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Mighty Mouse




    Mighty Mouse

      Friday I went to the track and did 45 minutes running. There were mobs of newbies there! It was a good, hard run. By 7pm I was very tired so after a little light reading I went to bed. I’ve been keeping up my short hand weights workouts. It really helps when I have to scrape the car windows.

      Saturday was SDO.

      Sunday I did a cardio dvd for 60 minutes with firmband.

      Today is a run on the track. Smile

      Happy runs, All!  :::HUGS:::   May you All have a Happy New Year. Big grin


      LC Runs

        Good Morning!


        I am getting ready to do a quick workout, planning on a couple miles on TM and some weights.  I have to work this morning, then heading to Midland for a 5k Resolution Run with a friend of mine.  No major plans for tonight, just hanging out Smile


        Judy - enjoy the track run!


        Looks like I have run about 2115 miles this year, didn't quite make my 2200 goal but I'm still happy with that!

        Disney freak

          Good Morning!


          Today me and DH are headed to Jazzercise.  Then, it's "girl day"!  The family is splitting up by gender to do things.  DD (she's 5) and I are headed to the Galleria in Dallas.  She's never been and they have an American Girl doll store.  She got some twin toddlers for her birthday, and you can take them back there to get their hair done.  We are also having lunch in their restaurant.  We are also just going to walk around the Galleria.  They used to have a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the ice rink, but it's been years since I've been there.


          No plans for this evening - DS wants to stay up and we've decided to let him.  It's kind of  a let down in the central time zone, though, as there's no live countdown of any type on TV.

          Lisa Marie

          • first 5K on 12/8/12 - 39:14
          • first 10K on 1/12/13 - 1:23:45
          • upcoming races: Hypnotic Donut Dash - 1/26, Hot Chocolate 5K 2/9, Rock n Roll half relay 3/24
          • training for Big D half on 4/14

            Morning Ladies,


            Judy - Good that scraping ice is good for a workout!  Enjoy your track run today.


            Laura - Hope to "run" into you today!


            LisaMarie - Enjoy the Galleria!


            Tomorrow January 1 - we will start weight loss challenge.  Should we set a time limit?  Will post our goal tomorrow, and then our gain/loss every Monday.


            QOTD - Resolutions/Goals for the year?


            I always set some, I haven't narrowed them down yet Big grin....I love New Years....


            Doing 5K today, then taking Aly downtown to the kids festivities, and having a NYE party with her!



            Anonymous Guest


              Morning all,

              Not planning on running today. Depending on how the day goes I will hopefully either ride my bike on the trainer or do the uphill walk on the TM thing. 5K tomorrow.


              Waiting to hear from the vet on the dog's ear surgery and when I can pick him up. Do not want to be at work today and am trying to figure out how early I can leave.


              DH went for a long ride today. I'm hoping that will tire him out after being "deathly ill" the last couple of days, and maybe we can get out of this party tonight.


              Planning on being at my computer at noon tomorrow to try to sign up for this: link. It looks crazy, so I'd like to do it while we still live on the east coast and it's in driving distance. Hmm, I seem to be deciding to do a lot of things for that reason - I guess moving half way across the country encourages me to get outside my comfort zone.


              Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
              Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

                Good Morning!  Did Power Hour class at 0515 this morning.  Was surprised the class was almost full!  Glad I got it done!


                Karen--poor Jake!  Was it an injury?  Poor wallet too.


                Yes!!  I really need some help getting rid of the 3-5 pounds I have accumulated since October.  IDK what happened, but they won't go away!!


                Lisa Marie--the Galleria is 5 minutes from my mom's house.  Let me know about the American Girl place.  I rescued DD's American Girl dolls from the attic and they may need some hair help.  Have fun!


                Working till 1:30 today.  We get off two hours early.  Yipee!!!  The mystery quilt I am working on had the next installment published today and will have finishing instructions posted tomorrow.  Plan on having a sew-a-thon!  I am such a dork.  Kids wanted oyster stew for NYE, so I will make that for when they float by.


                Planning on an early morning run tomorrow followed by pilates/yoga Centergy class and more sewing!


                Judy--yes, the newbies are already infiltrating my gym too.


                Be safe tonight!!


                Run to live; live to run

                  Hi girls!


                  Did 9.7 this am so finished the year with 2035.  Did 377.2 for the month.  Biggest month is years I think.  Not bad considering I took most this year as a cut back and rebuilding.  I feel like a stronger runner because of it.


                  Lisa well boo that you won't be at HM.


                  Judy Happy New year to you.


                  Laura , what you can't go out and run another 85 miles today?????  Hahaha


                  Lisa Marie how fun to have a girl day.


                  Carol no resolutions for me.  I never do resolutions.  I just do better with setting a goal if I find something down the line to work on.


                  Karen glad the migraine finally went away.  That does look interesting.



                  Fire Jumper

                    Hello all!


                    Sorry that I have been so silent this weekend.   It was a busy, busy weekend.  I hope everyone is doing well!


                    I just picked up my packet for the Frostbite 5K.  It starts at 1PM Eastern.  The temperature is a whopping 25 degrees.  But, the blessing is that is it is sunny and only somewhat breezy.  The weather was so horrible yesterday that I almost decided to back out.  The sun convinced me otherwise.  We haven't seen it in a while!!


                    Besides skating, shoveling and sledding I haven't trained much in the last two weeks.  So, this should be interesting.  It might be another one of those "mental toughness" races.  But, I'm going to enjoy it, and not obsess about my pace.


                    Tonight, I'm involved with First Night.  It is a community family event that my agency is involved in planning.  We're expecting 6000+ in attendance.  It should be a LOT of fun!


                    Happy New Year, all.... I hope to check back in with personals and a RR either late this evening or in the morning!


                    5K's and Obstacle Runs

                    Goal for 2013:  10K


                    Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



                    Run to live; live to run

                      Best of Luck Julie!



                        Good morning ladies:


                        I haven't visited a few days, so I hope everyone is well.  Happy New Year!  I considered doing a run tomorrow, but I think I will skip it.  It is an hour drive away and $40.

                        2017 Goals:  Qualify for Boston 2018 at Boston in 2017 & sub 1:39:00 at the Revel Canyon Half in November 2017.

                        Over 45 PR's:

                        5K - 21:21

                        Half - 1:39:49

                        Full - 3:33.47



                          Hi ladies-


                          I wanted to jump on and wish everyone a happy new year. Between being sick and traveling back to NC in horrible weather, I haven't been on in several days, so I have no idea what everyone's up to. Hopefully I'll get caught up tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great evening-



                          2015 Races: St. Leo's 10K 3/21, Tar Heel 10-Miler 4/18,  Salem Lake 7-Mile Trail Run 9/26, Turkey Strut 5K 11/26, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/5

                            Change in plans for me most likely for Hatfield/McCoy... my nephew's wedding is June 8th in Sonoma. I had ruled out going due to cost for family.  she called me today and wants to use her frequent flyer miles to fly me out there for the wedding.  I don't think I can or should miss this.  I had no idea she felt this strongly about having all of her siblings at the wedding.  HEAVY sigh.  I am excited but am SOOOO bummed.


                            I'm a bit in denial right now but wanted to share the news in case someone was just about to register for the full.  Let me know and we can see if I can transfer the bib.  Argh.


                            1801.35 miles for me in 2012.  Not exactly a stellar year but that's a heck of a lot more than I would have thought humanly possible, let alone, Lisa possible, when I weighed more than 200 pounds.


                            Dinner with friends tonight then Jersey Boys (at the theater-lol).


                            Ran 5.3 with Scrapster on some new snow covered trails.  Nice.


                            Karen-have fun with that one.


                            Julie-have a great night!  there is something similar to that around here.


                            Tessa-hmm.... Shadow is the weekend before the wedding. Are you running it?





                              Lisa, bummer about H-M -- I haven't registered yet if you want to transfer and David will let you.


                              Shadow: yes I certainly am running that. Hmm. You'd be welcome to fly into LA, drive up with me to Yosemite, do the race, and then we can get you to Sonoma or somewhere else in the Bay Area to meet up with your sister...when was the last time you were out here?


                              Sympathy to Karen and Ginny on the oven situations. A working stove is important.


                              Susan, I'd say that Chihuahua is lucky not to have been a snack for Jake.


                              Did 6 with running neighbour this morning, she did not have the day off, then 10 more on my own. It is COLD out here. As in ice on the puddles, frostbitten ears cold. I even wore a hat and I very rarely wear a hat when I run. DD and I went hiking yesterday and there was snow on the ground up on the mountain.


                              I'm in for the weight loss challenge -- weighed in at WW at 123.8 yesterday. I'll use the WW weight since that's a calibrated scale and it's easy to keep track of.


                              Must go help DD with cutting a black satin gored skirt -- she is going to an anime convention in April. (Susan, she goes home next Monday.)


                              Happy New Year to everyone!

                              LC Runs

                                Hi again!


                                Just back from my 5k, ran it in 25:XX, which I am happy with.  I ran most of it with my friend, she pulled back a bit at mile 2.5 but finished strong about 30 seconds behind me.  I also saw Carol and talked with her for a bit, she is such a cutie!   I am now looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my BF, pets and some wine ha ha!


                                Lisa Marie - I used to love Jazzercise, though there are no classes around here anymore.  Sounds like a really fun day you have planned!


                                Carol - great seeing you today!!  Enjoy babysitting Aly!!


                                Hi Karen - sorry about your doggie.  I had to work 1/2 day today, could not wait to get out of there!


                                Sue - cool about the quilt, I wish I was crafty in some way lol


                                Marjorie -- great running year for you!!  LOL,if I start now I might be able to run, hmmmm 35 miles to end the year.....but guess I'll stick to Plan A (see above).


                                Julie - hope you enjoyed the race!


                                Linda - Happy New Year to you!!  I vote for skipping the race tomorrow, better to run for free!

                                Cindy - glad you are safely back home, Happy New Year!


                                Lisa - sorry about the wedding/race conflict, but in the end the family is probably the better choice!