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Final Friday of 2012 preggos! (Read 259 times)




      Whoa, how is it Friday?!

      Yesterday was travelling day so didn't post. We got up at 3 am, barely made our 630 plane due to SLOW airport workers... sat on the runway an hour, barely made our second plane due to that... sat on the runway for an hour... etc. but MADE IT! But ugh it's cold here.


      PR: have an OB appointment in an hour, then I'm going to unpack, I got SO MUCH CRAP ( baby stuff, and mostly food stuff I get in the USA like chili mix, beef jerky, chocolate goldfish, etc ) . I also have to make something for the poker tourni tonight.. .. Which will be fun, if I'm not sleeping through it .. ha.


      ER: Just got off my bike, nice to be back to a routine!  Going to run tomorrow, if I don't freeze. I am kinda liking the 3k distance now that I'm almost 37w! haha


        I'm first today?


        MA - I could maybe get by with the bella band if I sized up my pants, but I think most of my weigh gain so far has settled in my hips and butt, so my existing pants wouldn't cut it Smile I've found about 4 pair that should work, they are just so darn expensive, and I'm cheap.


        Laura - sleep is overrated, right? Smile


        PGR: 19w3d. u/s one week from today.  Babies and I were all up around 3 am as usual last night. Did anyone else have a fatigue/nausea bout around this time?  I'm really exhausted the past week or so and also have felt a bit queasy the past two days. Just wondering if it's pg related or something else.


        RR: Ugh. I really need to get something fit in.  I feel gross and lazy.


        NPGR: So happy it's Friday.  My brother, SIL and nieces should have arrived at my dad's house early,early this am - can't wait to see them! In related news, (warning, rant ahead) my brother and mom have had a very strained to nonexistent relationship for the past 5 years because of a big blowout fight that happened back then.  My brother had asked me to have a get together at my house while they are visiting so we can all get together, it's on neutral territory for both of them, and my mom and step-dad can see their grandchildren.  Well, my mom is controlling, melodramatic, and manipulative and is making a huge deal about it and saying she doesn't want to come because it's all a "game."  She can't see it as a first step to getting things smoothed over. Argh.  Sometimes I think my mom actually enjoys being unhappy.


          Canada - Glad you made it home despite the delays! I saw your pic on FB of all the food -quite the haul.  Hope you have a good appt today!

          MA runner girl

            RR: 3 miles yesterday. It was snowy and the sidewalks had 5 inches of snow so I stuck to running small loops in my neighborhood, super boring! Today I'm hoping the sidewalks are better so I can get a couple easy miles in without having to do the loops.


            PGR: 27w5d. Started to look at BRU last night to make my registry and I am SO OVERWHELMED. There are so many options for everything, how do you chose!? Does anyone have a good resource? I know there are checklists but even just picking a carseat, there are pages and pages of options! My mom is getting on me about it because my shower is in 6 weeks and she's sending out the invitations now. DH wants to go to the store, but I feel like that will be even more overwhelming...


            NPGR: DH is sick. UGHHHH. He's the biggest man baby when he's sick. I try to be sympathetic but I'm not very good at it. And I really hope I don't get it!!! My brother was sick on Christmas, and my mom felt like she was getting it last night, so seems like that's probably where it came from. I'm just making sure I'm getting lots of OJ and vitamins for now.


            Canada - Glad you made it home after all those delays. Good luck at your appt! I can't beleive you are almost at full term. Seems like a bunch of you are going to be there at the same time.


            TN - ha, I didn't have a butt before I was PG, and seems like it's all going to my belly now too. Makes sense because that's where I've always gained weight anyways. Sorry about the family drama, that must be tough to be stuck in the middle!

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15




              CJ: Happy to hear you got home safe, despite the delays and bullsh*t.  Good luck at the appointment today!


              TN: Ugh. Family drama. I have that too and it's exhausting! Speaking of which, I'm trying to remember if I was snoozy around 19 weeks. I don't think I was, but that doesn't mean your exhaustion isn't preggo related.


              MA: Hope you manage to avoid the illness. Good plan to stock up on vitamins and fluids. I found it really difficult to choose things for the baby too. I found BRU overwhelming - I shopped at some smaller shops or through amazon (for the cheaper price sometimes). I don't have a resource handy as far as brands to choose, but Rosie Pope has a list of must-haves at the back of her new book that can help start you off. Good luck!



              PGR: 36w5d LO was hanging out behind my left ribs last night, and she's moving around loads. I was on my feet all day yesterday and have now experienced my first bout of swollen ankles. DISKLIKE!  My body felt like I ran a marathon this morning - which I don't mind because I kinda like that post-workout feeling. Ha.


              PGR2: Has anyone heard the theory that, if you have a sister, your birth experience is more likely to resemble hers than that of your moms? Someone mentioned this in my prenatal class, so I asked my sister about her experiences - 5 hours of labour for both girls with no time for an epidural.  Both births were quick and easy with quick recovery - so I'm kinda hoping I have an experience similar to hers!


              ER: Will do the DVD to stretch out a bit and shake off some cobwebs. I haven't worked out for 2 days and it's maddening!


              NPGR: Did the family christmas dinner yesterday - marathon cleaning, cooking - and everything was delicious. We have sooo many leftovers. Turkey anyone?


                MA - I apologize in advance for the long, information dump post. Smile I've done some research on baby stuff because I've been freaking out about the twin thing and making sure we're prepared, I'm planning to have a shower fairly early in case I'm put on bed rest, and I'm super type A about stuff like that, and it is overwhelming. I got an online consumer reports membership, which was only $30 for a year, and that has been so/so - here's my (limited) advice so far:


                I like to go on amazon to read reviews - they usually have a ton, and some are very nitpicky, and most of the products at BRU are on Amazon (and usually cheaper). Amazon also allows you to make your registry private - right now I have it set so just I can see it, and I throw a ton of "maybes" on there and then go back and weed things out later as we make decisions.   I think it is helpful to try stuff out in the store, though, especially for strollers.  I thought I was going to like a particular stroller, and it had good reviews, but when I tried it in the store, I didn't like how it pushed/steered, etc. DH was very ho hum about trying strollers and tried to pick the first one he tried, but when I had him try out my preferred, he loved how it manuevered.  Infant car seats would be the same - you may want to test out if you like how the handle fits, where it hits against your body/leg, etc.


                Graco, Chicco, and Britax seem to be the best infant car seats.  Most of the stuff I read says to not go up to the 30 or 35 lb infant seats, because your child will outgrown them lengthwise before they hit the 22 lb weight limit, and you won't want to lug a 12 lb carseat plus 30 lb infant anyway.  I think we're going with the Graco snugride 22 for ours, but those three seem pretty comparable. I think.  Since DH and I are very tall, we're planning on tall infants Smile  Related, I already know we are likely going to get the Britax Marathon convertible car seat, because the adjustable straps have the highest positioning of any car seat.


                For crib mattresses (if you are putting that on your registry) you are supposed to measure your crib and get a mattress that fits snugly in the crib. I haven't gotten around to this yet, so I don't know if it's that difficult to find a well-fitting crib mattress.


                I haven't done any in-depth research on pack-n-plays, because my mom purchased one she swears by for the grandkids, and I'm probably just going to go with her recommendation, but she said she went to the store and tested out all the sturdiness of the p-n-ps - some of them seem to have tons of features, but are really wobbly and don't seem well-constructed.


                The medela pump-in-style breast pump seems to get the most favorable reviews, if you're looking at pumping. I've read some places you should wait to purchase a pump until you're sure you need it.


                I've got my eye on this http://www.amazon.com/Summer-Infant-3-Stage-Super-Seat/dp/B000YZAG7I/ref=br_it_dp_o_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=9FT8AZJSYFV8&coliid=I3MW4MY5KU0UJ instead of a bumbo.


                I think we're going with this infant tub: http://www.amazon.com/The-First-Years-Infant-Toddler/dp/B000067EH7/ref=br_it_dp_o_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=9FT8AZJSYFV8&coliid=I3G0IIG7B8AELQ - I like that it can go over the sink or sit in the bath tub - plus it's supposed to be the longest tub for long infants.


                That's about as far as I've gotten, and I think a lot of it ends up being personal preference.  For instance - we aren't going to register for high chairs - we're going to wait and see with them, but we do want something compact, preferably that can go up to counter height, and something with a small tray, because we don't intend for the high chair to be a play area as well, or we may get spacesaver high chairs that clip onto the chair.


                I am overwhelmed by swings/bouncy seats/activity mats, and haven't been able to even start to pick out favorites there. If we decide to register for those things, again, we'll look for one that works well for tall infants, but I think those are also so dependent on your baby's preference, too, and if you really feel it's necessary.


                  RR: Skipped it today. DH is sicker than yesterday so I had to get A up and get us out the door all by myself... that is always a challenge. Not sure what's on tap for this weekend. I'm hoping to try a spin class.


                  PGR: 31 weeks!! Yikes! I've been having trouble breathing, mainly at night. I'm not sure why, maybe just because I'm more full from eating all day and/or P is taking up more room? Its hard to fall asleep when I can't breathe, but last night wasn't as bad, so that was nice. Its snowing this morning and it makes me nervous when I drive to work because I park in a garage a block away and have to go and down up a hilly sidewalk that isn't always cleared well and I'm normally paranoid about slipping on the ice anyway. There's no free parking downtown, there's a lot across from my building but the hourly rate is way more than the cheaper one a block away. Its not usually an issue because DH is usually going to drive me even though he's not working right now.


                  NRR: So glad its Friday already! A two-day work week... can't every work week only be two days? I think DH is coming down with bronchaitis now. He's gotten this cough that is just getting worse. He never got a flu shot. Ugggh. I'm feeling fine so far, but my voice gets hoarse throughout the day so I don't know if I"m going to get sick or if this is just something random. Not sure if we'll still host my friend for lunch tomorrow and parents for dinner with him like this. I hope we can still host my parents though because I'm excited about cooking for someone else (and using my new cookware that I got for Christmas!). Also this weekend I'm hoping to go use a gift card to buy a new purse and I think we might also bite the bullet and try to start A on really getting potty trained.


                    Wow, good catch ,it really IS the last Friday of 2012 - crazy!


                    CJazz - glad you got back safely, sounds like a lot of sitting though! Yahoo for getting back into an exercise routine Smile  Enjoy the pokie tourney.


                    TN - I was fairly lucky to escape fatigue/nausea issues but at least 2 friends of mine had nausea and fatigue on and off throughout their pregnancies so i think it is very common (sorry). Wow, I concur, sounds like your Mum wants to play martyr or something, i absolutely would go (and try to get step-dad to go too) to prove a point - that being, you are adults. And kids pick up on stuff like that, surely your Mum could attempt to see what effect her actions have on her grandkids in terms of mature adult behaviour/handling disagreements/relationships? i hope it all works out. Maybe if you can avoid playing into her drama (ie. almost ignore her intentions and don't react) she might come around on her own? regardless, enjoy seeing your nieces and nephews!


                    MA - BRU scares the heck out of me; a friend of mine directed me to lucieslist.com which has a bunch of "baby necessities" and reviews on the best possible models; that has been really handy for me reaching a conclusion quickly about what I want. umm, i would say - DON'T GO TO THE STORE!!! I went there to get a breast pump recently and it just made me anxious - SOOOOO much extra stuff on top of what is absolutely necessary. Just start with the basics - diapers, crib, a few newborn outfits, receiving blankets, carseat and stroller...then start looking beyond at other stuff (just my two pennies anyway!)...too funny on DH and being sick - I think it's a Man thing.


                    YJPM - I am hoping labor is genetic too - my Mum also had a 5hr, 3hr, and slept through one births; my sister had trouble getting pg so...no tips there. But - sounds promising for you!  Smile Amusing on the post-workout from a non-workout feeling; I'll pass on the Turkey thanks, it feels like I haven't stopped eating for the past week!


                    Monk - I hope you can steer clear of DH's illness, blergh. And happy gift card shopping - i love gift cards and choosing my own things.


                    Laura - Thanks for the laundry/clothing tips; I figured with 10 kids already that you wouldn't know what sleep is/was???




                    PGR - 35w4d. REALLY feeling like I am projecting forward a lot, like I am a foot behind the leading edge of my stomach as I walk/waddle Smile   I think last night was a 4 P night - and yet I still consider it an awesome night's sleep because I didn't stay awake. Yay? Visit with the doula tonight.


                    RR - Went for a swim this morning, plugged through a mere 2km before calling it quits, i think my strength workout yesterday fatigued my arms. Maybe an elliptical workout later?


                    NPGR - It's okay, you can all rest, crochet bunny will NOT have a club foot; turns out I had started the "club foot" with a different ball of white wool. When I realised I straight away went back to scratch and have caught up to where I was yesterday with the more "slimline' wool.  Not much planned this weekend, MIGHT call my photographer friend for a maternity shoot if the weather surprises us by clearing on Sunday.


                      MA: I'll try to write more later, but here's a couple cents now: The stores will make you think you need way more than you really need. A wipe warmer is a waste of money. You don't really need a super fancy crib mattress, but the mattress pad is important to keep the mattress nice! You don't need an actual changing table. We got a dresser that we could change A on and just got a changing pad. A diaper genie is a life saver if you'll do disposable diapers (they don't last forever though, I'll be getting a new one for P). You really don't need bottle sanitizer contraptions, the dishwasher works just fine. I totally didn't realize the importance of a good pump last time (I went through two and both were awful), and you should try to have one before baby is here. I had to start pumping right away since A slept all the time and wasn 't much help to me to establish supply. Its true what they say about trying just one or two of a particular type of bottle to see what baby likes, and you may need bottles sooner than you expect as well (same reason as for the pump). We had a babytrend infant seat, cheaper than some of the other major brands and I had no compaints about it. We still haven't decided if we'll reuse A's infant seat or get a new one (probably both so we can take him in both cars), but if we get a new one we'll probably get another baby trend. The baby trend infant seats and strollers hook together (like the "travel systems" you can buy, but they come separate) so you can put the infant seat on the stroller but still have the regular stroller for when baby is bigger. Ummm, I think thats all I have for now since I should really get back to work.


                        MA -Below is my over opinionated perspective on what baby should have.  We returned a bunch of crap from our baby shower and used the $$ for diapers, wipes, and later formula when I didn't produce milk.  Best decision ever.  I would say have ONE registry so all the returns go to the same place and you can combine all your refunds/gift cards to one place.  We did Target since the prices are hella cheaper than BRU and they have basically the same stuff.  Plus it is more widely available for where my family is located than BRU locations.  BRU is just marketing, IMHO.


                        The essentials - Stroller, Carseat, a few blankets, a few swaddlers, a few bottles, a few pacifiers, diapers, wipes, a few onesies, a few comfy pants (like 8 or less on the clothing), a few socks (get the 3-12 month size, they'll last as baby grows), a few hats (like 2), don't need shoes, mattress pad cover, a few crib sheets (like 2), nail clippers, diaper bag.  Crib mattress (most are a standard size)  Some people like those baby glove hand cover things so baby doesn't scratch itself - Em hated them.   Some baby soap, some baby lotion, some diaper cream.  Some soft baby toys, some teething rings/toys. Diaper pail if using disposables. diapers, wipes.


                        Seriously, that's all you really need to get started for the first 6 months or so.  We never got more, never needed or wanted it.  Most of it was gender neutral and we'll reuse with #2.


                        GET A MOBY and an ERGO.  Or similar.  Moby is great for carrying infant baby around and you can use almost immediately.  I was taking walks with Em at about 10-12 days postpartum with her in the wrap and that was with a csection, so I bet you could do it sooner with a vaginal delivery.  Without an infant insert, Em wasn't big enough for the Ergo until she was 6 months old - but the Ergo is rated up to 45 lbs.  I still carry Em around in it (she's 23lb now) and I can use it now while pregnant with #2.  Awesome awesome awesome purchase.  I could fold laundry, vacuum, make dinner, etc. while baby slept in the moby.  It was awesome!  Loved it.  Actually took a few conference calls while wearing her too.


                        Optionals:  Pack n play - we got one and used it, but I would've been fine without one as well.  It was mostly for MIL because she can't do stairs and didn't want to take EM upstairs for diaper changes/naps/etc when she was watching her.  Great for those who travel though, so consider it.  Simple is better, most stores have them set-up so you can test how sturdy they are. Boppy - great for nursing and helping you support/hold baby over the long nights and sweet naps.   bumbo - some kids like, other don't,  Em liked hers. It's great for a registry.  Hooded bath towels - seriously cute and fun.  pee-pee teepees for boys.  put over his thing so you don't get squirted when changing his diaper<--probably stupid and frivolous, but seems practical, and it's fun for a registry at least!  Nursing cover - I had one and liked it, others prefer just a blanket or au naturale.  It's up to you and your preference.  Whozems! They are name tags that stick on stuff like bottles.  If he will be in daycare ever they make you label everything - these stay on even through the dishwasher!  They still look like new and Em is 15 months.  Permanent Marker on bottles comes off in the dishwasher, btw.  A few nursing bras, a few nursing tops<--until you know what you want!  I just took my shirt off at home since we did lots of skin to skin.  We didn't go out much since she was born at beginning of cold/flu season.  Lanolin - for sore nipples<--hospital will give you some samples, or at least ours did.  Even our BF class had samples to take.  Bottle warmer - we got one, Em liked her milk like this until about 6-8 months, it was cheap and we used it a ton.  Container for dishwasher to hold all the little bottle parts and pieces.  We used it a lot because our dishwasher didn't have a little basket thing built in.  Jumperoo/Baby exercaucer thing - she liked it from about 3 months to 8 months, then it was baby torture, lol.  She then preferred crawling, pulling up, and trying to walk instead.


                        Technology stuff - digital thermometer, baby monitor, white noise machine, optional - room temperature thing for baby's room.


                        Stuff you don't need or won't need until later - high chair (we got one at 6 months), wipe warmer, fancy bathtub, TONS of clothes, TONS of blankets, TONS of shoes, baby proofing stuff (we didn't put gates up until she was about 10 month old), every baby holder thing under the sun, like swings, bouncers, etc. wait and see what your baby likes first, crib bedding sets, fancy furniture.  Don't get a fancy baby food maker.  Don't get any of those baby sleeping pillow angle things.  Many are being recalled as unsafe and they really are just a waste.  If your dr recommends a body positioner for your baby, for whatever reason (reflux, etc) then he/she will prescribe one for you to use. Baby wash clothes - they are so small and they roll up when you use them.  Just use regular wash clothes.  Fancy bottle sterilizers.  Dishwasher is fine, like monk said!  Bottle drying rack.



                        Additional commentary below:


                        Pick the stroller first, then see what carseats are compatible.  There are only 2-3 carseats compatible with a Bob.  That narrowed it down for us.  We got a Chicco Keyfit 30.  It lasted until just a few weeks ago when Emily was 14 months.  She outgrew DH's carseat (one that work got for us) around 11 months.  Since you live where it's cold and snows, I wouldn't bother with an umbrella stroller or anything with less than the Bob tires.  It'll be a pain in the ass to push and having multiple strollers is a waste, in my opinion.  I have no trouble hauling my Bob to the mall.  Em did not outgrow the length.  It's a snug seat, very safe, and I stopped lugging it around as a bucket seat around 2-3 months.  The 22s are super small and then you are forced to go up to a convertible seat when they are, in my opinion, still too small for that at 22 lbs regardless of length.  Just my opinion since she outgrew DH smaller weight seat SO much sooner than the Chicco 30 one in my car.


                        You don't need multiples of crap either.  I got a 4 pack of receiving blankets and barely used them.  And I had a winter baby.  I have ONE changing pad cover.  If it got dirty, I just washed it real quick.


                        2 swaddle blankets - Em hated the swaddle so we used them for about 3 weeks and then they were done.


                        We did get a changing table as my DH is tall and MIL can't get up and down from the floor to change Em, and top of em's dresser had all the technology stuff on it like the monitor, white noise machine, lamp, etc.  Great for me after my csection too since bending over the first couple weeks while holding a baby was not happening.  We used it a lot it.  It now houses all of her toys & shoes on the lower shelves.


                        Furniture is a matter of personal preference - We got used furniture so all of our baby room stuff was $300 for crib, changing table & dresser.  When they start to teeth, many babies will gnaw on the crib.  My friend got a "forever" bed that cost big $$$ and it's ruined from her son teething.  This is the reason we didn't get a forever bed!  Not worth the money if baby is going to chew on it.  What teenager wants to sleep in a bed with his baby teeth marks on the head board?  Just something to consider.


                        2 crib sheets.  One to wash/have on deck, one on the crib. We did not get a baby crib set or anything with a bedskirt, quilt, cloth diaper holder, crib bumper - such a waste of $$, baby doesn't need it & it's not recommended anyway due to SIDS.  We do sheet, seasonally appropriate pajamas and a blanket now that she's a little older.  Done.


                        1 crib mattress pad cover.


                        Clothing - The first few weeks you'll be waiting for the umbilical cord to fall off so you'll likely have baby boy in comfy shirts, onesies, etc.  We didn't change Em out of her outfit for sleeping since they are up and down constantly with their sleep in the first month.  We had about 6 newborn onesies and few leggings and that was it.  By 4-5 weeks she was in size 3 months.  no joke.


                        Bibs - Tell people to chill on the bibs.  We have a plethora of bibs and we rarely used them.  Now Em is old enough/strong enough to pull them off anyway.  People buy them because they are cute.


                        +1 on bottles, you never know if you'll need them.  Get a pacifier or two.  People will swear up and down not to use them, blah blah blah, if it comforts baby then at least you have the option.  +1 to a good breast pump, although I would consider renting one from the hospital instead of purchasing.  At least until you know how BF is going.  I bought a medela single power pump thing and it sort of sucked, and not in the way I wanted it to!


                        Bathtub - We got a cheap baby bathtub for about $10.  It was a nice option since I had a csection and standing to bathe my baby was better than leaning over the bathtub.  For $10 bucks, who cares.  You really don't bathe them that often when they are infants.  Maybe 2-3x a week, tops.


                        All the other crap - you don't need.  Or if you decide you want it, get it AFTER you have baby and see what you and yoru DH prefer, what sort of disposition the baby has, etc.


                        Oh and get some lanolin for your sore nipples.  The hospital will give you samples.  I would wait on the all the other BFing stuff until you see how it goes.  Like those pads to soak up dripping milk, you may leak, you may not, don't invest until you see what YOUR body does.

                        MA runner girl

                          Thank you all so much for the registry input!! I will be reading through everything very carefully later Smile

                          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                            Hi all-

                            Wow lot's of great info on this thread! Will have to save this one for later...

                            Don't have a great connection here, so will be brief. Still up in Mammoth.


                            ER - yesterday and today, I got out for 2.5 hours each of snowshoeing. It's been nice. Yesterday, I have a prenatal massage (waaaay better than the last awful one) and it came with a free day pass for the gym at the spa. So, even though was kinda wiped from the snowshoeing, did another 30 min on the elliptical and some stretching/planks. Might try for a walk later today.


                            PGR - 26wks6days. 27 weeks tomorrow! Hard to believe...just 13 weeks to go. Yesterday after dinner felt really uncomfortable (more on dinner below) stomach wise, but also had this pain in my left shoulder. DId a quick search on shoulder pain and pregnancy and found some stuff about preeclampsia, which scared me. it's gone today though... ANyway have shoulder pain?


                            NPGR - feel like they are trying to kill me with the food here. DH's family's idea of good food is not like mine...everything doused in butter, cheese, etc. I am trying to tell myself I'm being active and eating in moderation, but it drives me nuts. I just don't get it...why must they ruin some perfectly good green beans by throwing fried stuff and cheese all over it? Okay, vent over.


                            It's gorgeous up here, but also looking forward to getting back to my own space. Tomorrow DH is taking a day off of snowboarding to snowshoe with me, so at least I will have some company.


                            Sorry no personals today.


                              Youjust: I've never heard that, but if it's true I should be having Zeb now ( early) and in about 3 hours from start to finish, I could deal with that! my neice was only 5 pounds though, so might let him cook a bit longer...  For the 'stuff' I went on amazon and baby and then clicked top rated and made a list! if most people love something, I'm hoping I will too. That sandy the giraffe is high up on the list for teething toys..


                              Liz: ,my texas fam is just like that, which reminds me at Red Lobster there, a dish came with broccoli and it was DEEP FRIED .. .who does that? Snowshoeing sounds fun, but cold.. or maybe it's just -22 here..