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    Ouch, Ginny. Toothache is miserable. How about oil of cloves? (Old remedy but still a good one.) Or a slug of whiskey?


      Tessa - Shocked that is my take on that whole episode with DH......Hopefully this event that put his son and himself in danger, will scare him and get himself to the PCP.   That BP is way too high!  Poor you...what a long ordeal.  So thankful no one was hurt....I agree with you on NO car keys until he gets checked out....


      LCruns - So weird on your knee...hope it is well soon!  Are you doing St. Pat's?


      Ginny - Booo on the tooth!  Hope it starts to feel better.


      Damarais - Glad you had your neck adjusted....I agree wtih Carolyn...I can feel the relief!  I'm thinking doing these swim drills burns up some serious calories!!!  I know my heart rate was up!


      Carolyn - Too funny on your description of your swimsuits....I certainly don't love wear a bathing suit (no bathing beauty here), but I LOVE the water!


      Marjorie - Enjoy your rest day.



      Bad Ass

        Oh, no, Tessa!  I'm glad everybody is OK. Hope he finds a good PCP and gets treatment so nothing worse occurs in the future.


        I spent 3 hours at the chiro (left the office at noon).  I have a rotated sacrum and he has not been able to righted completely.  I feel better than this morning but I'm still in pain somewhat.


        Ginny, I'm flinching in pain for you!


        So, I only did 3 to test the pain and if I am OK tomorrow, I'll keep my schedule.


        Be back later after dinner is served!



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

        LC Runs

          Tessa - omg that is awful, so glad everyone is okay!  What is it with men and health issues, arrgghhh!


          Ginny - you poor thing, sorry about the tooth pain


          Carol - hey there!  Actually, I'm running Pot O Gold 4 miler in Flint, it's on a Sunday evening.  I was very disappointed that they got rid of the 8k option in B City and this race provides a beer stein and beer afterward lol Big grin

            8 this morning.  Funny sort of a run. Started out with super dead legs.  Was thinking maybe I'll do 3-4 miles. About at the 30 minute point I was thinking to just head home and take a nap.  I was just so tired.  Then I thought of how much sweeter tomorrow's sleeping in would be if I did 6 or maybe 7 miles.  Roads fairly clear but some black ice so opted not to do the really dark stretch of road. Was thinking I'd just put in 1:15 and call it a day but at that point made decision that I could do the rest of the route home.. maybe get just over 7 miles in.  Actually felt pretty good and fast at that point.  Shocked when I looked at phone to see I was right at 8 miles.  Go figure.  Thought I had been really dragging and going a 12+ minute pace, but guess just increased perceived effort to do same pace as usual.  When not on same course harder to tell.  No biggie but funny how much feelings can change during the course of a run. This is why I try not to ditch runs early on.


            Crappy drive home. Started raining in early afternoon, then switch to freezing rain mid afternoon, sleet/hail late afternoon and huge wet snow at drive time. Lovely slush to drive home in.


            JUdy- you go!


            Carol-interesting from a distanced perspective. as in not actually in the pool.


            Julie-all I can say is that it's a good thing I'm from the North because I sweat.  dripping sweat. must drink tons of water with electrolytes sweat. the treadmill glistens from my sweat.  oh well, unfortunately you now get the picture.


            Damaris-nice run.


            Carolyn-the incline was on a tm.  only way I know incline on a road is from mapmyrun read out. well, and the fact that I can feel a slight elevation change, an incline, a hill and a get-the-mantra-going mountain. LOL


            Linda-noone is checking your mileage at the door.  come by even when not running.


            Marjorie-it could be snowing again... like it is here. groan.


            Tessa-oh my!!  I'm so sorry and know that you've also known this would come sometime.  Scary but hopefully enough of a wakeup call that worse doesn't occurr.  So glad all safe. Really no excuse for not taking minimal care for himself.  The reasoning of if I don't go to doctor then I won't know how sick I am is likely what's going on.


            Ginny-hope your tooth is forgotten.



              Just checking in to say hi to everyone!


              A couple quick personals:


              Lisa, when you come to MV, are you arriving on Sunday 6/2?  (I think your prior post said 6/7, but that's the Friday before you leave, which doesn't sound right).  Anyhoo, 6/2 would be good for me if you're up for a run later that day.


              Tessa, scary stuff with DH's diabetes and BP.  Keep the car keys as long as you can.


              Ginny, sorry the tooth is still bugging you.


              Damaris, hoping that your chiro gets you back in working order and pain free.


              I ran 4 today... legs were still tired from Sunday but I'm glad to be back out there!


              And apologies to everyone else that I've missed.  I'll catch up all of you over the weekend as usual!