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    Had a wonderful run this afternoon - 12 with 9 at tempo. I was a little worried and anxious about it because it was this run last week (11 with 8 at tempo) that was such a huge fail and I had to cut short. No problems this afternoon, I am happy to report.


    Did about 2 days worth of work this morning, then the run, 3 loads of laundry and a trip to the grocery store this afternoon. I am beat, but still have to make dinner, so off I go. I wish I could make it while sitting down!


    Hi to all,


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      Karen:  8 miles at tempo is fantastic.  congrats on a nice training run


      Tessa:  I hope the singing went well.

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        Hi ladies-


        I got out in the early cold this morning for 5 miles. Tomorrow the whole family is doing a 5K - DS1, DS2 and I will run it and DH and DS3 will jog/walk it. It's a fundraiser for a foundation that a neighborhood family started after losing their daughter to neuroblastoma. It's a great cause, and lots of folks we know from school/the neighborhood do it, so it's fun.


        Camille - I've been meaning to answer your question about whether the Tar Heel 10-miler is hilly. The majority of the course is not bad, with rolling hills, but yes, Laurel Hill is a real bear. Especially coming so late in the race. Will you be in Chapel Hill on Friday? I would love to meet!


        Tessa - you sound just like me, singing-wise. There are times when I think I should probably be an alto, but I would struggle with harmony as well. We were at church this evening as well - no anthem for the choir, but I was one of the scripture readers.


        Lisa - enjoy your trip and the FE with Camille!


        Julie - you probably won't read this before your race, but good luck! Can't wait to read about it.


        Laura - my kids are out of school next week as well, although DS1 will need to work on his Egyptfest project.


        Linda - good to hear from you! I've been keeping up with everyone, but really haven't been posting.


        Marjorie - oooo, I'm jealous of the new iPad. We don't have one, and as much as I would like one, I know it would be one more thing I would have to monitor my kids on.


        Ginny - how nice that you'll have everyone at your house for Easter. My parents were supposed to come for a visit, but my mom hasn't been feeling well so they wound up not making the drive.


        Crazysue - did you get to shop for something fun?


        Damaris - glad the kitty is feeling better.


        Carol - yay for great runs!


        Karen - glad the tempo run went well. It can be such a confidence boost. We'll keep our eye out tomorrow for Richard!


        Off to bed. DH and I are embroiled in a (blessedly rare) ongoing disagreement, and I didn't sleep well last night. Happy Easter everyone-



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