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Take me to the Weekend Thursday - Preggos (Read 279 times)


    Youjust: higher earnings? I thought there was  just a standard .. I'm applying for both as well, I think I end up making like 40% of my old salary. lame. 


      Back a bit late....


      MA - So wish I knew what what was going on with the burning belly? It has me curious. Re: tiredness - check out my iron comment as a possible culprit. Though it's great you are listening to your body and resting as needed, nice job.


      CJazz - Had to laugh at the "freezing when you get back" comment...uh, wasn't it you who posted the pic of all that snow recently? Isn't that cold enough??? I agree on the food shopping in the US, it's crazy cheap; actually so are a lot of things, DH always gets his car oil in the US - it is seriously 8-10x cheaper than in canada. HAVE AN AWESOME TIME IN TEXAS!


      Teri - Argh, love how excited you are that LO is making moves for his arrival, I'm excited for you too Smile


      Schmett - Ah, how nice to find an accurate scale! But how frustrating that they keep changing the due date! Enjoy your last full week of classes.


      Monk - I find I work my indoor workouts (except swimming) into 15min "intervals" to allow for the bathroom breaks... enjoy your weekend with DH, I hope a job does come up for him soon or in the NY. Happy Birthday for this weekend; what movie will you see?


      Sasha - nice work on the night run! I too have trouble going to sleep if I workout later - but sometimes it's worth it to have such a satisfying workout in the darkness. I find it pretty neat that midwives can "feel" and know the parts of the baby inside the uterus, sounds like you are doing really well. 


      YJPM - too funny on the food priorities! I met p with a workmate of DHs yesterday who had dealt with all the mat leave EI stuff and had trouble (though it was actually our company's calculations that caused her so much trouble). I just wish the paperwork was simpler...hopefully you can get the full EI you are entitled to and your dramatic preggo waddle convinces them Smile


      TN - I think I found the gap from the 12w scan to the 20w the longest, it was so hard to not be anxious and I had to keep re-directing my mind to survive the suspense. Hopefully the "twin" card can see you get an earlier scan...mind you, after 20w you won't have a scan for some time so...consider it anxiety training! I hope all is well though.


      Liz - my next m/w appt is in the afternoon and i thought I was the only one stressing about the weight difference as all my other appts have been at 9am at the "lighter" end of the day too...any idea on if it is a food causing the belly issues? Enjoy your weekend - and next Mon/Tues in NY!

      MA runner girl

        Ozzy - My midwife said the burning pain is from my uterus growing and stretching. It makes sense because my belly has grown a LOT in the last 2 weeks, especially upwards. I know it's not a popular symptom, but a friend said she had a similar pain for a lot of her pregnancy :-/ Thanks for the iron thoughts, I'll talk to my midwife at my appt next week if the tiredness doesn't get better. (though I do feel better today!)

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