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Springy Thursday (Over 40) (Read 16 times)


Mighty Mouse

    Dare I call it Spring?

    Post.  Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Wednesday I had to deal with the car needing repairs so after seeing to that I did a cardio DVD for 55 minutes at home.

      Today will be an outside run in the park and possibly a cardio DVD later.

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        Judy - It seems to have sprung to summer here....Hope you are getting your car issues taken care of.


        LCruns - It is crazy that it is in the 80's isn't it, our thick winter blood hasn't had time to acclimate to that temp Smile   When I ran Monday I wasn't prepared to sweat my a@# off....


        Lisa & Karen - Is NJ Marathon Sat or Sun?


        LisaMMR - RB just sent me an email with a suggestion for fun race - it was Run Woodstock Wink....my reply....let's go!  She is interested in the half...Are you planning on any of the runs there?


        Off to work, then quick run, get packed and off to Indy in the am!




        Fire Jumper

          G'morning y'all!


          OH what a beautiful mornin'..... OH what a beautiful day.... I've got a beautiful feelin' everything's goin' my wayyyyyyy


          Okay, I've got that out of my system Smile


          Ran with my sweet little group yesterday.   We're getting into some "serious" time without walking (a whole 8 minutes).  I love watching the looks of accomplishment on their faces when we get to the end of a run.  They're up to about 2 miles now.  I can't wait to see them finish their first 5K!!


          After I parted with my group, I ran another 2.5... just because i was stellar day. Ended up with pink shoulders and pink cheeks.  LOVE IT!!!


          Core Meister today.  Yipee!


          Camille - As soon as Karen (or Lisa?) mentioned the Hokas, I went and looked them up.  You're right... no crow would give them a 2nd look.  But, I'm intrigued.   Please let me know how you do in them.


          Tessa - OMGosh... you made me laugh right out loud with the Hoka and Maxis comment.  I have to tell ya... as an addictions specialist, I can't help but see "hookah" when I look at that word... lol


          Carol - cool on swimming.  I have thought of training for a Tri... but, I live in a rural place with tiny to non-existent shoulders..... and inattentive drivers.  Biking any distance at all scares me to death.


          Karen - SCORE on the hotel points!  That is terrific!  Hotel and airline loyalty points are a wonderful invention.  I'm a Holiday Inn/Crowne Plaza kind of girl myself.  I maintain Platinum status with that group.  I use points to go do races.  It's nice.  RB#1 has points too.  So, we tend to switch off with making the reservations.


          Ginny - woo hoo on your "surprise" half.  That makes me smile!


          Okay... off to start my day.




          5K's and Obstacle Runs

          Goal for 2013:  10K


          Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.


          LC Runs

            Whoo hoo weather!!  4.75 this morning Smile


            Judy - YES, call it Spring (Unless you live in Minnesota, yikes)!


            Carol - I know, I was suffering yesterday too.  This morning was perfect though.  Good Luck at Indy, can't wait to hear about it.


            Julie - nice run!  I need to check out these Hokas you are all talking about lol


              Good morning!


              Lisa, I'm actually surprised that the Greenway trail was featured. It's quite nice, but it's short and is in a suburban area. Not like the trails you run to train on and do trail races on, etc.  Still pretty and I wish we had something similar or that it was closer. BTW, is Hoka pronounced Ho-KAY?  I saw that one place after I bought the shoe.  I saw the one-one is onay onay, but when I asked for HO' ka the guy showed me the shoe.  : )   I'm looking forward to hearing about New Jersey!


              Julie, I love hearing how your group is doing.  : )


              Tessa, you are right about the Hooka maxi pad look!  I  wish they didn't look so weird.

              Carol, run Woodstock sounds like fun!

              Tessa, 299+ is great!

              Laura, 80?  Warmer than here. Enjoy!

              Marjorie, the points are sweet, aren't they?

              Ginny, woo-hoo!  You've already done your half. : )


              I tried the Hoka Bondi yesterday on the treadmill. They are wide and very cushioned and.... I had no foot pain! : )  I  always have pain on the treadmill. It's not bad pain, but...   I did catch myself not clearing/dragging my L foot (affected) a couple times.  The sole is so thick, I may need to pick up feet more. They seemed bigger than in the store, so I'll try a half size smaller next week, but  may have to keep these for the forefoot width.  The other odd thing is they are higher than I'm used to.  For running,  the pace felt different. I was doing intervals and it seemed my turnover when I slowed for the jog recovery needed to be  the same as the fast. I could only tell a little that I was getting a break, if that makes sense.  I think they might be slow shoes.  I am going to use them a fair amount though, since the neuroma didn't complain at all in them.  My foot complains a little in every shoe, despite the alcohol shots.


              Running-10.5 yesterday with 6 at park and then treadmill for interval section.  Need to do 3-4 today.


                Good Morning,


                Judy....I am afraid to hope that it is Spring, I remember snow on Mother's Day, so I don't feel that confident.


                Carol...I was supposed to do Run Woodstock with Lisa one year, I never made it, but I did get the cool shirt because I had registered.  I was only going to do the shorter distance though.


                Julie...it is a beautiful morning.


                LC...nice run this morning


                Camille...glad the shoes seem to work for you...no pain is great!


                I ran 5 this morning and it was a beautiful morning.  There is a local 10 mile race this Saturday and I am thinking of doing it.  Registered for the Cleveland half this morning too, that is May 19th.  Hopefully I won't have the issues I had last year.





                6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15



                  SUMMERtime...and the livin' is easy...(not)


                  Santa Ana winds this morning. Not cold, but howling. Running neighbour and I met up and said at the same time "let's run east today" since the wind was from the east. Struggled out against the wind and came back sailing with it behind us. We also decided 4 miles was sufficient. And we scared some guy who was pulling out of the gas station and headed for the freeway because we were both telling him to put on his lights. Amazing how many drivers don't think about that when they leave the gas station -- I think they turn them on when they leave the house because they can't see, but the gas station is on a brightly lit corner so they don't realize they haven't turned their lights back on.

                  Last day of work for a week! Giving back operations finals tonight, there will be pizza (and wine -- thank you Target for honouring that coupon!) and then I still need to hit the grocery store and the pharmacy. And maybe do some laundry. And pack for much colder weather. Sigh.


                  Run to live; live to run



                    10.4 for me.


                    Laura nice run for you.


                    Lisa ha on 0.0 number. Why yes it is.


                    Carol good luck in Indy.


                    Julie so happy the group is going well.


                    Camille yes the points are nice. My trip for dads wedding cost me only $5. Not bad. As this tax not covered.


                    Ginny good for some nice runs. Yay for Cleveland.


                    Tessa nice to have the wind dot help on the way back.


                      Hi ladies.  Just a quick check-in to see how everyone is doing.  SRD for me since I got in late last night after watching my niece's musical (she's an amazing sincer and dancer... not sure where that ability came since neither my brother nor his wife have any such talents.  Nor me for that matter).


                      Tessa, I work up to warm, howling winds today too.  We usualy have a couple days of this every year... but still very weird to step outside at 7:00 am into 75 degree temps.  Supposed to cool down for us this afternoon when the winds shift to ocean breezes, which is much more typical.  Bad fire danger though and there's smoke in the air from a fire in Napa.


                      Judy, hope your outside run is enjoyable (and glad you're not in an area getting suffering from winter storms!).


                      Carol, is Run Woodstock actually in THE Woodstock in NY?


                      Julie, how fun that your running group is making such good progress.  Glad they're sticking with it.


                      LD, good to hear that you're getting some good weather finally!


                      Camille, I know people who swear by Hokas (they calll them HAH-kas) but I've never tried them.  They sure look comfortable. Didn't someone here refer to them as maxi-pads on your feet?  I'm thinking Tessa said that.  Cracked me up.


                      Ginny, glad you're also getting some nice weather.  Whoohoo for signing up for races!


                      Marjorie, yippee for using points.  $5 seems quite reasonable for a trip.


                      Hi to everyone else and enjoy the day!


                        Hi ladies-


                        I slogged my way through 5.5 miles this morning - it was a tough one, and I felt awful. I'm chalking it up to maybe not being 100% - I've had a nagging headache since yesterday, and when I got home from taking the boys to school this morning, I thought "I'll just lie down for a minute before I run" - and woke up an hour later. Still don't feel great, so maybe I'm fighting something off.


                        Carol - have fun in Indy! Can't wait to hear about it.


                        Julie - I'm with you, I would be scared to bike on the roads where you live. Besides the lack of shoulders and distracted drivers, it's also too hilly!


                        Laura - I wish we would get some good weather! It's not cold, but it's been gray for days. And humid.


                        Camille - yay for the no foot pain!


                        Ginny - I really like the 10-mile race distance. I wish there were more of them.


                        Tessa - are you headed to SD?


                        Marjorie - nice run. As always, your mileage is impressive.


                        Gatsby - what musical was your niece in? I hope you get cooler weather.


                        Karen - good luck in NJ! I'm excited that your splits will be posted on FB, so I can cyberstalk you!


                        LisaMMR - how is the IT band/sciatic nerve feeling? Fingers crossed for you for this weekend.


                        Off to get some work done. Have a great day-



                        2015 Races: St. Leo's 10K 3/21, Tar Heel 10-Miler 4/18,  Salem Lake 7-Mile Trail Run 9/26, Turkey Strut 5K 11/26, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/5


                        Run to live; live to run

                          I think I can use points for HM too. This is great. I need to do hotel for dads and car. I should get the wedding trip to dads for next to nothing. Not bad.   HM I already did the hotel for free. Should be able to do the flight and hope the car too.


                          Anonymous Guest


                            Yes, I do believe it's finally spring! Just in time for summer!


                            Augh. How do I tell my idiot boss to stop trying to use big words to try to make himself sound smarter? I got copied on an email he sent to our chairman and cringed, it was so bad. Seriously, here are a couple sentences. "Pete commented that this would be an important meeting to encompass discussion on the APA focus for 2014. With that in mind, Jim suggested everyone plan on scheduling their flights out on Tuesday morning to alleviate the meeting being cut short by members catching flights out Monday afternoon/evening." This was in response to the chairman simply asking what date we chose for the meeting.


                            Plus it's newsletter time again - remember last month's "industry persons and their members"? Now, not only am I getting more crap like that from him, but he's also adding to and rewriting stuff that I got from other people. People that know how to write. With a note to run his changes by them. I'm too embarrassed to show them what he did to their words!


                            Okay, breathing. Just three more hours today and a half day tomorrow. I can do this. I'm going by a gym not too far from here after work tomorrow to check it out - need a pool to practice and my neighborhood pool doesn't open until Memorial Day weekend. I realized last night that I'm the worst person in the class. The other two are using the whole length of the pool while I still have to stop at the 4-foot line. But I think the other girl has already been through it once before, or at least part of it. She seems to already know the instructor and is way ahead of me and the other guy.


                            And running 6 easy tonight, plus stopping for groceries and doing laundry. I fondly remember previous tapers where I had all this extra time on my hands.....what happened to that?


                            Carol, good luck and have fun this weekend. Let me know what you think about a weekend in Indianapolis. My sister and her husband used to go there every year, but they had friends there and I think they always went Indy 500 weekend.


                            Julie, I'm so proud of you and your little group!


                            Ginny, hopefully this late spring will mean May races won't be so awfully hot like they were last year. I remember the heat I had at the Poconos, and the horrible heat you had in Cleveland, and marathons getting cancelled due to the heat. Maybe the awesome, perfect weather we're supposed to get for New Jersey this weekend will be a sign of things to come for May!


                            Tessa, is it Lincoln this weekend? And when is the next weekend you are NOT racing?


                            Camille, thanks for the info on the shoes. I just wish they weren't so ugly and expensive. I could handle one or the other no problem. Interesting on feeling like you have to pick up your feet more. I tend to shuffle, I think, so I wonder if I would tend to trip on my own feet.


                            Nice runs Laura and Marjorie!


                            Cindy, sounds like you may indeed be fighting something. At least the ugly runs make you appreciate the awesome ones even more.


                            Gatsby, living in northern CA you need a couple funky weather days every so often or you forget how awesome the weather normally is. It is easy to take it for granted that it's pretty much always going to be perfect, except for January when it rains.


                            Damaris, if you check in, have a great race and weekend! Okay, even if you don't check in, I hope you have a great race and weekend...



                            Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                            Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                            LC Runs

                              Karen - lol, I read his response and can't figure out what he is trying to communicate!  I actually work with a woman who sends similar emails.  She has a high school diploma, has worked for the agency for 20+ years and actually believes she  has "been grandfathered" into receiving a BA.   Yes, her current position now requires a Bachelor's Degree, but that doesn't mean she earned one because of it!


                              Hi Ginny, Cindy, Marjorie, Tessa, Camille and Gatsby Big grin

                                Carol-----are you running Indy this weekend?  I am!  Leaving in the morning for a cough cough conference that happens to begin on Sunday.  What luck!!  Let me know if you are going to be there.


                                Was in Silver Spring MD (Washington DC area) Monday through yesterday for a meeting.  Took the late flight home, got up early for a quick 3 miles and took DD to have wisdom teeth removed.  She did fine.  Slept till this afternoon and was ready for a smoothie, ice, and drugs.  Had to run through the office bc I didn't have my flight itinerary and some other important things for Indy trip in the morning.  I am in scramble mode.  On my way to quilting.  Check with y'all after things settle down in Indy.  Doing the Indy Mini 500 Festival half marathon on Saturday---so excited!!!!


                                Camille--never heard of that brand of shoe.  YOu will have to let us know what you think


                                Yay Tessa!


                                Sorry for skimpy personals.  Love y'all!!  You are so very inspiring to me!!!