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Hoping for a terrific Tuesday (Preggos) (Read 259 times)


    Did 2.5 miles of mall walking. I am feeling it. My friend and I used the same gps app, started within a few mins of each other and mine said 1.7 and hers 2.5. It felt like 2.5, which is why I'm going with it. We did a lot of laps.


    MA - Hoping you can kick this cold to the curb. Hope all the things your DH got help today.


    Laura - running a tri at 39 weeks! Man, now I really feel my feeble ambitions of just participating in a 5k are tiny. If you can do it, so can I (relatively speaking)!


    TN - So cool you're crocheting. I made DS a few sweaters when I was pregnant and I want to make something for this baby. Just don't know what. I made a hat too he wore when we left the hospital but this baby will be a June baby so I doubt it'll want a warm hat on its head.


    Liz - We were visiting family (they all live here, no one has to travel in) when we left the hospital. So a week would be nice! Honestly, you do what your gut tells you to do and don't be pressured by anyone else. If they get tickets in, great, use the time to sightsee until you're ready.


    Monk - sorry about the cold woes. Hope you get relief soon. And I know what you mean about transitioning a kid's room into a kids' room. A bit odd until the new kid is here!


    YJPM - I wish spa services were included. They told me on the phone the original cost (before the cash discount) was 22,000 so we're paying, after labs and u/s and extra, probably about 10. I'm a bit miffed about the 500 deposit for the anesthesiologist. I'm not going to use one (I mean, unless an emergency/planned C was necessary bc of breech or something) so why am I paying for it? I am going to ask my m/w if that can be waived.


    Ozzy - You can also start (if you haven't already) a probiotic regimen for you and then for your baby once your baby is here. I was negative but DS had to stay in the nursery overnight and was given abx. Our super awesome dr. put him and me on probiotics at like day 3 and between that and vitamins he's been pretty darn healthy considering. I also think getting retested is the way to go since these things are in flux and you very well could be negative at delivery.

    Laura G in Idaho

      Liz, too many visitors, even well-meaning ones, drain a new mom's energy.  With baby #11, there are a lot fewer visitors than with the first, for sure, but I still do my best to consolidate visits.  With out-of-towners, I don't know if this would work, but here's what I do:  Schedule well in advance, a visit for all your family and friends at once, say about 2.5 to 3 weeks after the expected birth.  That's long enough that you are starting to feel healed up and seem to have more energy, but baby is still young enough for grandmas to coo and cuddle.  Make the visit a maximum of 2-3 hours, and then it's OVER, and you can get back to life with your new baby.  People coming in from out of town should stay somewhere besides your house, out of courtesy for your privacy.  Maybe before the visit, ask with assumption, "What hotel will you be staying in?"  That's a nice enough way to tell them you don't want them to stay at your place without having to be too direct about it.  Now, of grandmas who want to "help" you for an extended time after baby comes, I suggest they stay in a hotel, but come to your house to do laundry, dishes, sweep/vacuum, and cook.  Maybe they can hold baby while you take a shower, so they can get their baby "fix" in.  DO NOT LET THEM HOLD BABY WHILE YOU DO HOUSEWORK!  Tell them, "I'm so glad you'll be coming to help with ______ when baby comes!  That will make it easier for baby and me to get the rest we need."  If straggling visitors come aside from the party idea, keep your bathrobe near the door, and throw it on when you answer.  This will send the message that you need your rest, and that they shouldn't stay long.  If DH is home to answer the door, get in bed (not necessarily under the covers and in pajamas, but that would be fine, too) and have them come to your room to visit you, rather than you coming to the living room to receive your guests.  You are not a hostess at this time, and they should respect and understand that.

      Laura G in Idaho

        Schmett, I'll only be 37 weeks, not 39, but I haven't signed up yet... Just training for now and we'll see how it goes.


          Liz: We didn't have too many visitors with A, and I think most if not all of them brought food and only stayed a couple hours. However, my ILs came up the weekend after A was born. A was born on a Friday, we were in the hospital until Sunday and they came the following Saturday and stayed until early Monday morning (in a hotel at least). That WILL NOT happen this time if I can help it. DH is a different person around his parents, which I think made it all the more stressful. He was freaking out all week about cleaning the house. And then I was having issues with BFing, so was gone for a long time sometimes trying to feed A. I remember being in our bedroom on the phone with the lactation consultant in tears and soon after that DH was in there freaking out that we were taking too long.


          The only possible issue with visitors this time may be that P is due March 1, and people want to come on their spring break, one of which is the second week in March or something... that visitor won't be as stressful as the ILs were though and I know the other spring breakers will bring food and help and not stay overnight. But hopefully P will come early so we'll have a bit more time before all that happens!


            Better late than never right? I never know when I will post due to my ridiculous schedule.


            Schmett: If you have a birth center within an hour drive that is a great option. DH and I could never afford a hospital (no health insurance) and my mom had done a birth center and loved it. I was happy with the rate ($3,600 for EVERYTHING). Seeing as how we're in Charlottesville and things are a bit pricey here, I was really thrilled.


            MA: So happy to hear that you slept well last night. There is nothing better than sleeping well for making the next day look so much better. Take it easy and kick that cold!


            Laura: Do you take iron supplements? I've heard it's very helpful for restless leg syndrome. Thankfully I haven't had to test the theory yet myself.


            TN: So great about the blanket. I am SO not crafty in that way or I would totally do something. I occasionally design t-shirts for my favorite band and hand paint them (with stencils etc) and they sell the designs they like at shows. The singer told me I need to start doing onsies. Smile Fun to feel the babies really going at it!


            Liz: Awesome job on the run. Don't feel bad about walking a bit. I think it happens to most everyone eventually. Ugh! Tons of family at once sounds overwhelming! Our baby is due around Spring Break so everyone wants to come because they are all off (have lots of sibs in school still on both DH's and my side of the family). Thankfully, my mom will be here to coral everyone.


            Monk: Yay for potty training! I bet you are so excited. Good luck with the cleaning. I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. Your family has really had it bad for a while now. Hope you can sleep better and get over the yuckies.


            YJPM: I've never had a panic attack but it must be horrible. Definitely talk to your doula about it. Hopefully all the subconscious panic will go away when you go into labor for real. That is a super weird dream! Our brains are so wacked out on pregnancy hormones!


            Ozzy: See my post on facebook about garlic cloves. It might help kill that GBS. Oh, you might ask about other natural antibiotic douches. Supposed to work wonders. My papers they gave me suggest comfrey, calendula, garlic, echinacea, goldenseal, st John's Wort, tea tree oil, white vinegar and plain yogurt.


            Mann: I have the Boba (courtesy of my sister who has one and loves it) and I can't wait to use it. She says her little girl stays in it most of the day! Apparently it's super comfortable.


            ER: Well, yesterday my planned 3 mile walk turned into a 3 mile run/walk which was awesome! DH wanted to go with me and I always feel motivated when he is there so we ended up running at least 2 miles of it. It was a slow run and I had some pretty bad RLP at points which made me have to stop and walk, but I was thrilled that I got a better cardio workout than I have in a while. Not sure what I'm going to do today. Having major stomach discomfort (see PGR) so maybe just some yoga.


            PGR: 30w5d. I started having stomach discomfort last night. I only made it halfway through my dinner and then felt super full and bloated and like I had the beginnings of heartburn. So I didn't finish my dinner. Later I had cereal b/c I was hungry and was in serious discomfort for the rest of the night! Today was ok after breakfast, but I couldn't finish lunch again and felt super bloated. I haven't had this kind of problem for probably 2 months now. Ugh. So frustrating! I've been feeling badly all afternoon and can't get comfortable. Not sure what is up. Hope if I eat only small meals for the next couple days I can get over the discomfort.


            NPGR: I just realized that I think I can use sick pay to make up for whatever portion of 40 hours I don't get during the week. Still not 100% sure but I will ask my boss tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I have enough sick time rolled over from last year that I can get 40 hours pay from now until I have the baby which would be a huge blessing! Now if DH can just get his jobs worked out we will be set!


              sash - your stomach issues are really common in later pregnancy.  baby pushes against the stomach making you feel fuller/faster, but then you eat less, are hungry sooner, and the cycle repeats.  Later, if/when the baby drops you'll be able to pack it away to your heart's (stomach's) content.  :-)  Not that any of that helps when you're full/bloated but oddly hungry at the same time!

              Laura G in Idaho

                sasha, I don't take any extra iron aside from what is in my prenatal vitamins.  My vitamin contains the upper limit of iron in it already, so I probably shouldn't add more.  I've never heard of iron helping to resolve RLS, but I have heard of magnesium helping.  Maybe I ought to check into that more.  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it drives me NUTS and starves me of much needed rest.  Sorry you are getting full, but hungry, lol.  I know how frustrating that can be!


                  Sasha - Freestanding birth centers aren't allowed in IL (though they have been working for years to change that) because we have too many facilities as it is or some BS. Honestly, I would love a free standing birth center, but I'm very fortunate to live in an area where midwives at least are an option at some local hospitals and homebirth is also becoming somewhat of an "acceptable" option. I really don't like the prevailing view of medicalized birth around here (though I won't get into it!) so yay for the options I do have.
                  As for your food/stomach issues, like Rocky said that's really common. Annoying, but common.


                  Sorry for the misread Laura, 37 weeks is still a great goal and achievement.