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Mopey Monday (Over 40) (Read 21 times)

    I look like Karen when I imagine what I look like when I run.  Flailing arm and all.  IN reality I doubt that I've EVER had that much air time unless there happened to be a critter running across the trail or a donut or beer aid station ahead.


    Back still feeling pretty good.  A little tight so I put ice on it and stretched some more.



      Carol-I've known people who did the mini-marathon... it is packed! They said it was a neat race and the lap that you do on the race track was surprising to see just how banked it is. You end up running on the inner track because it would be impossible to actually run on the race track because of the angle.  I don't know anything about Indianapolis otherwise.





        Lisa, fingers cautiously crossed, hope the injury has been banished.


        And laughing about air time only if there was a critter on the trail or a donut/beer station up ahead...yes, critters will cause one to levitate and take off running without touching the pavement!


        Karen, a conference call at 4:30 PM? Is he NUTS?


        6.56 on the TM at lunch. Running neighbour is in for tomorrow morning, so headed for bed soon.