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    bermy: blondest of my three. Smile


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      RR - got my workout done while the girls napped... nailed it, though that's easier to do on the TM than outside, I'm a sweaty mess though so I'll assume it did me some good to push so hard.


      k, just a few, I'm sweaty and M is up, she didn't nap, but stripped and put on princess clothes in her room while I ran... oh well at least I got the run done, and will shower when DH gets home.


      Jen - we used sleepsacks until we put M into her big girl bed. Ugh on DH's comment. I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you, but I can totally see how you would be hurt by it, no woman wants anything to be fuller (aka fatter). Can you say to him that you understand that he wasn't trying to hurt you but that he did hurt you and ask for him to appologize for the unintentional hurt? HUGS either way, you look fantastic IMO! Oh and re the job, I really hope you figure something out, maybe you could schedule yourself available to sub 3 days a week and prepay daycare 3 days, or find a dayhome that is flexible. I agree with zorbs too, hold onto some hope!


      spike - yup, MIL was in NH, SIL had bunyon surgery so she was there for 6 weeks helping w/ her 4 kids.


      zorbs - cute tank! I don't think I could wear ivivva tops w/ my DDD boobs, but I think the bottoms would be ok.


      bermy - I wish you could have joined me also, I didn't brave them with the stroller like you would have... MIL watches O every Thursday so that I can take M alone to music class, I often either run or I grocery shop. She also watches the girls while I have appointments, massages and dentist lately. She is also wonderful and notices small things that need to be done, like this morning she put away the basket of clean laundry for the girls, and basically always does up any dishes that need washing. I'm so happy that you've found someone to help you out!!

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