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Tuckered out Tuesday - Preggos (Read 21 times)


    TN - Good luck with your GD test. I hope you get good results. When do you find out?


    Yogi - I wouldn't worry too much about nesting with regards to when you go into labor. Enjoy that clean fridge while you can, it always seems to get messed up right after you clean it. At least that's how I feel about my oven/stove I cleaned last night, and now I baked all day. Ha!


    Mann - Good luck with your road trips. I'd recommend checking out the Babysteals site every now and again, they list the Ergo carrier every so often. It is a good deal if you can snag it.


    I have a sugar headache from testing my cupcakes but they're made, DS is off to Grandma's for a bit while I clean the kitchen (again!) and we have to go out and get last minute stuff before tonight, like oh, a birthday card and present. Fail. I'll post the results later tonight on FB.


      Ha! It's easy to keep up with personals when all I'm doing is laying in bed drinking gatorade.


      Schmett: Well, as to the dvd, it does seem to work miracles for me. I know everyone is different, but I think the combination of relaxation and gentle stretching does wonders for me. Mind you, I've never done any other yoga, so I don't know how it compares.


      TN: Wow, your birth classes are early. My doula asked if I'd rather do them before or after Christmas and I told her definitely after b/c of being afraid of forgetting things. The cold weather is rough on my workout routine too. I love walking, but not when it is dangerous (or when I'm likely to get sick because of it).


      Yogi: Nice work on the swim! Sounds like you are keeping up well with the exercise. I didn't realize how far along you are! Maybe you are nesting with all that cleaning. Smile I guess all the getting up to pee in the middle of the night is supposed to help us get used to having to get up and feed the baby when it comes... Ugh.


      Mann: Good for baby growing! Sorry about you having to get up so early. Yuck! I enjoy driving, but I'm not fond of early mornings at all.




        schmett- I'm supposed to get a call today or tomorrow if I failed - nothing yet, so I'm hopeful.  Now I totally want cupcakes, too. Preferably the oreo cupcakes a friend of mine makes - I wonder if I can find the recipe somewhere?


        sasha - The classes only start once every 4 weeks, and with the threat of bedrest with the twinkies, the doctor recommended earlier rather than later - the next class would be when I am 30-34 weeks. He also said to keep in mind that large parts of the class may not be applicable to me, so I don't think he was too concerned with me doing it early. Besides, I figure if I do everything possible to prepare for bedrest, I won't need to go on bedrest Smile

        MA runner girl

          Another late personal post from me! Work was crazy today, but I'm thankful I could do it from the comfort of my couch. I got my 3 mile run in and felt really good, hooray! I decided to take walk breaks every half mile, a strategy I was implementing a few months back but stopped when my running was going so well. I had no cramping and my pelvis is not aching right now. I'm glad it seems that my shorter runs are still going fine. Smile


          Monk - YAY! I'm sooo glad P's head is down! Good news that DH will be getting his severnce pay. A is sooo cute with her new bed, she's getting so big!


          Liz - I'm glad your pain went away. Mine stayed through yesterday, which was not fun! I hope work gets a little less crazy for you, I feel your pain.


          Laura - Hugs! I'm so sorry about the GD. What a rough day! I know you eat healthy, and exercise a lot, so it has to be frustrating. My dad has type 2 diabetes so I too am concerned about developing it at some point (though he is obese and doesn't exercise at all).


          schmetterling - OMG I hateee when the treadmill's reset at the gym so quickly! So annoying. I usually hold the pee until I'm at an even mile because I'm OCD like that LOL Can't wait to find out what you are having!!


          Sasha - Thanks for the yoga rec, I reallyyy should be better about that! I've always been bad about stretching after runs, let alone yoga. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you feel better quickly. So sweet that DH is taking care of you. You deserve it! Smile


          TN - 25 weeks! How did that happen?! I'm glad the appt went well. We are supposed to have the first day of our 1.5 day birth class on Saturday... which should be interesting considering we are supposed to get a foot of snow on Friday.. yikes!


          yogi - Great job with the swim! I'm so tired after a mile! Definitely sounds like you are nesting. I never get any urges to clean out the fridge... hopefully that comes for me soon, it could use it haha


          Mann - Yay for a growth spurt! Bummer that you have to be out on the road so early tomorrow, I hope it's not too bad.

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