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Run to live; live to run



    I'm off to run then drive home. I will check in when can


    Lisa wow on the new security for new jersey


    Carol no tot in the closet. Dad thinks it is one of the flag oles wedged there. He gets to take the door frame off as we did everything else and can't get in.



    Fire Jumper

      Good morning,


      It was SWING DANCE time last night.  I had a blast.   I think I'm hooked Smile


      Well, I believe I've had one of those "lesson learned" moments.  I bought a running shoe several months ago that felt great in the store.  They were was very light weight and I was saving it for warmer weather and thought they'd be perfect for longer runs.  I did short runs with them a few times, but toward the end of my long run last week, I was in pain!  My discovery was that a 4mm drop matters.  My other shoes were a 12mm.  Silly me.


      So, now I'm having to take it easy.  My left ankle, knee AND hip hurts.  I might not get a long run in this week.  ugh.  Those shoes become "fun" sneakers... not running sneakers.


      Big event tonight with my agency.  So, I've gotta get going.  But, I just wanted to pop in and say HI!!




      5K's and Obstacle Runs

      Goal for 2013:  10K


      Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


        Marjorie-safe travels! remember to sing the "$5...$5 foot long" jingle instead of saying "touchdown!"


        Julie-oh yes. I tried a pair of 4mm drop shoes last year. felt like I had earth shoes on. hated them. I am not a minimalistic girl.  Give me ballistic rock shields on my trail shoes and 11mm drop on my road shoes. I like to think that they make me look taller too. LOL  Also worth mentioning is that there are different shoes for different purposes.... lightweight minimalistic shoes for fast racing, heavy protective for trail, and extra cushiony or more structured shoes for really long runs/high mileage. I had a pair of New Balance 904's that I loved for short 3 mile lunch time runs because they were so light but I'd never wear them for a long run where I would need some support after a few hours. Also everyone is different, some ankles and feet are strong enough to not need all of that but you do have to get there. I switched from stability to light stability to neutral shoes but did so over the course of a couple of years really.


        Went for 30 minute walk this morning. Darn leg still feeling tight. Its fine to just casually walk but walking "with purpose" not yet.  The stretching continues. At work I've been standing more, been sitting on my rolled up yoga mat (at least it's good for something), been changing the height of my chair. All so that I'm not in same position all of the time.




          So glad it is Friday...whew!


          LisaMMR - I did get a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes....so far I like them, haven't really taken them for a run yet so we will see.  Ugh on that tight leg....


          Marjorie - Safe travels!


          Julie - Swing dance, sounds like fun!


          Have a run planned later after trying to wade thru my house...Aly just went home Wednesday...almost a week, she is so sweet and alot of fun, BUT...Gpa and I were getting tired.....My DD broke her toe in Mexico...sees a surgeon Tuesday...hope this doesn't mean surgery (as there was a piece of bone broken off...


          Happy Friday!


            Good morning!

            Julie, interesting on the shoes.  Thanks for sharing that. I'd been thinking of trying a pair since a friend told my her neuroma went away after she wore Earth Shoes.  BTW, our dogwoods are blooming and I'll email you a pic soon.

            Lisa, wow on the NJ changes.  Sad.

            Marjorie, have a safe trip back!


            Modified...wasn't thru.  : )

            Karen, enjoy the taper!  You've earned it.

            Carol, too bad about your DD's toe.

            Tessa, will look forward to the report from this weekend.

            I ended up not doing the 4 mi yesterday so will do it instead of srd today. By the time I finished at my mom's, the bottom of my foot had a small red area that was tender right under the injection spot (which is top of foot) so I decided I'd better watch it.  It's ok today. Got to sleep around 3-not like me.

              Score one for the bed magnet!  Fridays are always tough.


              Wow!  That is some security plan.


              Carol--yes, I signed up for Augusta 70.3, which is why I really should have been in the pool instead of the bed this morning!


              Have a great Friday!

              Bad Ass

                Morning! Sorry for not checking in yesterday but I had court in the morning and no internet the rest of the day, grrrrrr.  I did 5 miles yesterday morning and 5 miles this morning.  A 5K tomorrow in my neighborhood and I'm just doing it for fun and for support of the community.  I always win an AG award but I am not expecting to win one tomorrow with the weather and my tired legs, ha.


                Lisa, hope you feel better.  I read the post about what's allowed/not allowed by the NJ finish line and I assume most races will be doing something similar in the near future.


                Marjorie, did you guys ever open that closet door?


                Julie, sounds like fun! What shoes are they?  A 4mm drop matters but the feet can get used to them by short slow runs for a while.  But if they give you pain, let them go.


                Bikerchick, ouch at your DD's toe.  Sounds like a busy household.  Hope you can find some quiet.


                camille, enjoy your 4 miles.


                sue, Fridays are tough but at least we know the weekend is coming!


                Have a great day!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!



                  Marjorie, I thought the same thing, and was a little peturbed that you might have a small child locked in the closet. A tote, or pole, or similar item makes more sense. Sorry it's causing so much hassle! Re the doorframe, would it be easier to remove drywall and go through between the vertical 2x4s? You'd have to replace the drywall both sides (room and closet) and repaint, but it might be simpler than trying to get the doorframe off.


                  Lisa, NJ is kidding itself if it thinks there is any way it can forbid spectators to have bags. Parting women from their purses is close to impossible. Parting moms of small children from diaper bags is not only impossible, it's undesirable. And while they can maybe control the finish line, they certainly can't control the streets around it.


                  Good use for a yoga mat!


                  Julie, like any other changes, a switch from one type of shoe to another should be made gradually. Hope your foot feels better soon. Good luck with the event!


                  Carol, wow on having Aly for a week (we will not joke about your having grown so tired that Aly was located in Marjorie's dad's closet) and sorry to hear about your DD. How did she break a piece of bone off her toe?


                  Camille, when you say got to sleep around 3, do you mean 3 AM or 3 PM?


                  Susan, yes, Fridays are tough, though I think Mondays are tougher for trying to beat the arse anchor.


                  Hi Damaris! Still having internet issues? Yikes.


                  4 this morning under a full moon, it was almost as bright as daylight out there. Saw a raccoon ducking into the storm drain -- not sure why he was out today, buffet morning for raccoons in our neighbourhood (AKA trash day) was yesterday.

                    Crazy chihuahua with a death wish crawled under the fence and into our back yard.  I bet he peed himself when I opened the door and three weims and yellow lab Deucely charged out into the yard.  I didn't know he was there until I heard him barking from under the bush where Jake had him cornered.  The other three were not interested.  They wanted to play with mom.  Got them all back inside and the little stinker streaked across the yard and back under the fence.  That is the third dog that has climbed into our yard.  Don't think he will do it again.


                    Always an adventure!


                      Got in my 4 mi hilly out and back. It was slow and I walked some hills, but a good workout.  It's a perfect day for running here-60, low humidity and breezy. Dogs were out today, which isn't a common issue here. We have a lease law.  First episode wasn't too bad because the dog stayed at edge of yard barking but when I was almost done, three dogs came charging from a house barking at me  and scared the crap out of me. No tail wagging in that group and one looked at least part pit bull.  I froze in place.  The owner came out and said they couldn't "come there." He finally said he had electric fence.  He seemed amused. Me, not so much.


                      Rain's predicted for tomorrow though when I need to do 15.

                      DR, good luck tomorrow!

                      Tessa, 3 am.  Usually I'm early to bed and expect I will be tonight.  The full moon was gorgeous here, too.  I'm hoping to spot the space station tonight early tonight. Do you get those alerts? I've yet to find it.  : )

                      Sue, LOL on Chihuahua. Didn't he get in once before?  He may never learn.


                      Run to live; live to run

                        Dh is taking a shift driving so I can catch up   I did the first long stint.  We also got stuck for almost an hour in West Virginia   Other side on North bound but all the emergency vehicles were on our side. Just before we were to pass it (literally 4 cars in front of us) they stopped our side for 45 min. Before that we were at least moving all be it very very slow.


                        Julie need to ease into a shoe like that.  Like very short runs. You will adapt.


                        Lisa. Ha on the 5 dollar foot long. We actually cut over to Akron and taking 77 down so we missed him.


                        Carol bet you are tired.


                        Camille which dress did you pick?  Or not yet?


                        Tessa  actually it is the trim so won't be too bad.


                        Damaris nope on the closet. Dad has a guy coming to pull the door trim and the cut the hinges if they still can't see the blockage and move it. If the hinges were only visible but they aren't. We took the door knob off but still can't see it.


                        Had a nice 10.7 mile run before we left.  Last night we had dinner with dad, fiancé and her daughter, and daughters husband. It went okay. Stone fiancé is a bit odd but whatever. She isn't an axe murderer or doesn't seem to be Smile. Would never have picked her for dad but it is his choice.


                        Bad Ass

                          Tessa, they were fixing something this week, yet yesterday they weren't and we still had intermittent service!  This is getting old....  Nice 4.


                          sue, funny story.


                          camille, nice 4.


                          Marjorie, enjoy the trip back home.  Where did you leave the pups?



                          "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                          Run to live; live to run

                            D pups are at camp. They adore our vets office and get free run of the back area /play room etc.  they squeal (really) when we pull in the parking lot they get so excited.


                            Bad Ass

                              Squeal?  Hehe.


                              D pups are at camp. They adore our vets office and get free run of the back area /play room etc.  they squeal (really) when we pull in the parking lot they get so excited.



                              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                              It's always fucking hot in Miami!