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Wholly Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 22 times)


Run to live; live to run

    Carol take care of that hip!


    Laura glad the knee is getting better.


    Julie that is a good stretch.


    Cindy nice run.



    Ginny hope they figure out the tooth!


    Amy del ugh poor foot.  Graston does leave you beat up.


    Lisa I like al the acronyms.


    Hi Judy!

    No run  as I felt like my throat was scratchy today.  I'll make it up tomorrow.  Did a lot of driving today to train.  Could go run now but then I won't sleep well so just better to skip it.  I have a lot of time tomorrow before meeting so I'll take advantage of that




      Second try to get on and do personals! (Busy day at work.)


      Judy, good luck with the meeting. Are they trying to clean up the river, or what?


      Not sure DH will go to the doctor...but I still have his keys. And DS is OK, thank goodness.


      Carol, sorry about the work craziness.


      Laura, yay for a run!


      Ginny, I agree. Sharks just keep growing teeth all their lives. I believe elephants go through six sets. Why should we only have two sets?


      Lisa, way too many acronyms. Unfortunately I know what they all mean...VPN included.


      Julie, I'm not sure DH remembers anything about it either. But we certainly do. 39 is scarily low.


      Glisten, shimmer, showers of blessings? is this related to "horses sweat, gentlemen perspire, ladies feel the heat"?


      Amy, graston actually leaves you bruised? That doesn't sound therapeutic at all. And no DH has not made an appt with a doctor as far as I know.


      Susan, Cowtown...running through the stockyards instead of running with the bulls?


      I doubt this will be a wakeup call for DH, but it is going to have lasting ramifications for him. DS is adamant that he is not going to get into a car with DH behind the wheel and I don't blame him.


      Cindy, I didn't know you'd been married before...yes, it can mimic drugs or alcohol. DS saw a noticeable change in the attitude of the guy who had pulled DH's keys once DS said "he's a diabetic".


      Karen, Denver! Fun. And going for the 50 states? Hmm. Let me know what you are thinking of for the Dakotas...as you may know DD lives in Brookings, they have a nice little one in the middle of May, or there is Leading Ladies or the Mikkelson Deadwood trail race. And Fargo. I think you'd really like Valley of Fire for Nevada.


      Carolyn, what glute stretches do you do now?


      Marjorie, hi, is it Florida you're in now?


      4.3 with neighbour this morning, 5.12 at lunch.


      And running off to class!