to feel comfortable being able to jump off the sailboat and goof off. I think it's an important skill to have and after dealing with many years of anxiety, I finally feel like I might be able to overcome some fear and pull it off. Plus I got a new bike for Christmas, and it's a tri bike. I have a road bike and I've done one duathlon and really liked it. So yes, I'd like to try a tri. 


          Marjorie, glad you're feeling better today. 


          Julia, nice HM yesterday. RB must be running really well to PR on a hilly course in the midst of a training cycle! Congrats to her!!


          Lisa, from yesterday, your schedule does look oddly logical. I just keep adding events with no rhyme or reason other than they sound fun and I want to do them. I have prioritized NJ Marathon, as it is a nice flat course and I'd like to better my BQ time to either -10 or if I'm really running well -20. And from today, thank you so much for sharing that thought about Karnel being in heaven to welcome the little children. 


          Cindy, so glad you're in for HM too! This might be our biggest FE to date!!


          Julie, have a great FE with camille. Sounds like a fun drive back for you.


          Judy, hope you had a great birthday.


          Lisa-Marie (again), I remember Elf Yourself from last year. I bet the kids have a blast with that.


          Carolyn, I have hamstring issues too. The right one got much better after my chiro appointment. The left one I think I did something at the half I ran a couple weeks ago. I've been trying to just run slow, easy miles, and will continue that to the end of 2012 to let it heal.


          Laura, yuck - hope you're feeling better and are able to leave early.


          crazysue, congrats on the race!! Bridges are tough.


          annieSusan, good to see you. Great that you got to spend some time with both DS1 and 2.


          Hang in there AmyDel. Consider hugs sent for you today for your dad's memorial.


          Tessa, sounds like DS was okay with the way the Disneyland thing worked out. You have great kids, I think, with good outlooks on life. Excited DD is coming home? 


          Rest day here from running. I will probably either do a quick spin on the bike or walk or something after work though.


          Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
          Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


          Run to live; live to run

            Lisa the forcast I saw on FB too.  Very funny.  Lisa that was a very nice message to Bill.  I thought the same thing this am when I was running.


            LisaMarie the elf yourself is very funny.  One of the jobs DH does sometimes for investigation the owners do that.  It is really funny every year.


            Camille I also think someone said somewhere that leap year wasn't accounted for so actually the world ended awhile ago we just didn't know it Smile


            Carol sorry you have to go into work


            Carolyn hope you get a run in maybe!


            Laura sorry on the cold.  My voice is almost back.  I wish it had just been a cold.  A day of not talking was tough.  Pups were so confused as I talk to them all the time and sing to them.  A day where they only heard me speak a handful of times was confusing for them as they could see me sitting over on the couch.


            Sue congrats on 1st in AG!


            Annie Susan so great to see you.  That is a nice gift!


            AmyDel nice to see you running again.


            Tessa sorry you didn't make it to DL but you'll see his other performances.


            Karen yes swimming is a great skill to have!


              Marjorie-did you really think that this morning?  that's sort of wierd if you did since that's when it came to me. Like a ton of bricks actually.




              Run to live; live to run

                Lisa I really did! Well before you posted that you'd messaged Bill etc. Very strange!




                  Lisa, what a lovely thought. I'm sure Karnel was there to meet all those little ones and hug them and comfort them, to say to them "my dear, my dear / It is not so dreadful here."


                  And dammit, I'm crying once more.


                  And the Coventry Carol will never be the same again. I had a Christmas CD in my car on Friday. I got in on Friday afternoon and that's what was playing. I lost it.


                  Karen, I'm with you, I add events because they fit into the schedule and they're within driving distance and I can afford them, or because they are something I really want to do.


                  AmyDel, memorial...sorry.


                  Oh, yes, very excited about DD coming home, although I still need to change the sheets on her bed and do some vacuuming. The cats will be pleased to see her until they get a whiff of Miss Butterball...then they will not be so happy to realize that she has been cheating on them with another cat!


                  Marjorie, losing your voice is tough. I hope you didn't have too many conference calls while you were in the croaky stage!


                  Susan, congratulations on the AG win!


                  Inspired by Linda I did Yassos at lunch...5 minute warmup at 6.0, then 3 sets of 0.5 mile @ 6.7 / 0.25 mile @ 6.0, 3 sets of 0.5 mile @ 6.8 / 0.25 @ 6.0, 2 sets of 0.5 mile @ 6.9 / 0.25 @ 6.0, then snuck another .55 @ 6.9 into the cooldown period. Total, 7.02.

                    Race schedule isn't really that well thought out... more like I'm justifying it in some way.


                    • New Jersey was because coworker talked me into it by saying I could work it into business trip.
                    • Hatfield McCoy is because of the FE.
                    • Dances With Dirt is because local run buddies are all doing it and dh is actually interested in the area.With this course I don't know that it actually fits logically into any training sequence.
                    • Moose Marathon is because run buddy invited me. She is doing the 100 (way to make me feel wimpy about running a marathon with an actual mountain in it) and I can travel to / from with her and sleep on couch in the cabin they rented.
                    • Detroit is because .. well, I always do Detroit!

                    Now to fill in with some Fat Ass style or local stuff. May is an awfully long way away.  Well I guess we do have the Pot O'Gold Fat Ass in March.


                    Tessa-nice workout.




                    Fire Jumper

                      Hello all!  Here's a pic of me and Camille at Waffle house where we met to have coffee today south of Atlanta.  What a joy it was to meet Camille.  We had a great time chatting about running, racing, our lives and families!  It was delightful to meet her.  Camille... I hope all went smoothly with DD and picking her up from the airport!  


                      I'll be leaving for NY in the morning.  RB #1 is here.  I am SO happy to see her.  



                      FE: Camille and Julie at Waffle House


                      Be well all!  I might be able to check in during the next two days with my iPad.  


                      5K's and Obstacle Runs

                      Goal for 2013:  10K


                      Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


                        Didn't take long before we had you meeting Axe Murderers all over the country, eh Julie?  LOL Love FE's!!




                          Julie and Camille, so cool that you could meet! Nice pic!


                          Like many here, I am tearing up throughout the day. Sigh.


                          Tessa, I bet you are excited to have DD home for break.  And nice Yassos!


                          marjorie, glad your voice is returning


                          karen, good job on challenging yourself to become a better swimmer. I love to swim, but I am slow. Hmm, like my running and biking---seem to have  a theme going on here. Anyway, so much of the breathing for freestyle has to do with relaxing, and that may just be a factor of spending time in the water and being patient with your progress.  one of those "Rome wasn't built in a day" kind of things.


                          3 miles for me at noon, with no ankle pain. Wahoo!


                          off to bed. G'night, all.