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    Jen- Ha! Last night after all of that I turned to RP and said that I still preferred it to running on a treadmill Smile I'm wondering if I should get R up and put him on the potty with the lights off then see if he will go back to sleep? I think he prefers pooping on the potty to his diaper.

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    Honorary Old

      zorbs- she actually came closest to hitting my dog on the leash, who then zoomed forward and pulled me with her, so I didn't get a chance to punch the jeep. I think I scared her pretty good with hitting her in the face with the bright light of my head lamp.

      2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




        Bermy- posted an updated bump pic on the FB group.


          back for personals- hopefully DS sleeps a bit longer...


          RR: ran 5.3 miles this morning, DH offered to watch R again so I've had three days in a row of solo runs. Nice! Legs felt good after yesterday's progression ru.



          jen- yes, my parents and IL's live about 35 minutes apart. it's great for holidays b/c we can see everyone. we usually will spend a couple of days at MIL's, then a couple at my parent's house. we never do a split day (morning one place/afternoon the other), which is awesome! hoep you have a nice 5 later!


          cmg- yeah, i'm creeped a bit too by the number of views our page gets. Haha on C's take on her little brother, esp the name! Hope the luncheon goes well today. We usually have a "farewell tea" when a dr retires. Are you certified by the AACVPR? We just renewed ours and it IS alot of paperwork!


          Cx2- wow, impressed with your early AM run today- nice job! my run today was a little over 5 miles. When I'm marathon training, recovery runs are usually 5-7. In-home daycare is nice if you have that option. Only 3 months- where does the time go?


          mer- enjoy your night home with DH and J! Sounds like you're ready for the school break too- how long is it? yay for a yummy dinner, and cheap! i wish Subway would offer their veggie sub for $2- i'd be all over that!


          shelby- moving this weekend, right? hope it all goes smoothly for you. wow, DS slept awesome for you! hope your cough is gone soon, too! yep, DH and his dad have taken an annual xmas shopping trip for years...


          mrszm- nice run and plank this morning! bummer about MIL inviting herself- does she do that often? hope you're able to get your new oven soon! i hear ya on the whining. I can be out/working for the whole morning and DH says R is perfect, the second i step in, he whines like it's his job. sigh.


          dtlane- nice job on getting up and getting the miles in early! it's tough those first coupel of weeks switching to early mornings, but stick with it- you'll be glad you did! yay for working from home!


          spike-wow, that sounds like a crazy run! glad you two are ok! aww, hope R can get his poop schedule fixed. that happened to my R for about a week too- it was wearing us both out, and he was falling asleep while we were running.


          Rocky- great job with the exercise and yoga! we finally have a prenatal class at the gym where i work, hopefully she's still teaching when i'm preggo with #2! aww on the snuggles with Em- R is really cuddly right now too. I'm loving this age!


          CA- nice job on the TM run! sometimes we need that extra sleep. Hope that M enjoys school today- does she just go a couple of days a week? Fingers crossed for your RP and her baby!

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            I haven't posted here before but was starting to post on Runners World before the spam issue. My life is so crazy-busy right now that I don't always come back to the forum as often as I'd like, but I was hoping to jump in and chat with some fellow moms as well as join the pregnancy forum! I currently have a 17 month old and will be 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow.


            Honorary Old

              AE- welcome! My son is also 17 mos. Fun age.

              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                better late than never, right?

                Oh and an intro for the newbies - I have a 2.5 yr old and a 3 month old, both girls. I'm currently home on mat leave (I'm in Canada so get a year). Normally I work for an Engineering firm doing software setup and support. I've been running for 10 years.

                AE - welcome!

                lane - nice job on the early run, I couldn't bring myself to stay up today!

                spike - yikes on the run! That's my least favorite part of winter - the darkness. I get very frustrated when people I know/care about live unhealthy lifestyles, I'm not good at keeping my mouth shut, but also think that there isn't much anyone else can do.

                rocky - Love the toddler hugs!!

                bermy - thanks for the PR compliments - all except the full mara were in the few months before I got preggo w/ O so they seem like a bit of a dream and I wonder if I'll ever get back there. side planks - do on my elbow (like the front ones), and put the opposite arm straight up in the air, try to lift the hip/butt so that your body is totally straight - like your arm/body/ground make a triangle. Shoulder is directly over elbow. My left side is quite weak, so when I start to fail, I will let the lower knee rest on the ground so I'm still doing a bit of work but it takes most of the pressure off.

                zorbs - nothing wrong with kids being in daycare while you're not working, I wouldn't put her in full time and watch soaps or nap, but to have a day to catch up and for her to be able to hang with other people than me, it's worthwhile.

                r-eh - nice work getting up so early!!

                bermy - mmmmmm fish tacos! That's one of my favorite things to have when vacationing near the sea.

                zorbs - i cannot eat french onion soup, had the flu when I had it as a kid and blech... bad association.

                RG - Awesome that R is such a happy guy, even while teething!!

                cm - I htink it adds to the counter everytime one of us refreshes. I'm sure there were that many or more at RW - at least the womans group is more hidden here, not on the front page of the forums. M thought she had a baby in her tummy also, and now nurses her babies through her belly button - kids are funny.

                Jen - I haven't gotten my SS gift yet - but because things take longer to get to Canada I'm not really worried. I'm sure yours will arrive at it's destination soon. I hate having to wake M up, she can be a beast!

                cx2 - That daycare sounds amazing - I hope I can put M into french immursion. The year goes by fast, doesn't it! I can't believe I've already been off 1/4 of it.

                mer - Enjoy your rest day.

                shel - good plan to take a rest day! Nice of you to cook some meals for DH, I'm sure he'll really appreciate them!

                mzm - M was always sooooo much worse for me also, at least until I weaned her, then DH and I became more equal. Boo on the expensive oven. Something died on our fridge a while back, I googled the problem and found out that if you knew how to solder it could be fixed with a $5 capacitor, if not it needed a new board for $200+, luckily my dad did the $5 fix for us!


                Off to do my planks!  I got in a 4.5 mile run, baby started to cry and I was also exhausted!

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