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    Mighty Mouse

      Wednesday I did an hour track run, then 35 minutes of cardio DVD at home.

      Three soggy bran flakes just attacked my keyboard. Big grin

      Happy runs, All!   :::HUGS:::


      LC Runs

        Judy - ha ha, love the emoticons, my feelings exactly.


        5 TM miles for me this morning.  Also managed 5 road miles after work yesterday, helped my mood tremendously Big grin


          Hi Judy!


          Quick note-I have to drive into city today. I did a quick 2.5 this am and did get 3.5 in yesterday afternoon.  Less than I wanted, but had to do.  Cold for here-20's, but going to warm up in next couple days.


          Carol, it's so discouraging when the scale goes back up.  Honestly, I didn't expect it to be this hard-it hasn't usually been.  At least we haven't been gaining and my diet is healthier.  : )


          Carolyn, neat to have your living room in ads.  Will never happen for me!  : )

          Have a great day, runners!


            Snowflakes are fluffy and blowing sideways so I guess I'll do another spontaneous rest day. I'm dressed to run so at least I'm comfortable and can get a lot done today in running shoes. I've been getting 7-8 miles in every other day and am encouraged to bump that up soon.


            Stay safe on the roads and happy "weather changes every minute" season to you!



            Anonymous Guest


              Morning all,

              Ran 6 easy last night after going home at lunch and sleeping for four hours! Then was back in bed by 10:30 for another 8 hours of sleep. Woke up from both with a sore throat and a little bit of a headache, but no other sick symptoms. Will pay attention to it though. I'm feeling better now, which is amazing since I'm at work. My new plan for work is to bombard my boss with things for him to do so he doesn't have time to sit around and talk about all the awesome things we're going to do (which I then end up making happen). He was out yesterday and this morning, and now in addition to some things he's already got on his plate, I've given him half a dozen letters to proof and a newsletter that needs three stories from him. He promised the newsletter would go out this week and has yet to give me anything for the top three stories, which I can't write because I wasn't there. So I just sent him a copy of the newsletter with big blank spaces at the top <evil grin>. I've got a few other things to finish up and get to him - that should keep him out of my hair the rest of the week.


              Carol, from yesterday, "headdesk" is that feeling you get when you are dealing with someone so incompetent or someone that says something so stupid that you want to just bang your head on the desk, because that would probably feel better.


              Lots of good running going on here. I'm going to be kinda self-centered though as all I've got time for right now is me....

              8 mile tempo run on the schedule, which means 11 miles total. Since I am off at 12:30 tomorrow, I will probably run the tempo run tomorrow and do tomorrow's easy 6 tonight. I have to stop for groceries after work and run a couple other errands, so unless I can come up with a good "doctor appointment" and leave early, I won't have a lot of time to run tonight. At least there is no snow on the ground and the weather looks awesome through the weekend.


              Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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                Hello ladies-


                Sorry to be so sporadic, but work has been crazy! My project is supposed to go to the printer tomorrow, so it should ease up a bit.


                I got out for 5.2 miles this morning and had something really scary happen - I was attacked by a dog. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt - he bit me 3 times, on one arm and both legs, but barely broke the skin each time. I do think I'll wind up with a bruise on one leg. As I was running up the street I saw him run out of his yard, across the street, and into other yards, with him owner in hot pursuit. As I approached the owner, I was about to say "he went that way" when he came at me from the side. The really scary thing is that he didn't want to back off; he bit me once, she grabbed for him, he circled out of her grasp and came back and bit me two more times before she got ahold of him. It was scary.


                Tessa - sorry about yesterday's run, I hate it when that happens. It happened to DS1 on Sunday when we were more than a mile from home; I felt bad for him. That kind of thing can be very embarrassing to a 10 year old boy.


                Karen - the runner you mentioned wouldn't by any chance be Richard Curtis, would it? I know he is (or was) a regular poster on the Masters  forum. I don't know him, but DH has known him for years through his Jaycee involvement. I will keep my eyes open!


                Laura - glad you were able to get outside for a run last night. It can do wonders for the mood!


                Camille - not that weight isn't important, but I think your focus on a healthy diet is the way to go. I am really trying to focus on cutting down on sugar and on processed foods. It's so hard, especially with the boys' schedules - it would be easy to rely on fast food and processed "convenience" foods.


                Carolyn - 7-8 miles is great!


                Off to put dinner in the crock pot while I'm waiting for layouts from my graphic designer. Have a great day-



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                Run to live; live to run

                  Still morning so good morning.  Did 11.1 this am.  It was nice weather although was a bit chilly when I started.


                  Love the emoticons Judy


                  Laura great to get your run in.  I agree on the emails.  Some people hide behind emails and don't talk anymore.  I've had therapists sitting next to another therapist emailing them versus just talking.  I mean, hey you are RIGHT THERE!


                  Camille I think you and Carol are doing great.  Losing weight is tough.


                  Carolyn your weather is crazy.  Stay safe


                  Karen I do that with the newsletter too.  I do our dept newsletter but my boss has to do the opening.  She never sends it to me so I compile the rest and just send it to her with a big blank spot that she has to fill in and send to the communication dept so they can format and send it out to the field.  She has had it for 2 weeks now and still not sent it in. Supposed to go out this week which I will guess will not happen


                  Cindy that is super scary!!!!!  I've had dogs run out at me before and owners be all they won't hurt you as they are nipping at my leg.  I hope the owner was apologetic!  Glad you weren't seriously hurt!


                    Hi ladies.  I'm enjoying your posts while eating lunch at my desk (as usual!).  On the menu today: leftover tortolini.  I ran 6 this morning and it was already getting light when I got back... spring is coming!  I can't believe it's already time to "spring forward" this weekend.


                    Cindy, that's scary about the dog attacking you.  Glad you're okay, but I hope you gave the owner an earful about it.


                    Judy, my keyborad is constantly under attack by crumbs.  I don't understand why.  Wink


                    LC, glad you felt better after getting in the 5 yesterday.  One of many things that's great about running: all natural mood enhancer.


                    Camille, fingers crossed that you get some warmer temps soon.


                    Carolyn, I'd love to see come big fat fluffy flakes...  but only for a day or two.  I haven't seen snow since our last trip to Tahoe a couple of years ago.


                    Karen, "headdesk" is a great term which I shall put to good use often.


                    Hi Marjorie -- nice 11.  Just notices the puppies in your avatar.  Sweet.


                    Enjoy the rest of the day!


                      Hi all,


                      3 miles for me this morning, it was also getting light by the time I got back, love that!  Had a marathon dental appointment this morning, 3 hours....my jaw is sore.  Next week the wisdom teeth come out.


                      Cindy....that is so scary!  Glad that you are okay.  You didn't mention whether the owner of the dog apologized, did he or she?  I would hope so.


                      Karen...sorry you are feeling under the weather, hope it doesn't develop into anything worse.


                      Marjorie...nice run, you really are racking up the miles.


                      Carol and Camille.....a great diet is having a constant toothache, but I don't recommend it.


                      Gatsby....you are running a lot of miles also..good job.


                      Laura....it always feels so good after a run, glad you got one in last night and today.





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                        Marjorie, Ginny and Gatsby - the owner was very apologetic, and it was obvious that the dog had gotten out when he wasn't supposed to. She was crying and felt awful - apparently, this is a rescue dog and they have been working with it, but she said this might be the last straw and they may have to put him to sleep. Which makes me feel really bad, but it would be terrible if the dog attacked someone else and they were really badly hurt. That neighborhood has tons of kids who live there, including several families that are friends of ours.



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                          Cindy, if you haven't already reported this to the police, do so. I'm sorry for the owner and the dog and furious at the person who treated the dog so badly that he is a biter and an attacker, but this is not safe. What would have happened if you had had DS3 with you?  Or if you were an elderly person with a cane?


                          Hi everyone, usual quick post, my life is crazy. Carolyn, what's this about a living room being in a magazine? I can guarantee you that House Beautiful is never going to come knocking at our door. I'm satisfied if the Board of Health isn't assessing us.


                          4.3 with running neighbour this morning, 7.12 at lunch. And I have yet to write a race report and it isn't going to happen tonight, sorry.


                            KarenAG - Thanks for the explanation on "headdesk"....makes sense...I didn't think it was a compliment LOL....I love it...I miss the emoticons that had the head banging against the wall.....Hope you don't get sick!


                            Cindy - How scarey on the dog bit....so glad you weren't hurt....I sure hope the owner does the responsible thing, as hard as that is, but, as Tessa pointed out, could have been a child/elder and the outcome would be much worse.


                            Camille - I agree this weight loss thing is so hard...but I feel like for the most part I eat healthy....and really I have been trying to get rid of this same last 10 pounds forever.....I have changed maybe up and down 5 pounds over the last 20 years....so I guess I am pretty happy that I haven't gained 20 over the years....still want the dang 5-10 pounds off thought.Roll eyes


                            Hi to all!!!


                            Had a great 5 miler after work...nice weather here!



                            Bad Ass

                              Hi, girls.  First time I had to check the thread today.  I did 10 today with a nosebleed and asthma issues.  Not sure what is going on but I suspect the environment is not very good this week for a runner with asthma and allergies.  Still, the miles are done.


                              Sorry for the no shoutouts but I'm exhausted and heading to bed.  Will make it up to you girls tomorrow!



                              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                                I just registered for Hatfield-McCoy! Woot woot I'm so excited!



                                2015 Races: St. Leo's 10K 3/21, Tar Heel 10-Miler 4/18,  Salem Lake 7-Mile Trail Run 9/26, Turkey Strut 5K 11/26, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/5