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    Long day at work today.  I had a 5 mile run scheduled after work, but my meeting after school went 90 minutes instead of 45. Then I needed gas in the car, and then it was dark.  With no experience running in the dark and no gear, I had to skip it.  Tomorrow is a rest day for me, as I have my 2nd race on Saturday morning.


    Off to bed.

    Lisa Marie

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      Hi ladies-


      Well, no run for me today - I twisted my ankle yesterday afternoon. I rolled it over and forward, and I think I strained the tendons/ligaments in the top of my foot. It hurt like fire when I did it, but then didn't feel so bad, so I iced it but didn't sit down and put it up, and continued to think I would be able to run this morning. Then I went to choir practice, and the longer I sat there the worse it felt. I was limping heavily by the time I got home, and by the time I went to bed it hurt so much I could barely put weight on it. So I stayed off it as much as I could today, iced it several times, and took ibuprofen. It feels much better, but I'm going to stay off it for a few days, since I'm not actively training for anything at the moment.


      I think I'm in for Hatfield-McCoy! DH is ok theoretically with having the kids that Friday afternoon, he just needs to check his work calendar. I'm within driving distance, so don't have to worry about a plane ticket. I went ahead and reserved a room at the Hampton Inn - Amy has talked about going and she and I will probably ride together and room together if she does, but if not, I would be up for sharing with someone. DH just mentioned that he doesn't think he has enough for me for Christmas; I pointed out that the entry fee for this race would make a great gift!


      Camille - I love the Santa Hustle pics!


      Carol - I'm sorry for the loss of your pup. That's hard.


      Marjorie - it was quite a bit cooler here today as well.


      Laura - the dog running along with me would make me nervous.


      Carolyn - I'm glad the running seems to be going well.


      Karen - sorry work is so challenging. DH's job keeps getting more and more stressful; his boss lost her job last  week so he'll need to get used to a new boss in the new year.


      Tessa - I'll have to decide which half to do - I'm not wild about the swinging bridge, but wouldn't mind avoiding the big-ass hill. Who else is doing the half, I wonder?


      Ginny - you got a lot done this morning!


      Lisa-Marie - bummer on the lengthy meeting.


      Off to bed - I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm beat.



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        Survived the conference room holiday party at work. not as bad as expected expected, although the karaoke was a FAIL. Beer pong was a hit, but I'm too old for that stuff. That's when I decided it was time to go home.


        Cindy, definitely give that ankle time to heal! No point in pushing it. Ankles are tricky and complicated with lots of moving parts.


        Judy, I need to work on speed. Are you doing intervals? Do you work with a coach?


        Certainly 'tis the season for choir concerts! I get my Xmas music fix from the cheesy easy listening raiod station that plays holiday tunes 24/7 this time of year. I'm such a sucker for that stuff.


        TGIF tomorrow!


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