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(Over 40) Easter Weekend (Read 21 times)

    Congrats on the PR JulieD!  And looking strong at the finish in that photo!


    When's the next one?  Big grin


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      Happy Easter.


      Hope Sue had a good birthday yesterday


      congrats Julie



      today is rest. I've run the last 14 weekend long runs at 20 or more miles. Think I need a break?!



        Good morning!


        LCruns - Sounds like a fun b-day celebration!  I miss those days with my girls!  Enjoy your run this am.

        Julia - Woohoo!  What a great race for you!!!  Love the pic too.

        Linda - big congrats to you and Mr. Linda too!!!  Great picture as well! (not sure where you want to lose that 5 pounds from tho - you look great Smile

        AnnieSusan - Great job on the 10 pounds - boo on the injury!   Hope recovery comes soon!

        Marjorie - You deserve a rest day for sure!!

        Ginny - Enjoy your family get together today.


        Had a case of the "clown feet" runs yesterday...just wasn't feeling it.....


        Happy Easter to all!



          Happy Easter to those celebrating! Down in Alabama with DH's brother and wife. Sort of a weird trip since there is not much around. Teasing for me because what is around are the foothills to the allegheny mountains with lots of parks and trails. Did get excited when I was directed to the Chief Ladiga Trail just a half mile away.  It's a rail trail though and paved No less. went there yesterday morning for a 10 mile / hour long run. Found that stage mainly flat/fast and smoothly paved "trail" mixed with temp in low 50's suited me well.


          ran 12 miles in 2:03 which is nearly my half PR pace. (2:12 half PR). Wow!


          Later we all drove up to Mount Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama. Beautiful.


          have a great day all.


          Not sure if Camille and I will get together bit hope so.




            Happy Easter!


            Lisa...great run for you!  Maybe it is that Alabama air.....no frost, ice or snow!


            Carrot cake is out of the oven, smells good.  Family not coming until around 3, so I have so relaxation time.  Planning on doing my WT soon.


            Julia...congrats again on your great 5K!  I have a 5K coming up, April 15, I would love to get your time.





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            LC Runs

              HAPPY EASTER!!


              8 miles this morning, makes 43 for the week, most I've run weekly since December.


              Have a wonderful day Julie, Lisa, Ginny, Marjorie, Gatsby and everyone that follows.....Big grin


                Karen:  The matching thing was cool, for sure.  I planned to wear the blue shorts and blue shirt together, but I had forgotten that the trail shoes were blue until I got them out.


                Karen, Marjorie, Lisa & Tessa (sorry if I am missing someone):  Karen-256 miles is amazing!! Congratulations to Marjorie also for consistently putting in amazing mileage totals--Lisa and Tessa, too.  All of you are inspire us to get out there.


                Julie:  Congrats on your PR.  A PR is a great way to start your racing season.


                LC:  Nice weekly total.


                Ginny:  I can’t stand a carrot, but I love carrot cake.  I finished Beautiful Ruins.  I liked it a lot.  I saw from your stars that you like it, too.


                Happy Easter to everyone!  We are going to a friend’s house.  I’ve been asked to make stout potatoes.  I had never heard of it, so I had to look up a recipe.   It is something like scalloped potatoes make with dark beer, heavy cream and butter.  I would guess one serving is going to be about 800 calories Sad

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                    Very cute Marjorie!


                    Congratulations on the new PR Julie!


                    Happy Easter to all! I ran my 16 this morning. Got done just before the rain. 16 at 8:46 pace makes for one tired Karen. Have just been doing chores since then. Need to make a salad to take to dinner at friends. I guess that's the difference between Easter dinner with a bunch of cyclists (salad) and Easter dinner with normal people (stout potatoes).



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                      Happy Easter to everyone who's celebrating!  I went to church then came home and cleaned the house a bit before Dad, brother and his family arrived.  We went out to brunch then came back here for brownies.  I will run at some point this afternoon when I'm less full.


                      Karen, that's a crazy fast pace for 16, wow.   Salad is very healthful, unlike the fried chicken and waffles that I had for brunch.


                      Marjorie, taking a break?!  Are pigs flying somewhere?!


                      Linda, hope the stout potatoes turn out well.


                      LC, I'm trying to get my weekly mileage up into the mid 40s too.  Nice 8 today.


                      Ginny, yum on the carrot cake, especially if it has cream cheese frosting.


                      Lisa, at least you found somewhere to run that worked out well.  I'm pretty sure I've never been to Alabama.


                      Carol, I'm trying to picture what "clown feet runs" are.  It makes me think of those Hoka running shoes with the big fat soles.


                      Enjoy the day everyone.


                      Run to live; live to run

                        Gatsby sure. It doesn't happen often but I do take breaks. Now I probably will run further tomorrow then my normal weekday run as my legs will be all ready to go.....




                          Very quick post, I'm falling asleep here. Weekend was nonstop. Service Friday night. 25 mile run Saturday morning with running neighbour and her DH. Quick ice bath and shower, rehearsal for service, baked a cake and a brownie pie for the potluck after the service, went to 2.5 hour service for the Great Vigil Saturday night, got to bed at 11:30 then got up at 5:15 to go to RN's church's sunrise service since she came to our vigil the night before. Then two services at my church -- so by 1 PM I had gone to three services and none of them were at St. Distance, so I came home and ran 6 miles. Then dinner at my parents' home. I am exhausted. Good night.