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      Good morning! I get up three times a night now to use the bathroom and unfortunately when the third time is too close to alarm time, I tend to wake up too early!


      ER: Heading to the gym in a few, not sure if I'll do elliptical or a TM walk. Will decide when I get there.


      NER: Today I am full term! 37 weeks is when baby's lungs are likely mature enough to survive outside the womb, baby is fully developed and at this point is mainly putting on weight. I might start looking into eviction methods. Smile I'm mostly kidding... right now. I decided to take my wedding ring off last night and move it to the necklace. I was surprised to go this long with almost no swelling, but the swelling is definitely increasing now. I feel like I could leave it on but I also don't want to get into a situation where I'd have to cut it off.


      In other news... DH and I are going to try and test drive that car we are interested in this weekend. I may post something on FB later, just needing some opinions and advice on that, but no time right now. The car is in the area by my parents house (an hour away), so I'm hoping we can do all that this weekend and that baby will at least wait until we get home. We had to put A in the crib last night because I think she finally realized she could get out of her new bed and thought it would be fun to do so three times. She didn't seem too upset until she wanted something that was in her big girl bed and I wouldnt give it to her. So hopefully she doesn't do that again. We can't keep putting her in the crib too much longer! Tomorrow morning I am getting a preggo massage... I am so excited! We were planning on taking A to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend because we've been so busy with baby stuff lately that we haven't really done much fun stuff for her. Depending on the test drive or the weather I'm hoping we can still go, but I'm not sure at this point if it will be tomorrow or Sunday.


        Morning Monk! Have a great time at the gym and test driving the car. Before we bought 'my' car, I test drove every make and model of a four door sedan. I think the car salesman was exhausted, but in the end he could his money worth!



        RR: 10 to 13 depends on M (as usual).. not sure it will be outside since is raining and extremely windy.


        NRR: SSDD.  AF is here, and again she is just destroying me. As cousin the holistic nutritionist suggested I try some Maca. Apparently, its a powder form and you use it every day to help balance hormones. She loves it... You ladies ever hear of it? The library program went VERY WELL. M is the only one that doesn't walk there, but her behavior is so much better than the other kids, she was sharing and put things away when told and she was clapping along with the songs... she helped the librarian turn the pages of the book.  I am just so surprised on her behavior since she doesn't go to daycare, etc.  Guess all that work with her is paying off Smile


        Gotta get breakfast done... Miss M is an eating monster!


          Monk - you guys are doing a great job preparing A for the arrival of P! Yay for full term!


          GSD- never heard of Maca.  When did AF start back up for you? I'm down to nursing 2x a day (with G getting two bottles at day care). I'm glad M enjoyed the library program! Sounds like a confident little girl!


          RR: USRD. I'm taking the rest of hte week off due to some sore shins (getting better!) and a sore throat. Fun times. I'm trying to be smart! I also ordered new shoes which should get here today.


          NRR: I've been really busy with work this week, especially in the evenings. G's doing well - he is in a learning phase so it's crazy to see what new things he can do every day. He started putting toys into bins instead of just dumping them out, he repeats words (well, sounds) after us like Up , Down , Vroom (for when we play with cars), book, and Ka-boom (when we knock blocks over).  And he uses his little walker to get around the house to where he wants to go ... it's so funny. I have a busy Friday morning with lab meeting, a seminar, and lunch with the speaker and hopefully this afternoon I will chat with my boss about writing a grant. I have been putting it off all week.


          NRR2: More G news. I'm obsessed. Ha!  My family keeps asking me about his first birthday party so I guess that means I need to start planning it. The date is March 23 and that's all I know!


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            monk-congrats on being 37 weeks today! Great idea to take A to Chuck E Cheese this weekend. Hope the test drive of the car goes well


            GSD-glad you and M had a great time at the library yesterday


            Sassy-good luck with the grant proposal today to your boss. And hope those sore shine and sore throat go away soon


            RR: planning a tempo run at lunch and maybe some weights tonight


            NRR: up early to get to the lab at 7 and teach a review session ugg. At least I went to bed at 10 last night and got some good sleep. I predict another early bed time tonight though. DBF is having his launch party for his software company tomorrow night, so that should be fun. But that means we need to clean his entire apartment. It's so messy. Not really due to DBF but due moreso from his very messy roommates

            MA runner girl

              Good morning ladies!


              RR: 3 miles last night were fine. Though I had a cramp the last half mile that forced me to walk slowly. I don't think it was a contraction because it was very localized, like a non-pregnant cramp. Was going to run this morning but I couldn't get myself up, plus my left foot is sore, so a rest day is probably for the best. Even if it means i probably won't run until Sunday!


              NRR: Waiting for this big storm! We are looking at 12-18 inches. Fun times! I'm watching the weather right now and it's silly how excited these weathermen are. Last night's midwife appt was good, although I'm measuring a cm big now, when I've measured perfect all along, so I guess I had big growth in the last 2 weeks! No wonder I feel so big...


              Have a great day girls! I need to answer an email right now... hopefully I'll be back for personals.

              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                Morning Ladies!!


                This has to be quick for me because work is going to be crazy today!


                GSD- we are AF twins and I am also feeling crappy...getting killed!


                RR- nothing last night because of darn AF...I just came home and went to bed. Tonight will be an easy run and I have 13 on tap for this weeekend


                NRR- it already started snowing here! I am loving it, I mean I won't love it when the commute home is horrible, but for now I like it. I am hoping we get a lot but not so much that power gets knocked out or anything!


                Wish I had time for more personals...but I have to run! Stay safe ladies...

                MA runner girl

                  Ok, updating links in a huge file so I have a few min...


                  Monk - Happy full term! That means I'm only 3 weeks from full term... YIKES! Ahhh enjoy your massage, I'm jealous! I should schedule on too.


                  GSD - Aww it must be so nice to know that M is so well behaved! You are a great momma! I hope AF eases up for you, hugs!


                  Sassy - Ack! Planning G's first birthday means my due date is close!!!! It must be so fun watching G learn new things every day.. I can't wait! Smile


                  Taylor - Sorry about the early morning! I hope you can get some more good sleep tonight. Argh, that sucks that DBF has messy roomates!

                  PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

                  MA runner girl

                    KLM - I hope the snow isn't too bad for your commute home! Enjoy getting snowed in after that. I hope AF eases up for you soon too!

                    PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                      KLM: GL with AF.... at least she will be gone next week! LOL


                      Taylor: Enjoy the tempo. My favorite workout.


                      Sassy: You are allowed to be obsessed!  When M was 11 months it came back pretty much right before she turned 1. We are still at 3 feedings a day but very short feedings.... its probably like 1 normal feeding. She feeds before sleep time she finds it very calming and well, its so much of a routine that i she knows its coming. I may try to drop one while on travel, since we will be out and about more. I may be able to 'skip it'


                      MA: Good luck with all the snow. We will be up in MA next weekend.


                        GSD - yeah G is still all about his AM and PM nursing sessions, and I plan to go past one year if he wants to. The mid-day bottles are a struggle (he's just over 10 months) and he'd much prefer to eat real food but we and his day care teacher are really trying to get him to take those bottles. I suspect I'll get AF soon, but who knows? I have had amenorrhea in the past so I wouldn't  be surprised if I have to wean completely for it to come back.


                        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                          Good morning ladies! Quick check in for me this morning


                          RR: Nothing yet. M and I decided we'd do something when he got into town later today. maybe 2 miles. tomorrow, we're planning 7.


                          NRR: work, lunch with Misti, work, then home. no work tonight. I hope. We're planning to work some more on the shower project. that's been sitting still since last saturday.... hoping to clean the bathroom tonight too.


                          sorry this is a me post today! gotta go. stupid project is still stressing me out.


                          oh... and we didn't get the project I was hoping we would - the one we interviewed for last friday. Sad so so bummed...


                          Will try and check in later!


                            Morning ladies!


                            GSD- I love Maca! Brendan Brazier talks a lot about it in his book Thrive. I add it to my protein shakes.


                            Monk- Yay for full term!! Wow, it's so close now! Hope the last bit of time before he's born isn't too uncomfortable for you.


                            Sassy- That's so awesome about G's recent developments. So cool to see! And gosh, he's a cutie!!!!!!


                            MA- Cripes that's a lot of snow! Maybe it won't be as bad as predicted?


                            Lizo- Glad you don't have to work tonight, enjoy some down-time!



                            RR. Had a good 5.5 miles last night. I think my leg is about 90% healed. It still twinges on uphills. Today, walking and leg workouts.


                            NRR. Working this morning, then hopefully hiking this afternoon! Not sure what the weather's doing, so we'll see!

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