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    Good morning!  I thought I would try to pop in more often if I can now that marathon training is getting into full swing!


    RR - Marathon training has been going really well so far (knock on wood) - I ran 17 mi last Saturday and felt great.  This week is a cutback week and I have a half marathon on Saturday, so I am looking forward to that.  DBF and I quit LA Fitness and joined a rock climbing gym - we've gone a couple times already and it is so much fun and such a good workout!


    NRR - Been keeping busy with work and school - my work is switching over to a new accounting software at the end of this month so I'm sure that will result in plenty of craziness.  I have two more weeks left of this quarter and then a short spring break before my next class starts - looking forward to that!  DBF and I are still waiting to hear back on the short sale his parents want to buy, it seems like it's just a slow process in general.  We are going to make some steak and baked potatoes tonight and just relax with some TV, it will be really nice!



    gsd - that's great that M has such a big appetite, I'm sure her growth will catch up with it soon.  She is so adorable!  Bummer on DH working late tonight - hope you and M can find something fun to do outside!


    Sassy - I know what you mean about being too busy at times...  I sort of just have to take things day by day right now or it gets too overwhelming.  Way to go on learning to delegate - I know it's tough but it will make things so much easier in the long run!


    MA - way to go being so productive yesterday!  You are such a rockstar for running this late in the game, it's so inspirational!  I can't wait to see the little one when he arrives!


    RLTW - hope your busy day goes smoothly!  So awesome that you are back into running again!


    meli - glad you are going to be able to switch to somewhere that is less stressful for you - you have to take care of yourself and you are smart to know what is healthy for you to be around and what is not!  Glad the pup seems to be doing better too!


    lizo - you are such a busy lady!  I'm always amazed by how consistently you manage to fit workouts in with all that going on.  Sorry about all the stress - hopefully AF will go away and stop bugging you soon!


    taylor - nice job on the indoor speedwork - it's always fun when you can surprise yourself like that!  I miss my DBF when I don't see him for a few days but I am definitely a lot more productive for sure!


    outwest - way to go on the burpees!  Glad you are looking into doing some lifting, it really is great for you!  I am glad I did it and got a good foundation of it.  I'm sure I will pick it back up again at some point but it's just too much to juggle along with marathon training and rock climbing (which is great ST in itself!)!


    Lucy - hope you are able to get some coffee and that deadline day goes smoothly!  I bet it feels great to keep checking things off your wedding to do list, I can imagine it could be stressful.  Enjoy your ST tonight!


    monk - enjoy going to the gym!  Try not to worry too much if you gain a bit from breastfeeding - if you're hungry your body is probably just telling you it needs a lot to be able to fuel both you and P, and I'm sure it will come back off quickly as you re-adjust to a new routine.  Glad you have a few easy days coming up in between all the activity, that always makes those busy days a lot easier to deal with!


      Monk - enjoy your gym time! Try not to worry about the weight and working out at this point, remember you are still setting up your milk supply! Are you planning on pumping when you go back to work?


      Seattle- great job on your training!! I love how you are running a half marathon during a cutback week ;-)




      This day has been a total dusterbuck. I couldn't find my ID badge this morning, because G was trying to play with it and I tossed it aside yesterday when i got home from work. It gets me into all of the buildings and rooms I need to use today. I had to ask someone from another lab to accompany me on a 30 minute procedure. I feel terrible. Fortunately Big D found my ID badge and just brought it to me. here's hoping it gets better. I'm also supposed to go to this dinner with coworkers tonight so I'm a little harried about getting tons of work done that I would normally do in the evenings.


      SIGH. I need to chill out.


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Morning girls!


        RR. Nothin'! Trying not to worry too much about missing runs. I still have plenty of time before the marathon. But I hate not sticking to my training plan!


        NRR. Still very sick, but maybe 10% better then yesterday. Fever seems a little lower. I literally spent all day on the couch, reading, napping, watching shows on Hulu, etc. I'm sure that is what I'll be doing today, although I'd like to get a little work done if possible, or I'll have to do it all day tomorrow.

        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



        Half: 1:48

        Full: 4:34



          My funny for the day: I got an e-mail from Pinterest saying Bob Harper re-pinned one of my pins. I was like OMG BOB HARPER FROM THE BIGGEST LOSER SAW MY PINTEREST. I went to the site and clicked Bob Harper's avatar and it was an overweight old dude posing with a tractor. LOL. Sigh.


            LOL so funny!!!!


            My funny for the day: I got an e-mail from Pinterest saying Bob Harper re-pinned one of my pins. I was like OMG BOB HARPER FROM THE BIGGEST LOSER SAW MY PINTEREST. I went to the site and clicked Bob Harper's avatar and it was an overweight old dude posing with a tractor. LOL. Sigh.