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    Marjorie, sympathy to you on dealing with your dad's problem. I suspect the scammer is going to figure out that this particular victim is a closed case about the time he (and it probably is a he) gets an email from highlyandrighteouslypissedoffdaughter@freemaildomain.com.

    Although I have heard about people having fun with the scammers by luring them on with stupid question after stupid question until the scammer gives up in disgust.


    Karen, congratulations on the raise! I hear you...sometimes the nicest people are also the ones who aren't overly burdened with brains. (But you know this. As Exhibit Number One, I offer...Jake.)


    Judy, the resolutioners should start falling away soon. Hope the same happens for this year's crop of creepy old men.


    Lisa, for those of us not on FB, could you post the info here? Feb 9 is a week before Buzz Marathon so I should be able to run some -- or I could carry the leaf at Calico on January 27 as I did Karnel's Flat Stanley two years ago. (Sniff.) Thank you for sharing the note from Bill.


    4 easy this morning. Passed running neighbour and her DH, normally they go to the gym on Wednesday mornings but apparently they wanted a road run today - but they are faster than I am and don't need to get back as early as I do so we said "hi and see you tomorrow".  I think the ants have been beaten back after a second vacuuming and spraying. Poor little Edmund (wuss puss) didn't come out from under the bed nearly the whole day for fear of the Terrible Tail Sucking Machine.

    And the cold air mass appears to have shifted, because it's noticeably warmer this morning.


    Waving to everyone else!


    Fire Jumper

      Hi there, Ladies


      I'm sorry that I have been out of the loop for the past several days.  I have been having a terrible time with my sugar, and it has had me pretty much down for the count.   I ended up leaving work yesterday because I felt so bad... and that is very rare for me.


      I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia about 1.5 years ago, and once I learned how to live life in a low glycemic way, I haven't had much trouble with it.  It was a learning process, but all seemed to be okay.   However, since the holidays, I have been having more and more off days.  For a while, I chalked it up to some fairly high glycemic choices (dressing, bread, dried fruits etc) at holiday meals.  But, I'm back to eating normal now, and the bad days are coming even more frequently.


      I have an appointment with my endocrinologist on Monday (had to be a squeaky wheel... her first "available" was in March!).  We'll see how that goes and see if she has any idea why this is so bad right now.


      I'm hoping to run today on the indoor track with RB.   I was able to run 3 miles on Monday by putting two sugar packets in my G2.  I really don't want for that to become my new normal.... like I have any control over that!


      On the positive side.... my tail bone is nearly all healed up.  Thank goodness. I have not said the word "Coccyx" so many times in one month... ever!  LOL


      Be well,


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      LC Runs

        Cindy - actually, it's okay here.  Cold and snow showers, but no accumulation.  Still run-able I guess lol


        Karen - I love my Trax.  You could put them in a jacket pocket for later use.  They're not really difficult to put on and off, but I tend to put them on a pair of shoes and leave them for the season.  It would be pretty easy to take them off if you ran into dry pavement, and a little more time consuming to put them on.  I actually just wear them even on dry pavement, they really don't break down like you imagine they would.  They're just a little 'clickety clackety' on the dry road.


        Karen - congats!!


        Hi Tessa, Marjorie,Julie, Ginny, Sue  Big grin


          I went to my master's swim class this morning, and I think I will enjoy it. I had been feeling somewhat intimidated, due to a previous experience where I was in with mostly  ironman type swimmers. This class was fine, though.


          Tessa, glad you have beaten back the ants. Poor wuss puss. Those vacuums are so mean.


          Marjorie, having to deal with your dad re: the scammer sounds truly awful. I hope you are past the worst of it. Good job on the fast run.


          julie, sorry about the hypoglycemia problems, but glad  your coccyx is better.


          Judy, if you have to dodge the January people, that counts as some sort of obstacle course run, doesn't it?


          hi to everyone else!



          Knit queen

          Knit Queen

            Hi ladies,

            Went to the gym this morning and did XX bike class.  I went to a strength training class early Mon. Morning and was so sore after the class and the next day that I did not do  a workout yesterday.


            So I weighed myself this morning after a week where I went off my diet and I am up by 2 lbs.  Boo Hoo.


            Nice response from Bill for the Karnel's run.

            sorry to hear about the hypoglycemia problem.  Cannot believe that the earliest doctor appointment you could get was in March!


            gotta go,




              Hello, ladies!  Thanks for all the kind comments about Houston.  I got part of the pics and  they are.all in the last few miles after the rain stopped and are ironically, my best ever marathon photos. : )  I may actually buy one.  I'm wondering...is it twisted to wish there was at least one  pic showing me holding the hood of my hat and  poncho in the gusts  of wind and rain?  Smile

              I finally home this pm.  Got to Atlanta late Mon night and planned take Mother for haircut Tues, but when she got OOB, she said she felt awful, had a low grade temp and urinary symptoms, so I took her to doc's PA instead.  Stayed an extra day to arrange some additional f/u and make sure she was a bit better.


              Marjorie, so sorry about your dad and am REALLY glad he had you to step in.  There was a segment on the local news about a middle aged woman who was taken in by a guy there.  Poor woman...they just prey on the lonely. I like Tessa's email address.  : )

              Demaris, I read your RR!  Congrats on your race.  Impressive that you had such a great full after the half!

              Karen, congrats on that raise!   Sounds like things are looking up for your current job. Smile    I wondered since you've talked about your boss being a great salesman if he just fits into being smart in the verbal and interpersonal catergories of that theory of 7 types of intelligence.   Maybe not, but a thought...the nerd in me.  : )

              On  trax..very popular in Fairbanks and I used them when it was a bit icy just for everyday getting around. Easy on/off.  A friend who moved to Anchorage has told me everyone there (more ice there since it's warmer with lots of melt/freeze days) uses the microspikes. Said they hold up longer and work better. Pricier.  If you need more info, I'd be happy to call her.

              Julie, sorry you are feeling so bad!  I hope you get it resolved soon.  Good for you for being a squeaky wheel...I was just thinking today that my mom would never make it in the  health care system without an advocate and even with me helping, it's tough.

              Tessa, I hope you had a better morning!  Have you thought of the reward your sis owes you for Monday?  It should be really good! Smile Back to your note on the race... it's hard for me to imagine why the Houston half is that popular.  : )  I was literally bumping into or being bumped a couple times/mile till they split off and I think a lot dropped or didn't show due to weather.  .I was in back of pack, but the crowding was as bad as NY (and less interesting) until they split.  Then, it was a nice race.

              Lisa, the leaf looks great.  Thanks for the note from Bill. I'll ck out FB page in am and will sign up. Have thought of you the last couple days...there's a relationship challenge from the Happiness Projecdt gal that started this week. I didn't sign up, but got emails and thought of you and others on forum who are having  challenges.  Will find link in am.

              Carol, almost forgot my weigh-in, though it's continually on my mind.  : )  Up half pound, but it's an afternoon weight and I'm hoping it'll be down in am.  Did drop a lb to 134.5 last Thurs, which actually concerned me so close to race...so I ate pancakes Sat. : )  Like you, knowing I have to post it keeps me from quite so many snacks. It's also helping me work on eating more veggies. : )


              Hi to everyone else. I'll catch up more tomorrow.  Walked on TM Monday, 0 yesterday due to Mom, and walking today.  May try gym and an easy run tomorrow or Friday.


              Fire Jumper

                Hi y'all.... back for personals!


                1st - Ran 3.5 tonight and managed to not have a low sugar.  I was so grateful.   Weird though... my Garmin recorded that my heart rate was crazy high, like 207 max and 146 average.  That just doesn't seem possible since my resting HR is in the 40's.  My ave is usually in the 110's. I wonder if Garmins can give false readings?


                Lisa - I love that this race is blessing Karnel's family.  What a wonderful note that you shared.  


                Judy - the students were back tonight, and all of the "New Years Resolution" runners were on the track!  Ugh... it was like 5:00 traffic on a Friday afternoon!


                Damaris - hope you LOVE Cirque!


                LC - Yay 5!


                Cindy - Battle of the Books sounds really interesting.  Hope the chiro went well.


                Ginny - sorry about the tough 3.



                Karen - Hey, you never know.  There could be a devastating earthquake or volcano or something that would flatten Mt. Mitchell!  Wink  YAY on the raise!  woohoo!


                Marjorie - oh my goodness, I missed a lot.  I am so glad that you stepped up for your Dad.  That kind of stuff makes me SO mad.  


                Sue - those all sound like great classes.  


                Tessa - my dog, all 55 pounds of her, either goes in her crate or leaves the room when the vacuum (or a hair dryer)  comes on.  She is such a big weenie!  lol   And eeww on the ants.  Have had to deal with that before.  ugh.


                AnnieSusan - thanks


                Lisa - yeh... when they told me March, I was like "oh, no way.  I need to see someone SOON!"   I got a call back in a couple of hours.


                Camille - thanks.  You're SO right.  If we're not our own advocates, or if we don't have someone to advocate for us, it would be easy to get lost in the system!


                G'nite all



                5K's and Obstacle Runs

                Goal for 2013:  10K


                Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.