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beskirted & manicured

    shelby - I hope everything turns out all right!


    erin - I always barely managed to fit in ST whereas I always get my cardio in, so I'd probably go with the Pilates class.


    spike - lmao @ cocka! wait till he yells that in public.


    jmm - I loved your cake, don't know how you could stand to cut into it.

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      Zorbs: great news about the polish


      Bermy: 16 miles with the stroller is amazing!!


      shoot kids are screaming for me. BRB

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      Honorary Old

        zorbs- he has a book with farm animals and I can always tell which animal he is looking at because he either names them or says what sound they make. Cocka! Always makes me laugh. He tried to say firetruck the other day and it just sounded like the F word.

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          spike - Yep...my DH is just like yours.  He thinks he has to be around every second when he is home and apologizes profusely if he has to get a haircut or something.  He won't workout when he is home either...only does it while traveling.  I tell him all the time it doesn't matter and he says it matters to him and is his personal choice.


          zorbs - Good idea to cook things DH won't eat.  Glad you got your nailpolish exchanged.


          jm - Take a good rest day and do something for you.  Definitely do not feel bad about the DNF...you still ran a 25K on trails and that is amazing to me and most people!


          Honorary Old

            QOTD- how often do you run with a RP? I realized that last week RP and I did all 5 runs together and it seems like a tad much. I need to not be codependent about running... I think its the weather.


            Jen- DH can't workout at work (until they get a treadmill in the control room that is- which I've been encouraging him to write a proposal for), so he's only been working out 2x a week or so vs the 5-6x a week he was when I was preggo and he got to his lowest weight. He has gained about 15-20 lbs and complains about it. He has to workout because his new position is completely sedentary and his old job had him walking 4-6 miles a day AND he was exercising on top of that. DH has a tendency to overcompensate- if I encourage him to do things he enjoys he will spend all weekend out hunting/fishing etc and no time with us, and if I tell him I'd like to do something as a family he spends all weekend on the couch. He has made some comments about me running a lot lately which I don't think is called for since I'm just following Dr's orders and I push R in the stroller a lot. I have been counting on DH to watch him more in an effort to get him to spend QT with R. For some reason he's chicken to take R out and about with him on errands though, he pretty much never does that.

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            beskirted & manicured

              spike - last week I did all 5 of my runs with at least one RP as well.  I agree on the codependency..I should keep at least one run solo but can't seem to bring myself to it.

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              Honorary Old

                zorbs- I think running with an RP so much is part of the reason I'm having such a hard time with my mental game in racing. Prior to being pregnant/post partum running I would run with an RP *maybe* one or twice a week. I even did 10+ mile runs on my own fairly often, now that's unheard of for me.

                2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                  Rg – sounds like your lo is suffering from my lo’s no-nap nature right now. DS has just gone down, phew, finally. Hope your work full time finishes soon so you can relax a little and have a little more time to yourself. But yeah to the money! How did you get better with 5ks? What’s the secret? My coach loves having DS in stroller for our workouts esp if she has done her own personal interval training in the morning as she can still command me around and fit in her own running too. I think it’s gotta be that way if you are running as fast as you do.


                  Zorbs – love your desire for structure in your workout. Good luck with the curry. I was like “how many ingredients”? don’t f-up the tofu like I did. I do eat other things you know – I just always post my dinners on here and they are from the same cookbook. Hhhmmm, making my own gels. Excellent point. Will investigate that.


                  Eh – I am a crazy mama. Hope docs goes well. Enjoy the break. What strength training did you do?


                  Ernie – glad you had a good time this weekend! You have been partying! Hope you can get some rest. Yay to LO walking!


                  Jen –don’t have a choice re. long run. I don’t have a treadmill and all childcare here available part time is awful. I’d just rather fit it all in and do it myself. Maybe if I did less multi-tasking I would be better at running? But that’s what I love about it – it’s a lifestyle right?! Sorry J knows about DH leaving. Maybe DH will cut his travelling back if he can? Does he want to?


                  Cx2 – oh no to your sister being sick. Poor lady. Good for you for staying to help her out. Hope the nanny works out.


                  Mer – I adore the blanket. You could have your own little shop – seriously – it is so beautiful. I thought it was professionally made and you were showing me one you wanted to copy. Heard anything about the letter? Like “can you pop into my office to talk about it?”


                  Mrszm – omg – decorating ice skates and now waterparks. Seriously, can you be my extended family? You do such COOL stuff with your kids.


                  Arm – great job on your hm this weekend – and your biking. Nice work lady! What are you goals for your upcoming hms? Not sore at all from yesterday. Nor from run this morning. I feel like I have done some exercise but I took it easy so it was fine.


                  CA – I think of you a lot when I am running. I wish you had been at my 5k yesterday and elbowed me past that lady at the start and given me a pep talk at 2m. Big hugs about your cyst. Glad you are getting it taken care of. The races will all be there when you’re done – and you will be able to push yourself harder.


                  Shelby – hope your simulation goes ok. Sounds pretty serious. Hope you can get it all sorted.


                  Erinl – no idea on bed sharing. But I am so glad you asked so I can share. I like yoga if I am a little sore in cross training. I think my body is so used to pushing stroller I don’t feel anything. Although I was starting to get blisters on my hands. Do they make stroller gloves?! I was on trail so I needed to push with 2 over the rocks/through sand for most of it.


                  Spike – ha ha on penis. Good for you. My DH does bath and they just do their guy thing whatever that means. Yay on R being so well behaved at the dance party. Cutback might be just what you need to rejuvenate. I have to be pretty ‘on the ball’ when mothering in the stroller  - talking about what we see, singing songs, passing him things, playing peekaboo. It’s not really about me running – that’s kinda a side-thing going on…


                  QOTD – My DS is my running partner. I don’t have one. But would love one or many.


                  Jm – join the ‘I feel bummed about my run’ club. Membership is free – you just have to be disappointed. Happy birthday - nice cake!

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                    Bermy - I honestly think that your stroller running makes you better, faster, stronger!!  You are soooo right...running is a lifestyle and should be fun and definitely not something you feel like you HAVE to do but don't enjoy.  I got into that mess before and it is not fun.  DH would love to cut back on his traveling but it isn't optional for what he does.  The nature of his job requires travel so even if he worked for a different company (which he doesn't want to) he would still travel.


                    Spike - I wish I had an RP to depend on...it would force me out in the cold running.  Do you think it is a drawback to have someone to run with all the time?  I think it helps push you more!


                    Honorary Old

                      Jen- I have less control over what kids of workouts I do when I run with someone else. She's not big on tempo runs but loves hill runs, which I can only do if I have a babysitter for R- I'm not hardcore like Bermy and can only do the occasional hill with the stroller. I think that it makes the time pass more quickly running with an RP, but I think when it comes to race time, its harder for me to focus just on running.  I rarely get to run totally by myself sans RP and Stroller and I miss it.



                      Ruh-roh. I think I might be getting a stomach bug. Having some GI distress and nausea :S  Hoping its a fluke!

                      2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                        Shelby - I hope your day gets better and you're able to work something else with the missed simulation. If they're being hard ass about it, maybe you can get a doctor's note to explain your absence?


                        Spike - Glad you had fun at the dance party! How does it feel to be back to eating meat after your month of vegetarian meals? For your QOTD, I only run with an RP once a week. In the past I have run with other people more but since having a baby, I really enjoy the alone time!


                        Jmmiller - 7 am must feel like a serious sleep in compared to how early your kids usually wake up! Glad you had a great birthday. I loved your cake!


                        CAR - Ha ha, I sure don't have it in me to party like I used to! I was crazy tired yesterday and only lasted until halftime at the Super Bowl party. I hope you can get your cyst surgery scheduled for when you want it. I know the wait times vary from province to province, but I know a couple of people who have had cysts removed lately and they were able to get in really quickly and had their choice of dates, so I hope it's the same for you.

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                          rg: ugh to the poopfest during naptime!


                          zorbs: do you run the water for the tub while b is sitting on the potty? i've heard that helps get the pee flowing. the last two times c has had a bath he has stood up in the tub and peed. not sure why or how he knows to stand?


                          bermy: great job on your race! ugh to aunt flo. she is such a biotch; i hate her. mine is still figuring itself out from after stopping nursing c. but knock on wood this is the first month that i haven't spotted before or after; i'll take it! 16m with a stroller; you are a supermom indeed!


                          eh! hope your appointment went well!


                          ernie: glad you had a good busy weekend. and i hear ya on needing a weekend to recover from the weekend! too cute about the walking. yup, they totally don't get it in the beginning. that's why i never minded when my kids started walking later; when they are too little they are so clueless as to what they are really doing.


                          jen: not sure how you do it with your dh gone for that long at a time. does he plan on doing this job forever? good luck at the dentist! i HATE the dentist! great job with your mileage!


                          cx2: glad you survived the wedding festivities! bummer on your sister still being sick for it. yup, still doing the tm here too.


                          mer: what do you do for timeouts? have fun at class!


                          arm: kudos to you for doing a sleepover after the hotel barffest. nice mileage in yesterday! cute to the 7 month old!


                          car: hope your appointment goes well!


                          onto page 2...


                            shelby: hope things aren't as bad as you thought with your professor!


                            erin: my sister and i shared a bed for awhile while we were younger with no problems. our girls sleep together at hotels or other people's houses and we never have issues. could you swap the queen for bunk beds? our friends just bought full over full bunk beds; not sure if they have the same for queen size...?


                            spike: rp and i were running 3 times a week together and then i was still doing one run solo (longer and faster). it definitely is a motivator for me to get up early and run as when we don't have plans to run i don't get up early and just run during nap times. but i think it was causing me some aches and pains from running too slow with her. it's been cold here the last couple of weeks so we haven't run together and i've been hitting the tm and so has she. it'll be interesting to see how we do running together later this week when we pick it up again. i'd say keep it up if it's working. if you feel like you're missing something by not running solo set a day a week to run alone.


                            jen: got dd2 registered! crazy! thinking the dells, yes. crap, i still haven't looked anything up today!


                            jmmiller: i thought of you during the game last night. dh won the football pool at work because of the safety! chiro is trying to get me into trail running. he's doing a 50 mile trail race in may!


                            zorbs: there's a great wolf lodge near us too. what we really need to make sure we have is a condo with separate living/sleeping areas, so the adults can stay up drinking after the kids are in bed Wink


                              erin - we bunked our girls.  Sometimes they sleep in the same bed and it's fun for them, but  my older daughter needs her personal space so I don't think it would work very well to have them sleep in the same bed every night.  Plus they move around so much when they sleep, I feel like they'd be waking each other up all night long!


                              bermy - my goal for the year was to run a sub-2 hour half marathon and I did that January 5th so now I don't feel like I have goals for my other hms coming up.  DH is mad at me because I told him I don't care how I do.  So I guess I will just try to stay under 2 hours again?  I feel like 7 weeks in between races isn't really long enough to improve my time by much.


                              jen - I'm running the Disney Princess half marathon on Feb. 24th.


                              spike - I do almost all my running alone.  I kind of prefer it, although on yesterday's 13 I was wishing I had someone to run with so I could go to a different trail that I'm too scared to run on when I'm alone.


                              Ran a quick 2 miles this morning before PT workout and was going to add another mile afterwards but she worked me hard and had me running stairs and up and down hills with weights in my hands and sprinting and high knees so that was enough.

                              running eh

                                ernie - funny that DD took all those steps at one time!  hope you survive until the next weekend Smile  My goal is to ST 2x per week, but I don't really know what I am doing.  I just joined a gym last month, and I don't have any equipment at home.


                                mjen - hope DS is a good sleeper while DH is away  there is nothing worse than being alone and tired and being woken up multiple times be a screaming child.


                                cx2 - that stinks for your sister.  I hope she recovers quickly.  Is she supposed to be going on a honeymoon now?


                                mer - yum, guac is one of my very favourite foods.  did you make it?


                                mzm - have you been to a waterpark before?  My mom and I took my three last year.  The older kids loved it, but my mom had a bad headache from all the water noise in the park.


                                arm - you are really getting those miles in, way to go!  I am dreading the day of the first sleepover - DD's 7th birthday party was noisy and chaotic enough and it was only 2.5hrs long! gaahh, your workout sounds tough!!


                                CA - keep us posted on the appointment.  My doctor and I got talking marathons - she ran her first last year and is doing Ottawa this year- kind of fun!