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Funniest sign you've ever seen at a race? (Read 14 times)


    Local marathon is this weekend and mile 25 marker is literally at the end of my driveway. I'm participating in the race and so is my DH but I wanted to put some funny signs out in front of our house to encourage the other runners. Anyone got any ideas? What's the funniest sign you've ever seen at a race?



      One of the classics: "Worst. Parade. Ever." . 25 mile marker? How about "You're 95.4198% Done!" . "Can't Run Unless Something Big Is Chasing You? Try Looking At Your Rear In A Mirror." . "Only 1.2 Miles To the BEER!"

        Too late to turn back now?


        I can't think of anything else really funny, but one race I found really cool (it was hosted by a space center) had trivia signs about space facts. That made the time go by.


          I like the "too late to turn back now" sign! I found a few on the internet that I might use too:


          "If a marathon were easy, it'd be called your mother"


          "Pain is temporary but your finishing time on the internet lives forever"


          "If you haven't pooped you're pants yet, you're already winning"