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    MArunner: WHAT!?!?!? That is awesome!!! I am going to check that out now. Thank you!!! Clearly shows how much I pay attention...


      Hi Ladies--


      So, I heard from Dr. Hottie's PA. Operating Room is all booked for next week Sad and then the early part of the following week. Sad So surgery will be on Friday December 21st. I told him I AM NOT SPENDING CHRISTMAS IN THE HOSPITAL. He assured me I wouldn't Smile I'll keep you lovely ladies updated! Thanks for the love and support Smile  

      MA runner girl

        RLTW - HUGS! I'm glad you finally have a date scheduled. It stinks that everything takes so long in the medical field! Ugh. At least you will hopefully be feeling a little bit better for Christmas!


        Lucy - I'm actually kinda excited... a bunch of my friends do a $10-15 secret santa and though we haven't picked names I can potentially use this depending on who I get!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          MArunner: I'm excited too! My family and CRF's family both have wildly inappropriate senses of humor so I think we could get a lot of use out of this game...


            Girls, I am super wound up right now. Is it crazy for me to say I like the pressure of getting all this stuff done? 


              Out: Deep breaths... organize and prioritize you will get it done... hang in there.


                Girls, I am super wound up right now. Is it crazy for me to say I like the pressure of getting all this stuff done? 


                Not crazy...I work way better under pressure. I'm so much more productive when I have a lot to get done and a deadline! Smile


                  sassy: thanks for the butt tips! Smile


                  outwest: good luck with the report! I hate shifting deadlines...


                  po: hugs girl! I'd be having a meltdown if I was going through so much upheaval! I bet the terrazzo floors look amazing! I want to see a pic! (pardon the architect in me...)


                  taylor: a drink and studying.... what could be better than that? Smile hope you enjoyed the bar!


                  lucy: boo about the cramps and AF! grrr....


                  gotta go... phone meeting in 3 min...


                    I am late to the party, today. Undecided  Sorry I did not get back for personals, yesterday.  I took a nose dive of feeling icky after my post here.  Blah.


                    RLTW - I am thinking of you, lady.  So sorry that you have been feeling rotten.  Glad to hear that you are on the schedule for surgery, though.  I agree with lizo, hang tight! Smile


                    RR:  Nothing today.  See NRR.


                    NRR:  I am home...  Again.  DH had to come and get me from work at about 11:30 AMSad  I did manage to make it through a training session this morning, but could not hang on any longer after that. Cry  I have painful cramping, distention, and am just feeling entirely wiped because I am not getting in near enough calories.  It makes it hard to focus at work, especially when I am doubled over in pain intermittently throughout the morning.  I am really so tired of all this.  It has been getting progressively worse over the past couple of years, and now it has been dominating my life. Disapprove  DH was a sweetheart, and decided to stay home with me the rest of the afternoon; I brought home some work stuff to organize, while he works on our broken dishwasher, and have just been relaxing with the kitties.  We may go on a short walk later, since it is about 60 degrees here today!


                    I am hoping to get myself back in one piece by tomorrow, so I can at least make it through a day's work.


                    I hope that everyone is having an awesome Tuesday!