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Toasty Tuesday (Over 40) (Read 23 times)



    Susan, that sounds like a miserable excuse for a race. The medal was a begonia?


    Marjorie, I prefer it when the hotel has plenty of newspapers. If I want to read a paper online, I subscribe to both the New York and Los Angeles Times. But I tend to go seek out the newspaper of whichever city I'm in rather than reading McPaper.



      Kind of a different question at the reference desk this morning...someone called and wanted to know how to spell "mrs. Davis".  One of the stranger requests we have had in a while.




      Huh. Why would someone need to know that?

        Judy-yeah for same color roots!


        Ginny-So hard not to compare us to others and feel less. I bet that if you started a blog or FB page about being blessed with age, blessed with longevity and the willingness to participate you would find many who found it inspiring. Bummer that you don't have a Planet Fitness near you since they are month to month.  Have you tried asking/suggesting month to month, maybe showing them the info on places like PF.


        Sue-sounds like my kind of race.


        Carol-good luck with the swim class.


        Laura-cold water at 6am. pass.


        Marjorie-love the rubber duckie socks in the puddles.


        Damaris-loved the medal from this weekend.


        Tessa-NIce RR! sisters are great.  Here I am with mine.  Sis on left is the one from CA. Sis in middle is from North Carolina.