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    RR - rest day, going to stretch, foam roll and plank this afternoon. I didn't plank at all on the weekend, oooops! I ran 12 k yesterday to end the week with 38, biggest week since about halfway through my pregnancy, pretty happy with that!

    TR - had 2 pooping accidents yesterday Sad They were really soft so I think her tummy might have been off... hoping today is better adn she gets a sticker on her chart.

    BR - sweet, happy, getting older Smile

    FR - something with ground beef - maybe hamburger soup. If I do a big pot maybe I won't have to cook tomorrow.

    zorbs- the resolution run was my 5k pr time from last year, and I even came in first female - there was no chip, no timer, no prizes nothing... the only reason I knew I was first was that the lady who took the bib piece fro the prize draw, told me I was. They have nice jackets as swag but other than that it's an expensive race and not worth it.

    ernie - welcome - I'm in Calgary, have 2 girls 3 mos and 2.5 years. I'm home on mat leave this year.

    bermy - I bet you're sore all over! Nice gift from your coach, and awesome that DH is so accepting of vegi meals, mine would not be.

    Jen - nice running on the weekend! bummer on DH waking you up Sad I hope the week goes by quickly.

    cx2 - eeeewww on the poop! hardwood or foam tiles are better than carpet! I was pretty happy to not have carpet during pt'ing.

    mer - Nice running this year! I hope your school can make whatever decisions are best - I don't really understand most of that... yay for being done for christmas break!

    mzm - fun that you had a dinner out!! M is quite obsessed with the wolf and climbs roofs and goes down chimneys regularily Smile

    cm - I think it's normal to lose a bit at the end - maybe water weight. How long do you get for mat leave after baby comes?

    shel - I think you have some pretty good reasons for low mileage! I hope H feels better, and DH arrives safely.

    becky - I stick to them mostly - esp the LR, my dh runs though so understands. Maybe just get up early or ask him/family what time would be most convient to run, and not give him the option of you not running.

    moxie - yay for your runs this weekend, having a RP and signing up for a 50K - I'm impressed with all the ultra running ladies!

    rocky - try a massage or chiro for your sciatic and sore body! We have two deep freezes in the basement, but one is mostly for the dog's food. I'm not doing any baking this year, my mom will bring a bit and may make sugar cookies to decorate w/ M. Good enough for me.

    RG - nice run and planks! M would love a train table, so fun!

    spike - Hope R feels better!

    bermy - I could not capture a lizard quietly, the screaming and jumping on chairs would wake the neighborhood!

    5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

    Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


      runnergirl - this will be my first 50k, I have done 7 marathons and just want to try something new. i will let you know how it goes!


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        Jen- I did indeed go to my dad's. I got there a tad before 11 am and left at 6 pm. It was one of the better Christmases that I remember, and I honestly think a lot of that can be credited to more grandkids running around to keep people occupied and less gift exchanging. I did not participate in the gift exchange this year, which was really nice. I probably can't get away with doing that in the future (with the kids) but for now it really reduced my stress. There was a pretty big political discussion (gun control and universal healthcare) at one point but it never got too heated, except for my idiot BIL who bases all of his opinions on a stupid bigoted opinion, but everyone knows he's an idiot and there is no use arguing so they dropped it.

        2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




          Spike - Glad it was as good as can be expected for a large family gathering.  I am hoping mine goes well.  Last time I met with all my family out west for Christmas it was soooooo busy (Las Vegas) and it was nuts everywhere we went and my dad yells "Merry Fing Christmas" to some guy who cut him off in the CHURCH parking lot!  Ugh...gotta love the holidays.


          CA - I hope M isn't sick and she is back on PTing course tomorrow.  Great job on the run and the mileage!


            runnergrl:  I plan on getting up early to get the runs in, I just don't know if I'll be able to hang the rest of the day at the amusment parks.  Compression socks will be packed and ready to go.  Hopefully I won't pass out early Smile


            Mer:  The pink bracelet was from bossman, a pandora.  The hubby got me a black bead bracelet but informs me that there are charms you can get for your pandora bracelet there Smile


            Rocky:  Boo on the sciatic


              Very late to post.  Sad


              RR: Supposed to do something longish  but its getting cloudy and cold. I think its supposed to rain.  Maybe I will do 5 miles today and do something longer tomorrow.


              BR:  Was up at 4:40am.  Then DD was up at 6:15.  Yesterday it was the reverse.  DS was wet so I think that was what woke him up early. 


              NRR:  Trying to get all the holiday prep done.  I'm so happy we decided to stay in town for Christmas.   This was supposed to be our year to go back east to see DH's family but I begged him to stay home.  He was totally cool with it. AND we will see them in April when we are there for Boston and Nike.


              Moxie:  When is your 50k?  I'm doing my first 50k trail race Feb 2.  My training hasn't been that great bc I haven't had a lot of long trail runs yet. 


              Ernie:  Welcome!  I am a working mom with two little ones, DS is 18 months and DD is 2 1/2.  I live in Santa Barbara, CA. 


              Shelby:  So glad you made it to Denver!  I hope DH makes it there soon too. 

              5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                Jenni - glad you are able to stay home for Christmas.  I hate traveling over the holidays so always try to schedule off-times to visit family.  So much easier and less stress for everyone. 


                  Becky:  DH isn't a fan of me running on trips either.  That's when I wished he ran more then we could all go together and it counts at "together time."  Loved the bracelet!   So the Nike second chance stuff was pretty close to the race itself.  I think I got in a month before.  Another option is craigslist but you would have to run with someone else's name since they don't allow transfers or sales. 


                  CA:  Awesome mileage!  If I ever have another baby you inspire me to run when I'm pregnant.  Smile


                  Jen:  Is DH gone all week?  Does  he have a break from the traveling during the holidays at all?

                  5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48


                    jm - I hope you are able to get your run in today.  Do you have many opportunities to get trail runs in?  I don't know how you moms train for a 50K...I admire you all.  Glad you get to stay home for Christmas...I really wish we were.  DH will not be traveling for work the week of Christmas or New Year.  But we are traveling out west for Christmas which is becoming super stressful!  


                      Wow, this is a busy board! Went to playgroup and the grocery store and the thread's already up to four pages. Hopefully I have time for a coffee and some quick personals while the baby naps. 

                      Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. 


                      shelby - I hope the rest of your move goes smoothly and you get to enjoy the trails soon!


                      CMG - To echo what a few others said, I think when you stop gaining weight or start losing, labour is near! Are you ready to get the show on the road, or hoping to keep the baby in until after the holidays? 


                      beckykay - Early morning runs seem like the only way to get them in on vacation, but I always end up slacking on exercise on vacation, so I'm as interested as you in the answers to your qotd


                      moxie - Wow! A 50k! What's your weekly mileage like to train for that?


                      Rocky - You sound like you have so much energy even though you're 20 weeks pregnant. Definitely get a massage for those aches and pains - you deserve it!


                      Bermy - Your lizard story cracked me up. Good job on not shrieking the house down during nap time! My pic was taken just before a 10k race this summer. It was a waterfront race, so the location was lovely, but the race was awful because it was ridiculously hot and humid. 


                      Spike - I hope R is feeling better!


                      CARunning - I had a similar experience to yours with a Resolution Run! After the "race" they told me I was third overall but no chip time, no prizes. I'm not sure why they even bothered having bibs. I would only do one again if I really wanted another free jacket! I hope your toddler isn't sick. 


                      RG - Running in shorts is awesome, eh? My DD loves train tables, too. It's so cute to watch them play with them! 

                      5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                        Jen- Where are you headed in the west?  I usually only get trail runs in on the weekend. I'm not really comfortable doing them by myself so the weekdays are out bc its too hectic to get together with an RP during the week.   DH worries about snakes and animals....

                        5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48



                          5K - 21:44     10K - 44:54     15k - 1:09:37     HM - 1:39:05   Marathon - 3:28:48