Womens Running




    Morning, ladies!


    From memory...


    MA-So glad you're feeling much better and your appointment went well.


    GSD-Have fun with M at the zoo!


    Sassy-Have a nice rest day and great Eminem tomorrow.


    Cassie-Um..you're weekend sounds fun to me. Ha. Enjoy it.


    Dona-Sorry about DH not being a good planning.  My DH won't commit to anything until the last minute and that drives me crazy. I hope you guys find a even better apt.


    Meli-Enjoy your rest day and whoohoo for new website and new wetsuit!




    As for me...


    RR-Trying to sike myself up for a cold 2 -3 miles outside this AM. DH had a late work session last night, so leg ST was moved to tonight.


    NRR-No classes today but I have a work meeting at 10. It can either be 1 hour or 4 hours, so I'll have to pack lots of cough drops or gum since it's in the computer lab and we can't eat there. No exciting plans for the weekend. DH has a ton of work, but I surprisingly don't have  homework...I might pull a Cassie and just catch up on shows. Smile


    Gotta run. Make the day great, ladies!


      Whoohoo, token!  Is that still a thing here? If so, I'm totally using it for my run this morning.


        monk: a babymoon sounds wonderful! and you deserve it and some downtime!


        sassy: that's cool that you're enjoying your job and the challenges your boss throws at you!


        taylor: sorry about the headache. hope it goes away really soon. I hate those.


        dona: raise your rent by almost $500!! dang. that's insane! I don't blame you for making the decision to move!


        cassie: I love your friday night plans! sound super relaxing! enjoy!


        mel: good luck getting those save the dates out! we just did ours electronically so that took a load off. my one worry now is our location planned. 60 people don't fit in the chapel.... according to the facilities guy at my church. so... M and I are heading to the church this satruday to arrange chairs and see just how many do fit...  Are you going to do personal training then? awesome!


          Lizo yes! My friend, gym owner tri buddy is charging me 25 bucks per half hour and we will meet twice a week aftemy spinns class. He still wants me to do 2x a week on my own plus running, swimming, biking and diet. He's vegan and really into eating whole grains and quality foods!! I really would like to lose a few pounds before the wedding.


          Blu hope you can get your run in!!


            Hello, my long-lost DIVA friends! I am back from South Carolina, where I got to meet my AWESOME nephew and hang out with him for the first week of his life. I miss him already! Cry The internet down there was really limited so I didn't even really get to lurk...I feel so behind!


            RR: I did 3 short runs, a couple walks, and 2 ST sessions while down in SC. I feel OK about that. It helped that the weather was in the 60s and sunny vs. the 20s and overcast at home! Will be doing something tonight, just depends on what time I get home.


            NRR: I had a blast in SC. It's honestly like a whole different culture down there! The lifestyle is much slower-paced and relaxed than I am used to and everyone is so friendly! My sister's neighborhood is like this tight-knit community where everyone looks out for and takes care of each other. It was so nice to see and spending the week down there was so relaxing. My nephew, H, is freakin' adorable and such a good baby. I was so sad to come home. Plus, going to work today after 10 days off is a rude awakening! No plans for the weekend as of yet...even though the week away was relaxing, life's been a whirlwind since the weekend before Christmas, with lots of traveling, hard work, more traveling, excitement, etc, so I am kind of exhausted. A low key weekend sounds good to me.


            I will try to get to some personals...so much to get caught up on at work...


              Good morning, ladies!


              RR: Not sure on this, but definitely ST. The roads here are kind of good but if things get above freezing, I will postpone by run until tomorrow. It could get sloppy out.


              NRR: I'm home from work today because I feel like it, damn it! Smile  I left work early yesterday, and came home and drank beer and ate cookies and popcorn. I ran my mouth quite a bit to DBF about anything and everything, and generally had a good time. I feel like I'm taking the vacation I wanted to have over the holidays!


              'Monk - That's really exciting about DH's interview! Would he actually be in the same office as you?


              Lucy - Welcome back!


              Cassie - Your evening sounds fun, actually.


              KLM - Wow, $500 increase?!?! I'm with you - I'd move out on principle alone.