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    vaccinations - we vaccinate, on the normal schedule.  I researched it and didn't find a personally compelling reason not to.  Even if my family is not taking the risk of international travel or whatever, that doesn't mean other people won't and subsequently expose my kids to it.  For us, it's what we feel is best for our family.


    I'm sure part of it is having a medical professional for a mother (RN) but I agree with this 100%. Plus we are going to Mexico in May... so not taking any chances there.

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


      started personals earlier, but had to close out of the window - argh. Oh well, I can update on my u/s - Baby A is head down, Baby B is head down/transverse (she was head-butting A in the stomach this time), their feet are all in a pile - where i feel probably 75% of movements, so that makes sense.  Baby A is measuring 2lbs 7 oz, Baby B is 2lbs 9 oz - so about 5 lbs of baby. Yikes!


      schmett - glad you got a nap in yesterday - and I hate all my maternity pants/jeans except one pair. DH and I are sort of anti-technology and kids, but when we do trips of 5+ hours with LOs, I think it will be nice (and DSD will probably enjoy it the most, anyway).


      Liz - Great score on the chariot, especially with all the accessories!


      sasha - That is so great that you are trying to reach out to your friend - I'm sure she is experiencing a wide range of emotions and could use support.  As far as vaccination goes - I'm guessing we'll probably follow the standard schedule, or maybe a slightly delayed schedule - except for Hep B, for the reasons Laura mentioned. I'm a fairly firm believer in herd immunity, and if my children were physcially unable to be vaccinatd, I'd appreciate if other people vaccinated to reduce the incidence of disease. Plus, I can't control whether other people are sick, and we will be using daycare, we have an older child who goes to a different school and a different home half the time, where she lives with other kids who go to another home half the time, we will be traveling, and hopefully traveling internationally if we have the opportunities.  I don't think peds are trying to force people to vaccinate their kids by refusing to take them in their practice if they aren't vaccinated - I think it's a matter of those kids being a liability of the ped has a patient that is immuno-compromised- they can't take the risk of their patient being exposed to something. The study showing a link between MMR and autism was actually disproved and formally withdrawn from the Lancet: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1960277,00.html  For our family, the vaccinations make sense.


      Mann - I hope you're not getting sick - that would be miserable. I hope your furniture shows up right away on saturday so your afternoon is free!


      Laura G - I can't recall the brand - nature made, perhaps?  It's an all-in-one pill. So far, I've been able to eat and fall back to sleep fairly easily - I try to keep the lights low while I eat in an attempt to not fully wake up Smile I hope you have a nice calm weekend to recover from your busy week!