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(Over 40) Spring Clean Weekend (Read 20 times)

    One last weekend check-in... Did 6.4 with DH today.  Felt good -- so not sure what was up with my tired legs yesterday!


    LC, wow that's a fast pace!  I'm so impressed that you were able to do it while chatting with your running buddy and having already run lots of miles earlier.


    Demaris, sorry your kitty is still not well.  Hoping for good test results tomorrow.


    Marjorie, wow, 7 miles in pouring rain followed by another 13+ is quite a day's work.  I don't mind running in rain as long as it isn't windy and temps aren't too cold.  Of course, we haven't had much rain this year and I can't recall any rainy runs this year.


    Ginny, any more spring cleaning in store for you?  I haven't done a thing inside but with the nice weather, I've been getting lots of good yardwork done.


    Carol, hope you got in a nice run in those great conditions.


    Hi to everyone else.  Have a great week.

      Marjorie-interesting typo... at least I hope that was a typo.


      BTW... I never was passed by the John Travolta runner in the white suit.  I guess that's good.  And interesting to see 3 minute time difference between my coworker that I left somewhere between miles 9 and 10.  She said that she kept me in sight until about mile 11 then lost sight of me but kept the same steady pace but couldn't speed up like I had.  Tried thinking through the race but I really don't think I started too fast or too slow. Maybe I could have picked it up sooner but I hadn't taken any Aleve before the race as I usually do and back was bugging me during the middle miles. I think a more interesting course with more small hills would have been better for me too.