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Mighty Mouse

    My favorite food. Wink  Post.



    Mighty Mouse

      Monday was 45 minutes on the track and then another cardio DVD when I got home. It was good to see some old friends at the track. However, there has been an influx of weird old men who smile at the women all the time (even peeking around the weight machines) but do little else. Is Dr. Oz telling them to go to the gym or something?  Roll eyes

      Track run today and some cardio.

      Happy runs, All!  Big grin



      Run to live; live to run

        Morning  Judy!  Maybe they are like my dad and thinking they can find a new wife at the gym?  Who knows.


        Tessa good for you getting the bathroom done.


        Karen hope you hear back soon.  I am lucky I can put so many miles on my shoes.


        Laura nice double.

        Off to run.



        Fire Jumper

          G'morning ladies!


          Got in 3.12 yesterday.   About a 12 minute pace.  I have an appointment with a sports physiologist the fist week of May.  I'm doing a 75 minute eval to determine my Basal Metabolic Rate, VO2Max, along with my aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.    He may be able to help me with a training plan, specific to my body's use of fuel, that will help me get over that 12:00 hump.  We'll see how it goes.


          Judy - haha on the weird old men.  Guys stare at me all the time at the gym.   I think it's mainly because I'm about the only chick who works out with the free weights.  I'm an anomaly.   I'm also really intense when I work out.... I don't do the grunting and slamming around of weights, like the guys... but I don't mess around.  Maybe I scare them!  LOL


          Tessa - hooray on the longer days!!  Now, if it will just warm up!


          Carol - no kidding on the running group.  I'm going to have to write them again today and let them know we'll try on Friday.  Tomorrow is looking snowy and cold.  ugh.


          LC - I can honestly say that I've never seen a dog bark at his own tail!  LOL


          Karen - whew!   With all the vet bills around here, I'm glad that SOMEONE got by with just an office visit!  Smile   And WOO HOO on the cover letter and resume!   Even if the job isn't for you, you have broken that "gotta do something different" barrier.  Changes are a comin'!


          I'm trying not to cry about tomatoes  My will not here be until 5/15  *sniff* ... but I"m SO ready for some garden fresh ones... with chicken and corn on the cob on the grill!!!  sigh


          Core day, today

          Be well, all!


          5K's and Obstacle Runs

          Goal for 2013:  10K


          Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


          LC Runs

            Good Morning!


            4 on TM, not really feeling it this morning but glad I got something in. Smile  Maybe a couple after work, we shall see.


            Judy - ugh on the weird old men, there are sure a lot of them out there


            Marjorie - enjoy your run!


            Julie - nice 3.12.  Will be interested to hear what the sports physiologist has to say Smile


            Ugh, off to work...at least I have Friday off this week lol

              Good Morning!


              Up coughing again last night so I didn't run.  Will go after work.


              Hansons:  My running buddy Randy is using Hanson's training plans and has been setting PRs all season!  He gave me the book for Christmas.  Maybe I oughta open it!


              Yay Tessa on the bathroom remodel!!


              One of my co-workers had a stroke last night.  Please say a prayer for Janette.


                Good morning,


                I was up off and on all night too coughing.  No work for me today.  I didn't run, but I did my WT DVD.  Went pretty well.


                Judy....sorry about the weird old men...maybe Marjorie is right and they think it is a good place to find a partner.


                Julia...I will be interested in what the physiologist has to say also.  I can't get under 12:00 either, haven't for years now.


                Laura....good on doing the TM this morning even if you weren't into it, you did it.


                Had the weirdest dream last night inbetween coughing.  I was at, what I assume, was the Hatfield/McCoy...running the half, at one point in the dream I had to climb a haystack and I couldn't get up, then I got lost and ended up in a huge fenced in pasture, complete with sheep, and I couldn't find my way out, sometimes I would be running so fast that people were a blur as I passed them, and other times I couldn't hardly put one foot in front of the other.  When I finished, for whatever reason, I didn't cross the finish line , so after I was sitting around a few minutes, I got up and crossed the finish, instead of a medal I got a watch.  I think my legs were even  moving in bed when I was running fast because I woke myself up and then I would go right back to the dream....weird.  last night I slept in the guest room because of my coughing, so didn't wake up DH with my "running"  Unusual for me to remember so many details of a dream, this one is still vivid in my mind.  Oh yeah, I finished in 4 hours too, that huge 4 sticks in my mind.




                6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


                  I did another post earlier and the site froze again and then it was offline  for a while.  Maybe it's the 7:30 or 8 hour I post?  3 times in a week and I think first time since we switched from RW. Weird.



                  Karen, I thought you'd like that RR. I can't do the 6 days/wk with 3 intense days, but am trying 5 with a day of intervals and a long run, some with fast paced end. Good luck with the job.

                  Julie, I'm excited for you that you're having  the exercise physiologist eval.

                  Marjorie, hope it was a good run!

                  Tessa, yeah on BR redo!

                  Judy, we only have an occasional older guy at the gym here.

                  Sue, that cough is really hanging on...bronchitis?   Get well! Can't remember...did you get AB's or steroids?  I had one hang on a couple years ago and the steroids were magic!  I'd always resisted them, but that made me a believer.  Take care. Good wishes to coworker.

                  Ginny, weird dream...entertaining to read, though.

                  Laura, glad you're getting Friday off.


                  We have snow and it's still snowing, though lightly with only half inch or so. Supposed to be nice end of week.


                  Planning core and intervals at gym this afternoon. 8 45 seconds this week. Still trying to get this old body used to it.

                  I am having such a hard time motivating myself to get the house ready for the weekend. Wasted yesterday, so have to get a lot done today.


                  Run to live; live to run

                    11.1 for me  Pilates later.


                    Laura I did enjoy the run.  It was cold being in the 30's but it was not as windy as yesterday so that really helped.


                    Julie hope the exercise physiologist gives you some great information


                    Sue hope the allergies go away soon


                    Ginny what a weird dream!  Running dreams usually are.


                    Camille weird the site keeps freezing on you.  Maybe post over in the tech support forum.  They may have an answer for you or it could be something he needs to look at based on the browser you are using?




                      Ginny, I don't remember haystacks or sheep! Some grassy fields, but most of that area is mountainous and wooded. I'm sure the golf course people would not appreciate sheep being pastured on it.


                      Karen, hope it works out.


                      Susan, prayer said for Janette.


                      4 last night, well needed, and 4 this morning.


                      Please note this was not a full bathroom remodel -- just a replacement toilet! $1100 later we are now able to use the bathroom again. Thank goodness.

                      Bad Ass

                        Hi, ladies!  I just got back home with my baby!  I was planning on running but now I don't have time.  She has just hidden herself under the bed because Hershey is jumping on her, but hopefully they'll make peace soon.


                        judyruns, nice workout.


                        Marjorie, nice run today.


                        Julie, good luck with the appointment.


                        LC Runs, 4 is better than zero.  Great job.


                        sue, ugh, feel better.


                        Ginny, nice workout.  Hope you stop coughing.


                        camille, I was posting at that time, so yes, it sounds weird.  If you continue getting that issue, I would send an email to eric Smile and maybe he can check it out for you?


                        Tessa, nice pair of 4s.


                        OK, back to watch the princess out.



                        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                        Anonymous Guest


                          Ugh. Sitting down to relax for the first time all day. Busy day at work, 11 mile run (warm up, 3 x 2 miles, cool down), groceries, made dinner, cleaned up the kitchn, did a load of laundry....I am beat.


                          Still need to figure out what to pack for a quick trip to Chicago. Leave tomorrow morning and back Thursday night. And need to figure out my runs for the rest of the week with this stupid meeting in the way. And I just want to go to bed.


                          Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                          Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                            Ginny-4 hour marathon?  can I be in that dream too?


                            Ran 8.2 yesterday. Last night had a tough time sleeping so stayed in bed on/off dozing this morning.


                            Karen-wtg on putting in for the other job.  although that is sort of like racing.  you do one then you start looking at others.  keep resume handy.


                            off to beddy bye for me.