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    Instead of actually running a time trial (HA because that sounds hard and might make me feel like vomiting...), I'm going to guess, I feel like I could run 5k in 25 mins right now based on my 'fastish' runs in FL.  Plugged that into McMillan, and get the EXACT tempo paces that I've been running, and the predicted HM time off that is 1:55, so I think I'll use that, at least for tomorrow's workout.  Even if I did get the energy up to run a time trial it wouldn't be before tomorrow.


    ER from today (ST'ing details for Bermy et el) - 3x12 chest press 50lb, 3x12 single legged squat, 3x12 tricep extension 25lb both arms, 3x12 deadlift 60 lb, 3x20 (10 each side) front plank to side plank, 3x12 kettlebell clean 20lb, side walk w/resistance band

    5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

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