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The End is Near Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 225 times)

    About as near as the finish line feels when someone yells "you're almost there" at mile 1 of a marathon. And yes, I did edit it since I first posted that it was Tuesday then was confused as to why Judy's Tuesday post had so many comments already.  Duh.  It is Wednesday.. Guess I'm trying to keep us alive longer.


    LisaMarie-jello legs good or jello legs bad? second wind is good!


    Julie-nice pic of the rainbow! I need to start setting up the event page on FB... at least private invite until we get link for donations and graphics.


    Linda-hope your week continues to go well!


    Tessa-you are THE baker!!


    Karen-liking that attitude adjustment also!


    Marjorie- nice mid week 14!


    Cindy-rant away.  I don't have a problem with people being passionate about what they believe in (sure beats apathy) but not when it attacks others or the obvious point is to elevate the poster themselves in some way.


    Sue-sounds like your day started well! hope it continued so.


    Camille-I track mileage on MapMyRun but it's cumbersome since I have to go in later and edit the run to add teh shoe.  SO much extra work. LOL


    Cindy-the time tested advice remains... lower your standards.  i believe that I will be buying Christmas cookies this year and since I can't get dh and dd motivated to decorate the tree this has now become our all together Christmas Eve activity to do with all the kids.  We've also opted to only have our kids, and their kids, over on Eve. Having dh's family on Sat night for munchies and just to gather.  He didnt want to have them at all so this keeps Eve nice for us with our kids.


    Carolyn-wtg on the mileage!!!  I usually switch around 350 or so but have gone up to 500 on some shoes. I'm rotating 3 pairs right now.


    Judy-I think I missed wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  I'm sorry!!  Extra birthday wishes are nice though so still going to give mine for a wonderful year of peace, humor, and health.


    Funny FB story...


    Former co-worker had posted that because of strong political and other belief statements he had unfriended someone and it went very badly.  Reminded all to be careful what they post on FB as it can get out of hand and offend others. Something to that effect anyway. 


    I commented on his post "OMG! I can't believe you just posted that. I am so offended!"


    He called me at work that morning.  Mind you he had to go through our company switchboard to get to me as we had not spoken in over 2 years.  He started apologizing for offending me. "If YOU of all people found my post offensinve it must really have been bad. You are always so positive.  I am SOOOO sorry and I've taken the post down completely."  Silence.  Of course, I was just joking when I wrote that. We laughed about how true his initial comment was and at him thinking I really had been offended.  I was floored and kept giggling about it for hours later.




      Good morning,


      Had 2 really nice days off, have to go back to work this afternoon, darn!  Oh well only 3 days work and then off again until Wednesday.  The library does not acknowledge us in any way for Christmas, but we are closed Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, so that is really nice and it is all paid also, so when, you think about it, that is a bonus of sorts!  


      Yesterday was my GD's Christmas programs...one in 1st grade and one in 4th grade.  Very happy time, but I couldn't help but think of those families in Connecticut, who lost their children about the same ages...it is still so hard to comprehend, these children are so innocent and happy with their thoughts of Santa and Christmas....so darn sad.


      Cindy...one word for you and your rant....AMEN!  Hope your family is recovering from their illness and you can get some Christmas shopping done.  It will all work out, it always seems to doesn't it??


      Julie...sounds like you are enjoying your trip.  Love the picture of the rainbow.  Something about rainbows isn't there?  Nice picture of you and Camille too, how great that you had a FE!  Think you will have snow in Oneonta?  I am from near Buffalo NY, but I don't have any family left there anymore, so we don't visit during the holidays.  I know Buffalo is the brunt of jokes about snow, but I think Oneonta/Syracuse , places like that in NY really get more snow.


      Judy...I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday Too.  Happy Belated Birthday!


      I am pretty sure that I need new running shoes, but the process of buying new shoes for me is not all that pleasant, darn right foot anyway.  


      Lisa Marie....nice 5 miles and good on the second wind!  Love when that happens


      Camille... I hope your DD is feeling okay today and not coming down with a cold or anything.


      Lisa....nice that you have corresponded with Bill, I think of him and the kids so often and , yes, it makes as much sense as anything that Karnel was there for those children.


      I may go for a short run this morning.  Don't know, the hips are really still sore , might hold off another day, but I cannot let myself get so unmotivated like I usually do this time of year...you guys keep after me okay?






      6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


      Mighty Mouse

        Thank you for the birthday good wishes.  Smile

        Tuesday coach and I ran together. I did 45 minutes and it was a great run On the way home a guy in a truck pulled up beside me to let me know that the back right tire was going flat. I got home and AAA fixed it for me. Fortunately I keep a full size wheel and tire in the trunk so it was an easy swap.

        Track run today. . Last night I added some more songs to my mp3 player. That always gives me a lift.   EEE! Big grin

        Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::



        Mighty Mouse

          Fire Jumper, I like the Brooks Adrenalines. They are stability shoes since I need that.  I have used New Balance and liked them for many years. The asphalt outside really breaks down the outsoles quickly, but I think that is just what happens when you run on pavement of any kind.


          I also had Ravenna 2's and still use them. The very next year they changed radically and no longer fit the same so I never bought any of that model. Wink



            Morning Ladies,


            Quick Hello this morning!   No running for me since Sunday.  Planned on PF with DH Monday but DD was sick, so we had Aly.  Last night - no excuses...just tired Blush   After work will get to PF. 


            Off to work.....




              Good morning!  Weather here is quite nice again , sunny and 30-50's and yesterday's run was good.  Need to do 7-8 today and it's supposed to be sunny and get to 60's!?!  Sweet!  DD is pretty sick with sore throat and fever of 100-101. I made lemon chicken soup for her last night-a favorite. I'm trying Airborne. Hope it works.


              Cindy, Lisa, Linda and others, I agree about Facebook posts!  I bit my tongue for months during the election only to finally respond in an email to my sis and cousin about the reasons I didn't like their candidate... the day before the election.  Yes...should have waited 2 more days and I wouldn't have sent it.  Sis responded with, "I am totally offended!"  I apologized profusely and was glad I didn't put it on Facebook where I would  prob have offended more. However, it never occured to posters that people might be offended/put off  by the terrible things  posted about the candidate I preferred?!?  My note at least had facts.    Wink   This  area is  very conservative with a lot of fundamentalists and like Cindy, I'm biting my tongue again at some of these posts. I can't really unfriend some of them, but I sure wish I could filter their political/religious posts. My tongue needs a break.


              Ginny, paid time off is the best bonus.  : )


              Judy, enjoy the music

                Good Morning!  Group power class this morning.  Did the centergy (pilates/yoga) class after work yesterday.  I was SO wiped out!  I am not flexible at all anymore. 


                I agree---tired of the facebook rants.  Ready for folks to quit posting crap.  I just scroll by.  Alot of it is very hateful.  And people just keep posting along.


                Hope everyone has a great day!  You women are wonderful!!!



                  Lisa, funny story about your former coworker. I hope you set him straight!


                  And have you seen the T shirt that says "December 22, 2012: After Party" ?


                  Ginny, glad that you are getting the time off with pay. I'm sure there is someone who will protest that time off for public employees should be unpaid, but that person is a jerk.


                  And get out there and run!


                  Judy, glad your tire is fixed. And asphalt does wear down shoes more, especially if you are running on the side of a banked road. My right heel always wears down more than my left.


                  Carol, PF? Pilates Floor? To me PF means the dreaded foot ailment.


                  Camille, is there any way to ignore any posts from someone that mention certain key words, like a politician's name? Like you can set junk mail to filter out certain words?


                  Susan, hope you feel better after the exacting class. Can you do some stretching at home too? 


                  DD is home, after a mixup with flight arrival times & airlines -- a few minutes of serious worry when she didn't get off the United flight, only to find that she was on Southwest instead.  Now she is claiming that the cats have put on a lot of weight while she was away. I had to weigh each of them to show her that they are not pudgy puddycats.


                  Not doing too well with eating this week, and didn't get up to run today. It was so darned cold (and late) last night when we came out of choir concert that I didn't want to get up. It was even spitting snow! So will go to the gym at lunch. I did get in 6.5 with running neighbour yesterday morning, and managed the haircut that I've needed for some time.


                  Happy runs!


                  Run to live; live to run

                    Hiya.  Did 14 today again.  Another good run. 


                    Lisa it seems like today should be Thursday not Wednesday so what do I know?  The weird things people do on FB is odd sometimes.  They do not realize that it is pretty permanent and you also need to realize a lot of people can see what you post....Funny he took you seriously


                    Julie that was  pretty picture yesterday  Hope the rest of todays trip goes well.


                    Cindy ahhh seems like when it rains it pours huh?


                    Lisa marie getting a good second wind is always a good thing


                    Judy that was nice of him to tell you and I love AAA.


                    Ginny I guess it is a bit of a bonus that it is paid time off and you don't have to use PTO or go as unpaid.


                    Camille the weather here was great too.  Mid 40's.  I did get out my really cool new arm warmers but they didn't want to stay up.  So I guess they are vanity sizing arm warmers too.  Sign.  My arms are small but not THAT small that the small should be rolling down and not stay up.


                    Tessa PF to me is plantar fascitis but I think she means Planet Fitness (the gym)


                      The back of our office looks like an aid station at an ultra.  I am fueled up to run one.  Alas I shall be storing these calories for a loooonnnngggg time.

                      Boxes from Harry and David are not to be ignored.


                      7 miles this morning. Almost quit after one, figured I'd do 2 or 3. Around 5 I stopped complaining in my mind about how sucky it was and thought I would embrace the suckiness of the run as imperfect as it was. Then, as often is the case, I started thinking about how I would comment about run on Facebook (sad isn't it?).  Came up with "Seems like a good day to rejoice in the imperfections God has blessed me with-starting with this run."  Amazing that after that the run felt much better. Still far from perfect but better.  I guess on Friday, after the Rapture, life will be perfect. Until then we will keep slogging away hoping for a second wind or the endorphins to kick in. but more likely just breaking wind and having our butts kicked.  Oh well, there's always the next one..God willing.


                      Just picked up tickets for Jersey Boys for New Year's Eve with another couple.  Will be our gift to them (only non-family that we exchange with).  She asked what she owed me. My response was "To be whisked to show in a shiney black car. A cocktail before the show and a private afterglow with midnight champagne toast."  (she just bought a 300 and we ususally spend NYE with them at their house so this fits in) Our dd's get along well so they can prepare the midnight feast while we are the show. 


                      Enjoying life here in Michigan!



                      LC Runs

                        Hey Ladies!


                        Quick post (again) from me, I am heading to my DD's band concert.


                        Finally got out for a run this evening, been sick and haven't run since Saturday.  3.44 miles tonight, felt good to get moving and I tried to take in the clear, dry weather.  We are supposed get 6"of snow Thu/Friday wahhhhh Sad  Seems surreal right now, not a lick of snow on the ground, oh well!


                        Hope you all are doing well and should be back to regular posting tomorrow!





                          Marjorie, you reel off 14s like some of us reel off 4s! Good for you. I feel like it's Thursday too.


                          Lisa, sounds like a yummy aid station. Enjoy.


                          And snickering over your NYE plans!


                          Laura, glad you got out for a run. I know, sometimes it is difficult to believe that it is going to be awful weather when it is lovely out. *says she looking out the office window at the sun descending towards the ocean and shining off the water...*


                          Short lunch run because I got invited to go tour someone's decorated offices. (Impressive. The department that invited me had the whole place done up as the South Pole. I was on the point of begging to have all that quilt batting when they were done with it...) However, I did get 3.78 in on the TM. DS's choir concert this evening. Would I be a really bad choir parent if I drop him off and go for a run? His group is not singing until the end. I did sit through the whole concert last night...

                            Evening ladies,


                            Hi to everyone.  Certainly 'tis the season for eating too much (says I, while munching on a brownie, pardon the crumbs).  Oh well, just a couple more weeks of goodies.


                            This week seems to be dragging on interminably so I'm with those of you who feel like it should be at least Thursday by now.   Can't wait until the looooong weekend.


                            Enjoy your Christmas programs and choir concerts!  I'm sure it takes a lot of your time but sounds like a great way to get in the spirit.


                            Nice work on the mid-week runs.  I did 6.4 this morning at 5:30 am and temps were in upper 30s.... that's super cold for us (but I still ran in shorts).


                            Camille, hope DD feels better.  I have no scientific evidence of this but I think Airborne helps me when I'll sick --  the earlier I take it (when the cold is just hitting), the better it works.  


                            Marjorie, that's a bummer that the arm warmers are too big.  Guess you need to eat your spinach and get yourself some Popeye arms?


                            MMR, that sounds like a really fun new years eve.   DH and I have nothing planned yet.  Gotta work on that.  Unless of course the world really does end on Friday.


                            Speaking of which, my running club is doing an end of the world run Friday night followed by beers.  Unfortunately I can't make it since I need to pick up DH at the airport, but at least he'll be home soon.  Someone here asked about my running club a couple days ago, maybe Lisa Marie?  It's very informal... around 40 people on the email list and maybe 10-12 people that actively participate.  We do a social run on Saturdays and people typically run together and chat.  No one gets left behind... the pace is whatever is comfortable for the group.


                            Speaking of FB, there really is some crazy (both good and bad) stuff out there.  I'm on FB even less than I post here so manage to miss most of the vitriol.  And I've tried to limit my "friends" to people that really are friends or family, and while I don't necessarily agree with their views, they tend to express them reasonably, for the most part.


                            Have a great Thursday!