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TIRED TUESDAY DIVAS (Read 196 times)


    Quick Personals (that I can get done in about 5 minutes):

    Thanks everyone for the congrats! I haven’t been in school for so long, now I’m a bit nervous!


    Lizo: Sounds like a long day yesterday! I hope you get some extra sleep tonight.


    Meli: Thank you! The new job is ok. It’s hard because I still don’t have everything I need to do the job, so I’m doing a lot of training and trying to work with someone else to figure out the job task I’ve been given. It’s a lot more technical than the last job!!!! How are you doing? It’s supposed to cool down a bit here by the weekend, hopefully there too! I hope you get your doc!!!


    Sassy: Aww, poor G. At least his teacher is sweet with him.


    OWR: Happy Birthday to DBF!


    Monk: I hope DH’s interview went really well!


    Athena: Long commute! I hope the training continues to go well! Sounds crazy.


    Pumpkin: you’re always so sweet! Wow, speed racer!!! You’re getting fast! Whoot to getting the shopping done!


    Norcal: Hope you have a great 7! Good luck with the job hunt!


    Blu: Ha about the pizza, I’d probably do the same thing! I hope school is going well!


    Lucy: I hope AF shows up for you soon.


    Out of time! Have a great day!!!!

    MA runner girl

      I get going into work sick when you don't have any other options. I probably would too because I don't want to take PTO for being sick (though vomiting and flu are different IMO). BUT my job is so flexible, we can all work at home, and do. We are told to work at home if we are sick. So why would you come in then? AND not tell me, AND be around me all morning. It doesn't help that pretty much everything else about this person drives me crazy. Haha

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Re: going into work while sick. I think it depends on how sick I was, but we're allowed to work from home, so at the very least, I'd come in to grab my stuff and go back home. But seriously? Throwing up? Unless I knew exactly why and that it wasn't contagious, I'd stay home.. and even then, throwing up is a violent thing. I think I'd be tired afterwards.


          Even if you're not contagious, who wants to be at work when you've been puking all day!? No way!

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          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

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